Bigg Boss Vote ( Bigg Boss 15 Online Voting Poll & Results )

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Bigg Boss Vote ( Bigg Boss 15 Online Voting Poll & Results )

Big Boss season 15 has begun and the voting process has begun. Big Boss uses a weekly completion process to eliminate a competitor. The one who receives the fewest votes per week is excluded. So you want to save your favorite competitor and rate him.

The Bigg Boss voting process plays an important role in the Bigg Boss system. Each week, one family member is evicted from the home from among the designated members of the week.

You can watch the list of nominated members on TV when the show airs on TV or other streaming platforms.

In this post, I will talk about the Bog Boss 15 voting process and how you can save your favorite competitor by giving votes.

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Bigg Boss Season 15 Overview

Bigg Boss 15, also known as Bigg Boss: “Sankat in the Jungle” or Bigg Boss: Pan Pana Pan Pandora, is the fifteenth season of Indian reality Bigg Boss. It began airing on 2 October 2021 on Colors TV. Salman Khan holds the Bigg Boss for the twelfth time.

The first theater opened on August 22, 2021, when Salman Khan, a forestry official, spoke to a passionate talking tree called Vishwasuntree in which veteran actor Rekha voiced his voice. At the Bigg Boss OTT Grand Finale, another promotion was launched with Premiere Night.

This season’s theme is “Sankat In Jungle”. So remember the title, the eye is drawn. The eye is now covered in green grass and shows a tree in the eye industry with flames emanating from the center of the eye.

This season’s show “Has a Forest Theme” is located in Goregaon and the house is divided into 2 sections, Jungle House and Main House. On the 21st, Jungle House was closed.

In addition to the standard one-hour episode, viewers also got access to live video streaming 24/7. 

Viewers also got access to Forever TV on Voot Select, where the episode went on. broadcast 30 minutes before being broadcast on Colors TV. 

And for the first time, live voting happens through the expulsion process. From Monday to Friday, the program was from 10:30 pm. m. IST and the weekend program at 21:30 m. IST, which was changed at 8 pm

Bigg Boss Voting: Bigg Boss Online Voting Poll

Bigg Boss 15 viewers can vote to save their favorite common and famous characters entering the contest with the online and mobile SMS mechanism.

Bigg Boss, India’s best royal game, will bring a lot of excitement, controversy, and drama with the launch of its new show as Bigg Boss 15 which will air on Colors TV. 

You all should already know what polls are, if not, don’t worry, we’re here to give you more details about it. Bigg Boss 15 Voting Polls is a great way to save a Bigg Boss competitor from extinction.

Each week during the live broadcast of the show, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant. Based on the grades received, the contestant with the lowest grades was evicted from Bigg Boss’s home and the trial continued until the end of the show. 

And to participate in the voting process, you need to watch Bigg Boss 15 episodes every day and have a chance to protect your favorite celebrities or contestants. you can get also Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote details.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 15 Contestants

The Colors TV Original Show Bigg Boss 15 (BB15) has already started the voting process for the candidates.

As we know, Bigg Boss 15 (2021) viewers have the power to vote and save their favorite competitors.

These public votes will save the contestant to help him become the winner of Bigg Boss 2021.

Fans can vote for them using or the Voot app and MyJio voting system app to save their favorite competitors.

See below for the full voting process and voting line times.

Bigg Boss 15 Vote with the Voot App

If you are looking for a method to vote using the Voot App / Voot Website Voting System, please follow the steps below:

  • Download and update the Voot app from Google Playstore / iTunes. Or you can reactivate in your browser.
  • Open and log in with your Voot account details.
  • Search for Bigg Boss 15 in the search bar and now click the Vote Now button.
  • Click on your favorite competitor you want to vote for
  • After selecting, click the SEND button.
  • You have successfully submitted your vote.

Bigg Boss 15 Vote With the MyJio App

To see how you can vote using the MyJio app voting system, please follow the steps below:

  • Download and update the MyJio app from Google Playstore / iTunes.
  • Open and log in with your Jio mobile number/email address.
  • Now go to the JioEngage section and find/click on the Bigg Boss 15 image.
  • Click on the named competitor you want to save
  • After selecting, click the SEND button
  • You have successfully submitted your vote

Note: You can submit 1 vote per episode per voting method. Voting lines for both channels close on Thursdays at 11.30 pm. m.

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List of Bigg Boss 15 Contestants

The show is starting this weekend and fans are hoping to understand the contest list emails for this season. And the audience begins to guess what a truly exceptional show calls them.

  • Pratik Sehajpal
  • Nishant Bhat
  • Shamita Shetty
  • Karan Kundra
  • Tejasswi Prakash
  • Simba Nagpal
  • Donal Bisht
  • Umar Riaz
  • Ishaan Sehgal
  • Sahil Shroff
  • Afsana Khan
  • Akasa Singh
  • Meisha Iyer
  • Jay Bhanushali
  • Vidhi Pandya
  • Vishal Kotian
  • (Wild Card Entry)
  • (Wild Card Entry)
  • (Wild Card Entry)

Bigg Boss Voting Rules and Guidelines

It is best to keep the following rules in mind, to avoid confusion:

  • A viewer can leave a limit of 1 vote to their registered email address.
  • Any number of votes subsequently cast will be considered void and without effect.
  • The vote is calculated only when it reaches the telecommunications server / Internet operator concerned. The channel/program reserves the right to cancel any votes provided with an incomplete/vague user ID or profile.

Bigg Boss Colors TV Hindi Rules And Principles

Below is a complete list of Bigg Boss’s Hindi rules and regulations. Colores TV broadcasts the program from Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm and from Saturday to Sunday at 9:00 pm.

  • Bigg Boss 15 contenders are asked to reveal their criminal history and applicable cases, if applicable.
  • A large penalty must be paid if any contestants attempt to leave Bigg Boss’s house during the show.
  • Video episodes will not be edited based on competitors’ needs.
  • None of the Bigg Boss 15 contestants were allowed to meet with other exhibitors prior to entering the Bigg Boss House.
  • The exhibition will last 150 days and the entire house will be monitored.
  • Competitors will be paid weekly, depending on the final round.
  • Physical violence is completely banned in the eleventh season of Salman Khan’s original show.
  • Each contestant will fit inside Bigg Boss’s house, be it a celebrity or an ordinary person.
  • The competitor will have to pay a huge fine if a competitor violates the rules of the Bigg Boss House.
  • Competitors may not use any devices such as mobile phones, televisions, the Internet, social networks, and telephones. They shouldn’t be aware of what’s going on outside.
  • Each week, cohabitants have to nominate two more candidates for dismissal.
  • The candidates who obtain the fewest public votes will leave the house.
  • Eventually, three candidates will remain and a poll will be conducted to determine the winner.
  • In the Indian show Bigg Boss, celebrities are selected as contestants and the general public does not participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the Nomination Process of Bigg Boss?

Ans: Bigg Boss offers housing services starting Monday. Local partners are the cost of going to great lengths to avoid being designated. Once the work is complete, local partners apply for completion. Then there are the Bigg Boss nominees for this week.

Ques: What is the Elimination Process of Bigg Boss?

Ans: After Bigg Boss announces the names of the shortlisted candidates, the voting process begins and the candidate is selected for a special weekend event with announcer Salman Khan.

Ques: What Actually Happens in Bigg Boss?

Ans: A handful of contestants (known as “domestic couples”) live in a specially designed house and are isolated from the rest of the world. Each week, domestic partners nominate two of their peers for dismissal, and domestic partners who receive the most nominations will face a public vote.

Ques: How is Bigg Boss Winner Decided?

Ans: Many of their candidates were then announced, and viewers were given the opportunity to vote via SMS or online via social media and smartphone apps for the candidate who wished to save them from fire. The last person who dried up is said to have won.

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So that’s all you need to know about Big Boss 15 Hindi Vote. In this post, I have shared how to rate your favorite competitors and at the end of the post, they give me a brief overview of the latest season 5 of Bigg boss.

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