BitLife Mod APK v3.2.13 Download (God Mode & Premium Unlocked) 2022

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BitLife Mod APK v3.2.13 Download (God Mode & Premium Unlocked) 2022

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Name BitLife Mod APK
Category Apps
Size 146.3M
Version v3.2.13
Updated On 02-Dec-2022 ( 13 hours ago )
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features God mode & Premium unlocked

BitLife Mod Apk is a game that mimics life by choice. The diversity of each option makes life very different from each other. Success, failure, everyone has experienced this kind of thing in life. Have you noticed the decisions you make in everyday life? BitLife is based on something simple that people often don’t see. Players can adjust their behavioral habits behind the game screen. By mimicking life in the game, you will pay close attention to future actions. The difference of choice in each case is something that few people understand. Take a look at the game and learn from the questions here.

From infancy to death is a long process. BitLife covers each stage of a person’s life and divides them into many different situations. Of course, that includes both good and bad decisions. No one will stop you from doing anything, even if it is not a good thing. You will face the consequences if you decide to do so. BitLife, with its multiplayer game style, each player has a different approach to life.

BitLife is a simulation game on mobile devices where you get to live the life of a person from birth up until death. You can do many things in BitLife if you want to know How to Join the Goths Clique in Bitlife & Become a Veterinarian in Bitlife check these linked articles.

What is BitLife Mod Apk?

BitLife is the latest simulation game from the Candywriter publisher. They’re not that popular on Google Play, but they’ve made a significant impact on the gamer community with just four games. Their games often get their favorite players, as evidenced by BitLife has received over 10 million downloads on Google Play with a plethora of 5-star reviews. Here are some things I like about this game:

Features of Bitlife Mod Apk

Here are some of the most notable things we think all BitLife – Life Simulator gamers will enjoy:

Personal statistics to check yourself

In this game, you, the players, will be able to access various actions and decisions that can ultimately affect your stats.


This is one of the most critical figures determining your happiness levels. While you are always happy, things can go your way, and you will feel more satisfied when you do things. On the other hand, having a low level of happiness may mean that your characters are likely to suffer from depression. This makes him less effective in all the work he participates in.


Good health is always needed if you want to live a fulfilling life. This will allow you to participate in other activities, increase your workload, and prevent short-term health.

They are not wise

People need to be competent to understand what is happening around them. With that said, you should spend some time learning and learning new things to increase your level of intelligence.

It looks

You are born with a face given to you by your parent. Whether it is wrong or sound, it does not matter. In BitLife – Life Simulator, everything can be changed. It only takes a little money to support you. That being said, to enhance your appearance, you can take plastic surgery that may transform you into a Brad Pitt. You can even change your gender if you feel age is no longer appropriate.

Various activities you might like

As it is a life simulation theme, players will have the option to try everything and face your results.

It works

These are probably the most annoying jobs, but you cannot skip this since it brings you money. You will need money to keep the business going, buy what you want, and support your loved ones.


And sometimes, going clubbing is not a bad thing. It helps to reduce your stress and allows you to meet new people. Who can be your future partner? In addition, you will face all sorts of situations while living in a club, such as being caught in a fight, being given marijuana by others, and so on.


Keeping your body in shape is essential to look your best and attract other people. In addition, a good balance can allow you to maintain your good physics. This can be helpful in certain situations, such as thieves coming to your home or fighting bullies, and so on.

Plastic surgery

Another way to look good is to go to plastic surgery doctors. Successful surgery can transform you into a better person. You will have better chances of getting an attractive date.


Learning is always the safest way to succeed. However, learning processes are often long and tedious, and it can take a lot of your time to complete your education. If you can’t stand that, there are other ways to succeed.


If you do not want to read, of course, there are other ways to get rich quickly. And one of those is going to the Casino where people put their lives in line. Win, and you can find a lifelong treasure of ongoing work. You are lost, and you will have nothing left.

He commits a Crime

If you have not been making enough money at the Casino, gambling may not be your thing. In this case, why not move your business to another location? Specifically, criminal methods are not so bad for you. Yes, if you can be caught, that’s right. That being said, you can make a lot of money by doing illegal things.
For more on Bitlife, we recommend checking out both become a singer in bitlife and become an actor in bitlife


However, life can be a little dark for those who are unlucky and find themselves in prison. While you are in jail, you do not have many activities to do that could end in disaster, unhappiness, and so on.

So, if you think you can’t stand it, you can plan to run away to hold on to your freedom. Or you can ask for a ride in your sentences.

Collaborative NPCs have Practical Features

With many collaborative NPCs with realistic features, players can find happy relationships with other players. You can make them your friends, date, or even your partner if you want. Every character will develop a specific set of symbols that identify them.

It looks

This may be one of the most important or least important factors depending on the preference.

They are not wise

Having a wise friend or partner can be very helpful as they can give you an intelligent solution to your problem. They are also easy to get along with and likely give you a happy life.


Although money is not everything, it is something you should not overlook. Having rich friends will be good for your business as they can help you with many things. As for the partner, a wealthy partner will allow you to live a relaxed life without worrying about too many things.


Every NPC in the game includes this feature. It shows how determined they are to do things, not in their minds. While having a quickie with them can be fun, a stable relationship does not seem like a good option.

Have Relationships and Build A Family

And if you think you’ve met the right person for your life. You can both live together and start your own family. You can have your children or find others to expand your family and bring great laughter to the family.

How to Download & Install BitLife Mod Apk?

Step 1: Download the BitLife MOD or APK file from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Search for its details in Device Settings, go to Advanced, and open Unknown Settings.

allow unknown apk

Step 3: Tap Install

image of Installing BitLife

Step 4: Finally, open the game, set your details, and click Start Life

User Review:

Person 1:

I love the game, but the ads get on my nerves. Everything I do, an ad has to appear. It would be nice if it made them much less frequent (but still showed them) or had a button in a corner where we can get a reward for seeing an ad. Until I fix this, my review will remain a star. I understand that we may have to pay to have the ads removed, it does not mean that you have to splash us with ads after every action we do. It could also be an ad app rather than a video game app.

Person 2:

This is a good game, actually one of the best games I’ve ever played, but recently it has so many ads that it’s the frustrating part. As for the options, more can be included or changed, such as the currency of that particular country, more job options. , more things to study, and more items that can also be added to the salon and spa. Other than this, the game is pretty good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What version should I download to play a better game?

A: You should download the version provided because this is the latest version of the BitLife mod app. In this app, you will find the best gameplay.

Q: How do I become a millionaire in BitLife?

A: If you want to be a Billionaire in BitLife mod apk you have to be a famous actor, sell products on social media, do ads, and get lots of houses.

Q: Is this Bitlife mod apk safe to use?

A: We want to tell you that this apk is completely safe to use. And it will not damage your smartphone. We only share those APKs and games that we find safe and reliable. However, if you want more protection for your phone you can install advanced antivirus on your phone. It will help your device recover from viruses and bugs.

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BitLife is an exciting simulation game that players can ignore now. It is a tool to answer players’ decisions and gives players a new perspective on life. You can manage your life the way you want, but you may not always get the best results. What you need is a positive attitude and a constant effort to open up more opportunities in the future.

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