How to Create Instagram Account without a Phone Number?

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The question is how do you set up an Instagram account? And, do you need a phone number to create a profile? Well, you should definitely check your account by email address or phone number. However, there is no need to use your phone number to verify your account.

Here we are going to show you how to create An Instagram account without using your phone number.

Yes, you can create a new account without a phone number, in this article we’ll show you how!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that has become one of the most popular social networking platforms in recent years. Instagram is currently the most popular social app. It is also known for maintaining strict confidentiality. From family photos to private photos, we regularly update stories and photos so you can share something on Instagram and increase your followers.

However, there is a private account feature on Instagram that prevents someone from seeing their account as private even if you don’t follow it. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll tell you some great ways to view private Instagram profiles. After reading this article, we hope you can easily see your private Instagram.

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How to Create an Instagram Account without a Phone Number?

To create an Instagram account without using your personal phone number, select Sign up with an email address instead of a phone number. You can also select a virtual phone number to receive an SMS to verify a new Instagram account if your platform asks you to verify your number.

Here’s how you can:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Click Don’t have an account? Register.
  3. Select Sign up with email address or phone number.
  4. Click Email instead of a phone number.
  5. Then enter your username and password.
  6. You can sync your contacts to find your friends or avoid it.
  7. You will then be asked to add the avatar and other necessary details to create a new account.
  8. create an Instagram account without a phone number

Alternative Ways to Create an Instagram Account Without a Phone Number

There are multiple alternative ways to create an Instagram account without using a phone number but in this guide, we are showing you the two most convenient ways to do this task.

Use Textnow

We may use third-party applications to get a virtual phone number even if you do not want to use your original mobile phone number and email address for verification.

Let’s say we are using the TextNow website to create a virtual number. Therefore, we simply enter the 3-digit PIN code and press the “send” button. Here! Now your virtual mobile phone number is ready! Then we provide the same on Instagram and you will receive a text message to check on TextNow.

Using the Virtual Number Method

It is most convenient to use a site that provides virtual telephony services. In particular, you can create an unlimited number of such pages. To get a temporary virtual number for receiving SMS, use We chose this service for a reason: it offers the cheapest and most convenient way to log into Instagram without a phone number.

An account on this social network will cost about $ 0.2, which is much cheaper than the price of any regular SIM card. You can select the country to which the mobile operator is connected. In fact, you will receive not only an additional profile but also complete anonymity.

How to Use

  1. Go to the main page of this SMS service and register.
  2. Go to the payments menu section and top up your account.
  3. Select the appropriate country the operator is connected to, then select the Instagram service on the home page. Then click the Buy button.
  4. It does! Now you are in your personal account.

So, you became the owner of a virtual number that you can successfully use to subscribe to Instagram without a phone. To do this, open a social network and enter the virtual number in the appropriate line. Go back to and click “Receive SMS” in your personal account. The activation code will appear next to the “SMS” column. The whole process will take less than 2 minutes.

Ask a Friend

Maybe you have a friend who doesn’t mind posting their number on Instagram. If you have a friend who is not yet on Instagram or does not intend to create an account on this platform, ask them to share their phone number.

Alternatively, you can get a burner phone and use the prepaid SIM card to register an Instagram account and other social media applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I verify my Instagram account without a phone number?

Ans. Get a verification link at the given email address.

Q. don’t we need the phone number to create a profile?

Ans. No, there are multiple ways to create an account with a phone number. 

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When you create an account on Instagram, it asks for your email/Phone number, sometimes you don’t wanna share your phone number for various reasons so you want to create it without using your phone number. So by making this complete guide on How to Create an Instagram Account without using the phone number to save your time and effort.

If you want to create an Instagram account without a phone number, just follow all the steps above to do it for you. Instagram will ask you for a phone number or email address so that you can select an email address and continue with the further account creation process. That’s all. So simple!

Hope it helped!

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