Dead Cells MOD APK v2.7.8 (Unlocked, Unlimited Cells) 2022

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Dead Cells MOD APK v2.7.8  (Unlocked, Unlimited Cells) 2022

Overview information

Name Dead Cells
Category Apps
Size May 17, 2021
Version v2.7.8
Updated On 28-Nov-2022 ( 7:03 pm )
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Requires Android
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Dead Cells MOD APK (DLC activated, unlimited cells) is a platform game, a perfect combination of classic and modern. If you like classic Metroidvania games, you can’t miss this great game.

What are Dead Cells Mod APK?

Currently, the highly recommended platformer Motion Twin is now available on the App Store.

Indian games are becoming more and more popular with gamers around the world. Motion Twin is an excellent example of this. A small and enthusiastic group of 10 members always turn unique, new, and fun ideas into the most exciting games.

Both dead cells are suitable for graphics and gameplay, thanks to a combination of fluid action scenes and significant challenges, as well as hack n ‘slash gameplay.

image of What are Dead Cells Mod APK?

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The game’s name Dead Cells refers to the protagonist – an insect in the womb enters the body of a dead hero, revives him, and the fun begins. Life is good! It might just be a dark brown, but the body of the hero you live in is very flexible, thanks to the crisp and smooth way of control.

Platformer meets sacrifice; the action doesn’t surprise players. You start the adventure with the first weapon. Explore prisons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies, Do it again, you can complete the game. In each province, there are mysterious stories, weapons, and power unleashed upon the players.

Feature of Dead Cells MOD APK

1. 2D Pixel graphics have won a significant award

image of 2D Pixel graphics have won a significant award

Some people who rarely play games when they watch Dead Cells will think it is an old game. She wears retro makeup in a way, giving gamers the feeling that they are taking on the game in the comfort of the older generation. These games provide a sense of fun, and the game is enhanced. Therefore, it is suitable for players of all ages, including experienced players and novice players.

The strategy is “Kill two birds with one stone,” which helps the publisher achieve tremendous success with the product he has just launched. For those who have to learn about this series, you will soon see that Dead Cells has characteristics very similar to “LEGEND OF KAGE.” Let’s explore the similarities and differences. During the game, you will find some exciting things.

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2. Weight-fighting style

image of Weight-fighting style

Unlike popular games today, Dead Cells is probably less important in strategy. That means if you want a fun game with murder and murder, then it is the right choice. By using 2D Pixel graphics, the movement of the characters is exceptionally smooth. Because actually, this is just a form of imitation, but it still uses the latest thinking technology.

You will find that the character fights extremely well with powerful abilities with various weapon systems. Skill results are always explosive, but they don’t confuse the player. You will be able to see everything that is happening in the ring even if you draw 5-7 skills at a time.

A game that emphasizes fighting does not mean that you rush into battle without fighting. Because it also uses an additional substance, roguevania. That means that while you are destroyed on your journey of self-denial, you will have to play it all from the beginning. Before going to war, you must know that you have the power to defeat all enemies and survive.

If the answer is no, you will first have to overcome simple challenges to improve your strengths. Then go back and continue challenging yourself. Because there are challenges of this nature, the game’s healing methods work differently as well. Usually, in the middle of the line, there will be healing channels so you can re-enter a specific HP.

3. Variety of skills and fighting styles.

image of  Variety of skills and fighting styles.

When you enter a game, it will scroll down to scroll from left to right. Players will continue to move by tapping the screen on the left side. Either way, you swipe your finger, the character will go that way. The right side of the screen is where you will use the abilities that the character can do. Each character has different abilities and skills depending on the environment.

But you should be able to use five to seven moves on the right side. For familiar players, the combo will be a breeze. That’s why you have to practice a lot to improve your quality. Because the most challenging future will require you to use skills without interruption, if you misuse the ability, you will experience occasional struggles, and it will be a severe weakness.

4. Nonlinear Progress: Open Field Simulation

image of Nonlinear Progress: Open Field Simulation

This is an entirely new mechanic in this series where players can have a good fight wherever they want. Usually, when fighting in 2D platformers like this, you will have to move from left to right. If you pass a particular place, you will not be able to return. On the other hand, dead cells open up the same world where you can fight back and forth.

Wherever you like to fight, you can get there quickly without obstacles. This allows players to train their strength to overcome the most demanding challenges ahead. Solve one thing: you get stuck in the middle of a challenge and don’t know what to do with the classic games.

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Additional features

Dynamic 2D Graphics: At first glance, you will be fascinated by the beautiful graphics in this game. And it’s lovely among action platformers! The game blesses your eyes with decisive 2D action that will never be boring. Prison designs are not repeated and well designed for your fun thinking. Most importantly, the characters and monsters are everything you can hope for to become an action platformer. Everything is as logical as possible, including the physics of this game, although there is magic involved. But overall, the graphics alone are enough to tell you that this game is a visual sight.

Upgrade: As you progress through the different stages, you will find that the enemies become more powerful. Your sword and bow won’t knock them down in an instant. That’s when you need to upgrade your weapons! Or better yet, buy powerful new ones to suit your tastes! They cost tons of money, but you will have rewards to use if you can kill tons of monsters.

Game Modes: In this game, you can choose to play two modes: Original and Auto-hit. In the original version, you have to fight the enemies since you know the controls. Fight them by hand using your sword or your magic. But in Auto-Hit mode, you’ll just run and automatically hit your opponents along the way. It is your choice to play which method.

Custom Controls: The controls are easy to use in this game. They are like any other action platform! You’ll find the visible joystick on the left and the attack buttons on the right. But if you want to customize the controls, you can do it freely! In Dead Cells, you can adjust the shape and size of the button and edit other authorities. This allows you to play the game based on your preferences and your device!

Multiple Categories: Dead Cell Map is excellent! It is divided into several branches divided into branches. It’s called Roguevania, and it has a lot of sections to remove. Each stage is challenging to define to offer players a challenge. But the best thing about this game is that you don’t force him to finish the game. You are free to go where you want to depend on your feelings or your current level. It is entirely up to you whether you should clear the stage now or not.

Fun Game: Dead Cells is a platform game that offers unique gameplay. Once you have played this game, you will play it for hours. What an addictive game! There are so many places to explore, weapons to unlock, and deadly monsters!

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image of Nonlinear Progress: Open Field Simulation

image of Nonlinear Progress: Open Field Simulation

How to Download and Install Dead Cells MOD APK on Android

  • The mod apk file is straightforward to install:
  • Just click the download button
  • Download the Dead Cells MOD APK
  • Please wait until the file is downloaded and then open it
  • Install Apk Dead Cells MOD APK file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Start and enjoy Mod

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dead Cells Free?

A good platformer like the roguelike Dead Cells is now free for Chromebook owners. Google has been offering free benefits to Chromebook owners for a long time now. These benefits range from access to free games to live streaming services such as Disney + or Stadia.

Can you play Dead Cell Offline?

While this is a theme that requires precise controls, it can be fully played with a touch screen and virtual control. Dead Cells is a vintage cream when it comes to the stage, so if you’re still going to play, make sure you don’t miss out because this is a game you can play anywhere.


This game will satisfy all types of players. The perfect example that illustrates this is the unique doors that you can only open if you reach specific goals. Sometimes you have to complete the objective within a strict time limit, which gives you more dreams to chase after you are strong enough to play well in the early stages. Sometimes the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies without getting hurt (that’s perfect for cautious players).

No matter what style you play, you will be proud to improve every time you play. While Dead Cells is constantly evolving to become a mighty warrior, you will also love Motion Twin’s action-platforming masterpiece. Android Dead Cells version has been released, and you can download Dead Cells APK or MOD version.


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