Franco Kernel Manager v6.1.13 (Fully Unlocked)

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Overview Information

Name Franco Kernel Manager - for all devices & kernels
Updated On September 13, 2021
Package com.franco.kernel
Publisher Francisco Franco
Category Mod apk
Version 100,000+
Size May 2, 2021
Requires Android 6.1.13
MOD Features No

Hi guys, if you are looking for a practical way to download Franco Kernel Manager, the app for any device without spending a single penny? If yes, then you will love these Franco Kernel Manager Apk.

To improve user experience, using the Perfect Essence Toolkit with all the critical functions loaded on your smartphone will give more stability to your device and operating system.

Franco Kernel Manager is one of the most powerful tools available for Android smartphones, which will improve the performance of a device to the next level and help you manage various device types and kernel settings without any prior technical knowledge. The app provides many great features such as an intuitive dashboard, battery monitor, and advanced CPU and graphics settings, color management, and many others.

In this mode, all key details such as CPU usage, battery life, and device specifications are displayed on the home screen for better usability. In addition, the user continuously, the powerful battery saving tips and suggestions on how to reduce the power consumption of the system. Feel free to use Franco Kernel Manager in English; it is multi-language, compatible, and makes a great impression on its users.

But as we all know, if you want to get all the premium features like battery, display, color temperature, and battery-saving shutdown, its custom kernel settings, custom profiles, and a host of others, then you’ll have to pay the $ 2. for the application to install on your device. It is, however, a one-time purchase, but many of us can still make it.

To solve this problem, I will share the direct download link in Franco Kernel Manager Apk for 2021, with everything unlocked. Keep reading, and I will provide you with a guide on using this modified version of the application to access all its functions.

What is Franco Kernel Manager Apk?

What is Franco Kernel Manager Apk?

Franco Kernel Manager Apk is a modified hacked version of your official Franco Kernel Manager launch for all devices and kernels. And with that, you can make use of all the great features, like a free download, CPU-Boost, high-brightness settings, auto-flash seeds, to create a profile, and much, much more

If you know the system’s health status, this app will help you improve and improve the overall performance of the device at the top level. There are many varieties of this application; the updated version can be found on our website, for example, for Display Tester Pro, and many, many others, it has many functions

  • Unlocked premium features
  • Automatic night change
  • CPU temperature Beautiful user interface
  • Dark theme

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Features of Franco Kernel Manager Mod Apk

This app is about optimizing battery life and improving their performance by adjusting the settings available to them. One of the best things about this program is very intuitive, and the interface has been refined, which provides easy access to all device drivers. Most smartphone users have a problem with this due to battery power consumption issues, but it can be an intelligent solution for Franco Kernel Manager.



Franco Kernel Manager is a versatile application packed with hundreds of modern features designed to help users manage their devices. Therefore, it will become a modern and sophisticated interface that has been designed with a unique style for the user to discover and enjoy. On the home screen, the main functions of the equipment and allow users to communicate directly with the methods and procedures to assist in the protection of the unit. The application enables the user to control GPU usage and device battery consumption, temperature, etc.). All indicators displayed on your device are shown in detail and come with simple instructions.



Battery consumption is not always the case, which every user has to focus on, and in many of these applications, they have a large battery capacity for long-term work. However, for applications with low to moderate battery capacity, you should always be aware of its use and find a solution. Now, things that are made more accessible with Franco Kernel Manager, for example, monitor and help the user interact with the device’s battery usage. Options such as consumption and an improvement in battery life to improve the application. In addition, users can search and view a list of applications; the battery power is to use in the background or off to reduce the power consumption of long-term use.



Franco Kernel Manager is multipurpose and comes with many useful features to improve the user experience to a whole new level. The application is integrated with numerous professional-grade tools, allowing the user to interact with the device, data, and hardware. Furthermore, users will find additional applications for their machines and make them appear more sophisticated. Included in these are the options that a custom kernel configuration, such as I / O scheduler, io scheduler setting, activation lock, low memory killer, minimum load, ksm, ZRAM, memory material, entropy, flar2 activation gestures, programmer, and custom image.



In each of the applications, the battery power consumption performance is a little different, and for that, the user will be able to keep track of all the tasks in a short period. Therefore, Franco Kernel Manager can be creating a bespoke role, allowing the user to configure multiple profiles for each application. Before using an application, the user can start the preset profiles. The app will automatically display the amount of battery usage and limit the apps’ performance. In this way, users will save time, modify, and create more than one profile for their favorite applications.

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How to Download and Install Franco Kernel Manager Apk?

  • Download the application from the link below {Main}
  • Go to Settings on your Android phone or tablet. {If you have the “Install from unknown sources” option enabled in the settings, go to step 6) of
  • Click on the option called Security.
  • Here in the device manager window, look for the “Unknown sources.”
  • To activate installation from unknown sources.
  • Don’t install the app.
  • That’s! Enjoy.


Franco Kernel Manager has to be the best at the core of the toolbox, where you will find an interface that will allow you to optimize and manage it from your smartphone with powerful functions. The developer of this fantastic kernel manager is a tool to keep up with the provision of new features and fix any major bugs in it, with regular updates, increasing user satisfaction.

If you do this, please modify the app and don’t forget to share it with your friends, especially those who care about their users’ devices. If you have any problem related to this, is it Franco Kernel Manager Apk or a fantastic feature that does not work for you? You can leave a comment here below. I will be happy to resolve any issues you may have.

What's Latest New Franco Kernel Manager - for all devices & kernels

1. Stability improvements

1. Fix wakeup sources visibility on newer devices

1. Fix High Brightness Mode for OP8, Pro and 8T

1. Kernel zips are now cleaned from the internal files dir after using Manual Flasher
2. Wakelocks list now show up even if the Kernel doesn't support blocking them
3. Updated some layouts
4. Updated dependencies

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