Merge Dragons MOD APK v8.6.0 Download ( Free Shopping )

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Merge Dragons MOD APK v8.6.0 Download ( Free Shopping )

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Name Merge Dragons MOD APK
Category Mod Games
Size 143M
Version v8.6.0
Updated On 14-Jan-2022 ( 10:28 pm )
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Requires Android
MOD Features Free Shopping

Merge Dragons MOD APK: Discover a magical land of fun and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.

In this game, Merge Dragons Mod Apk explores the world of dragons full of mysteries, becomes friends with dragons, and with help of their fight against darkness, combines things to level up and get rewards.

In this game, everything can be combined so download this game from our website and have fun.

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What is Merge Dragons Mod Apk?

Merge Dragons Mod Apk is a unique and colorful puzzle game with farm features, the plot of which grows into a kind of fantasy world inhabited by dragons. 

However, the once-thriving empire has been overrun by treacherous zombies who have filled Draconia with nothing and you are now the only one who can restore harmony to the game world. 

A well-spread atmosphere of fairy tales, humorous characters, vivid graphics, multiplayer game simulation gives the project a unique beauty.

Join the dragons! a free puzzle game for Android and iOS, released by Gram Games. Its gameplay is similar to match 3 puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. Have you ever heard of these games? 

If the answer is “not yet”, that’s fine. Thanks to the Merge Dragons game! it is extremely simple and easy to understand, suitable for everyone, including small children.


Dragons are considered to be mysterious, magnificent, and beautiful creatures that are often told in stories or games. They can also serve as friends for players on missions or countless battles, and this article will introduce you to a game with just that idea. 

Collect dragons!

In the beginning, the game is easy to play. You will see a playground filled with green grass and throw three similar items. So a shot! Therefore, the three elements are grouped into one piece that already has a high value. If you put a lot of things together, you will find bigger and better things.

Soon you will join the big and big things. After starting with small trees and weeds, you will be able to combine flowers to get a yellow heart. You can combine these hearts to “restore” the gray areas.

Between levels, you can join the camp. Here, a fierce haze covers the land. You can only remove this fog if you skillfully mount it and collect dragons multiple times. You have to combine the eggs found all over the world to collect the dragons.

Features of Merge Dragons Mod Apk

Each game has its own unique characteristics. Gather the dragons again. This game contains many interesting features that every player would like to explore. I met Merge Dragons and these are some of the fun things you give me:

Explore the World of Dragons Full of Mysteries

From the very beginning, the game will take you to a fantastic magical world that you have never known before. 

The mysterious world unfolds, surrounded by a clear sky and clouds. It appears to be one of many beautiful islands in the sky where the Dragonia race thrives.

This is a world of dragons and combinations. 

During the experience, players will explore each myth, the magic of a long-unknown dragon. Combine all the elements of the game to create more powerful items than ever.

But sadly, George Dragons’ life wasn’t always peaceful. The evil Zomblin roams the land, aiming to conquer the island to destroy the dragons. 

Your work starts here; Now is not the time to see it all. The only hope of saving the world is the suffering of a single victim.

The secret is in your magical powers, but you will never know anything. Find and match everything to create many kinds of trees, dragon eggs, gems, stars, magical flowers that can rejuvenate you. Or even a player may suddenly encounter strange creatures.

Good Graphics

Combine 1024×576 graphic dragons

The graphics are some of the best graphics I’ve encountered in this game. Join the dragons! It has excellent cartoon-style 3D graphics. Bright colors, bright images. The beautiful Dragonia valley is like a fairyland. Dragons, trees, and plains, everything is well designed. Exciting sounds, perfect for this game.

Become Friends With Every Dragon You Receive

The dragon is a sacred creature and at the same time the centerpiece of the entire game, making the game-rich and vibrant as players keep in touch with it. 

Therefore, the game will introduce a camping system where players will collect dragons and continue to work with them to clean up the lands. 

What’s extraordinary about dragons is that they vary in size and variety, allowing them to remain strong against one trait and weak against another. 

As a result, their habitats are varied and rich, forcing players to build many different habitats depending on the characteristics of each type of dragon. Over time, they will grow and reach their final shape to go out and complete important tasks.

Visually Improve Dragon Land and Camp

The dragon farm and environment creation program is amazing and attractive and offers players a lot of in-game trials. Depending on the type of dragon, players must create a good environment and build structures to provide the equipment needed to breed dragons. 

The player can expand the yard or farm over time, thus gathering additional resources to breed all dragons. As the player progresses through the game, he will gradually unlock new content and give the player full control of the farm to build a dragon paradise soon.

Fight Against the Darkness

Join the dragons! uses a puzzle-based combat system to make his game more friendly and accessible to a large market of players. 

In skirmishes, the player can use the dragon’s characteristics and powers to defeat all enemies and activate their special abilities when the opportunity arises. 

The style of the puzzle game is based on the style of 3 styles, a genre that most people have come across once upon a time. Additionally, the game will continue to expand its content to make things more lively and players will have more exploration and a greater ability to change shadows.

Combine Things to Get the Second Highest Result

With the exception of the game’s clear gameplay and dragon breeding program, players can combine everything in Merge Dragons! to produce better results. 

The game does not have an advanced system or resources, but players can integrate it and gradually unlock new content as they build more advanced units. 

Architecture and other things can be very integrated and players can be more flexible in developing all the resources around them for integration. The more they join, the more effective the result will be in the field with the dragons.

Cultively Open Your Walls of Strength

Many dragons in this game have to go through important stages to start the adventure with the player. Thus, the evolutionary system of the game will show players its full growth. 

Players can speed up their spawning by feeding them and using lots of special items to give them the best adult stats. 

The most impressive thing about raising dragons is that they all look very different and offer players many benefits across the farm, improving the harvesting and production efficiency of the entire dragon paradise.

Build a Beautiful Farm

Although Merge Dragons is a puzzle game, construction features are also an important part of the game. Unfortunately, the Fog Army has taken control of the regime and is destroying it.

You absolutely must rob every island and bring the area back to life. 

There are many different interactive things you can do to decorate a beautiful island. Do not forget to rejuvenate the inhabitants of the most beautiful but strong dragons as well.

Discover around 100 different types of dragons with eight levels of growth, maturity, and evolution. Try incorporating and hatching eggs on the farm; you never know which dragon will appear next. It is interesting, right?

Everything Can Be Combined

Putting things together is important in this game. Believe me and I am determined! In Merge Dragons, most games involve combining objects to create or advance new objects.

So the first piece of advice I want to give you is to cover everything you think might work. And in any endeavor, you need to use the most valuable amount of material.

Handle Everything Before Escalation

You can earn money, and the bricks go beyond the normal limits of your farm. But if you are not in the field, you will not collect money and bricks. And this is a waste!

The number of bricks and money will depend on your level in the game. Putting things together and organizing them is easy. Before leaving the camp, you should purchase dragon eggs or buildings, as this will increase your skills.

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How to Download and Install Merge Dragons Mod Apk?

Join the dragons! is a game full of fun and friendship, while using the dragon concept to create a game with lots of engaging content. In addition, players will see a new and unique match-3 game, in which they will complete many challenges and enjoy the game however they want.

Follow these steps:

  • To install this amazing game, first, go to your phone’s settings.
  • Now go to the security option within the settings.
  • Discover unknown sources as well as April.
    allow unknown apk
  • You will see a warning message appear on the screen, but don’t worry.
  • This game is really safe as a mod version and will not affect your system.
  • Now go to the download link and click on it to download the game.
    image of Installing Merge Dragons MOD APK (1)
  • Wait until the download is complete.
  • Now go to the file manager on your phone.
  • Open the Android folder and find the Merge Dragons Mod Apk file.
  • Open this file and you will see the install option at the bottom right.
  • Click on it and install this game.
  • Now wait a few seconds and start playing this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: When the Dragon Unifies, How to Make Money?

Ans: After the merger, the system will give players random rewards such as magic coins or egg yolks. When you receive a bonus, unlock it. It could be a precious golden seed. If you own this item, you can combine it to create a golden tree. But remember to remove all internal countries.

Ques: How Do I Get Free Gems From Dragons Merge?

Ans: Play lawsuits! Whenever you complete a mission, there is little chance that there is a purple dragon star instead of the yellow fallen star. 

Bring them to the field! If they work for you, don’t buy them! 

Put them together in 5 seconds!

Match the gems in 5 seconds!

Ques: What Is the Purpose of Assembling Dragons?

Ans: Join the dragons! a puzzle adventure game where players must heal the wizarding world, use the power of dragons, solve puzzles and build their own camp to breed their own dragons. All the objects in the game can be mixed and matched to produce different artifacts and create different effects.

Ques: How Many Secret Levels Are There in Merge Dragons?

Ans: As of July 2021, there are 26 secret levels in Merge Dragons. In total, in Merge Dragons there are currently 319 levels total.

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So folks that’s all you need to know about Merge Dragons mod apk. I have discussed all the features of this game in detail and gave you the steps on how to download and install Merge Dragons Mod Apk on your device. 

If you have any queries regarding this post, you can comment down your doubt and we will try to resolve it soon!

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