Pubg New State Mod APK v0.9.45.418 (MOD Menu, No Recoil) 2023

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Pubg New State Mod APK v0.9.45.418 (MOD Menu, No Recoil) 2023

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Name Pubg New State Mod APK
Category Apps
Size 1.4G
Version v0.9.45.418
Updated On 26-Sep-2023 ( 7:58 pm )
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Requires Android
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Unlimited Hack

The Battle Royale genre is no longer an unfamiliar type of game to most people, especially shooter lovers. It gives you intense but equally exciting games where your rivals are numerous and can appear anywhere. One of the most common games of this type of game that we can mention is PUBG with a large map. So what do you think when the context of a game comes to the fore? If you want to know the answer, you can’t ignore PUBG: NEW STATE.

PUBG New State follows PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular “fighting battles” in the video game industry and a true benchmark for Android gaming. The game promises to stay true to the original, offering new settings, more game modes, more interactive settings, and better graphics. In short, it will be a complete sequence.

In addition to these changes to the game, PUBG New State still offers information that will be well known to any War Royale fan. 100 people will face off on the island and only one player (or team) can win. As usual, the Blue Zone will gradually reduce the playing area, guaranteeing on the one hand the conflict and on the other that the matches will not last more than half an hour.

Like all other titles in the series, PUBG New State will add new game modes as new updates are released. However, you will always have the old “Battle Royale” mode, either alone or in groups of four. This is a stellar franchise game mode and you can always enjoy it, especially if you have three friends who are going to war with you.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI are popular battle royale titles from the house of Krafton. The game offers a best-in-class and high-quality survival experience with HD quality graphics and breathtaking dynamics.

What is PUBG New State Mod APK?

PUBG: A NEW SITUATION gives you the context of a future war in which the coalition government has ceased to exist and where many wars have taken place. At the same time, regardless of their 2051, gamers can still see modernity in many aspects of nature. The houses have changed their appearance and the cars are much better than the previous model. For this reason, players may need to know.

Apart from the aforementioned success, we cannot fail to know the difficulties that interest anyone in the open world of sport. It is a world where you can do whatever you want and it has a lot of space. Therefore, you must use cars to drive early. Plus, you can even collaborate with surrounding components and decide on mandatory issues.

The game has very beautiful and amazing graphics with fictional characters from this world. At the same time, while all of them are discarded, the new setup gives players a glimpse and a bit more love when space is maintained and new parts are added. You can probably see drones, the effects of which are only visible in fun video games.

PUBG New State promises to raise the status bar on mobile devices, providing a playable experience like the few you can enjoy on Android. Better graphics and additional configuration options, fully customizable controls, a variety of game modes … welcome to New State.

Features of PUBG New State Mod APK

In this game you will enjoy great features! Download PUBG New State today and enjoy these new features today:

New and Advanced

If you think you have what it takes to shoot and survive, Battle Royale games are one of the best games you can play today. This version is popular now as there are many warroyale games available. Today, many people enjoy these games because they provide equality for all players. This is because players must collect resources on the ground rather than arm themselves in advance. This in itself is an important factor that allows players to develop their skills today.

Features of PUBG New State Mod APK

But with PUBG New State, you can enjoy the new and improved PUBG. Basically this game has realistic graphics that seem to be playing on a console. The amount of detail they gathered and the advanced and future cars here will delight you. Other than that, there are new weapons and great things to enjoy here. You can enjoy making drone calls, supporting apps, and escaping bullets

Ultimate Battle Royale

Battle Royale is the biggest genre in mobile games since it exploded in 2017. Today you can enjoy its number with different features and different companies. Also, players are tired of the old designs. But with PUBG New State, you can enjoy a new and improved feel. Basically, the developers wanted to create a new experience that would allow gamers to feel like they were playing on a console.

Ultimate Battle Royale

The game is scheduled for 2051, a future filled with mayhem and mayhem. But here you can enjoy the next-gen graphics that will blow your mind. Enjoy electronic graphics that allow you to see more details such as mirrors, shadows, doors, trees and much more. You can also enjoy future designs and accessories such as the possibility of using drones, cars, air support, electric trains and much more. Also, you can enjoy the same game but with custom weapons that you can freely customize.

Realistic Graphics

In terms of designs, PUBG is already one of the best today. Defeat other games like The Rules of Survival, Free Fire and other current games. But with PUBG New State, you can enjoy next-gen graphics that will blow your mind today! Here the shadows are very bright and the character designs are very advanced. Enjoy a realistic game today that explains the feeling of PUBG.

Here, PUBG Studio uses global lighting technology to achieve this level of virtual reality. Thanks to this, today you can enjoy many things in the game.

Powerful Gunplay

You can also enjoy the same game or not as your favorite game. It allows you to play from third-party points of view, it allows you to switch weapons easily, and you can shoot and aim again. But beyond that, this new game allows you to customize your weapons to better suit your needs. Here’s a single arm clamping system that allows you to change the tip, compressor, and many other parts of the gun. This allows users to create custom pistols that can be customized to suit their needs!

Powerful Gunplay

Fantastic Gameplay

This game also allows you to enjoy new features like drone phones. This allows you to have air support in the form of drones. Then there is the request for support and the chance to escape! Have fun with new cars and an electric train system.

At PUBG New State, you can find the latest and most advanced shooting experience today. Here you can enjoy new maps, location designs and much more.

Bigger, Wider, Better

Most fans of the base game suggested that the creators invest in a larger area, as the preset conditions they were supposed to play under weren’t enough for black players. As always, the developers listened and made sure the PUBG NEW STATE APK was packed with visible expansions from the existing universe. With this update, the game takes us back to the turbulent year 2051, which includes a new battlefield where you can show your best survival skills. Decades after the original building, this new dimension will only expand your senses and hone your skills. So bring your friends, make enemies, team up and use the great golden sands that always get better as you go.

Bigger, Wider, Better

Find Out the Right Weapon

PUBG: NEW STATE brings you a completely new environment and a new experience with cool cars that you will never forget. However, the best issue to deal with is the weapons and gear that the game brings. In fact, for the first time in sports, you will arrive in a new place and try to find mandatory gadgets like precious blood, weapons, helmets and weapons. Step by step, as you play, you will find some useful news from completely different areas and defeated opponents.

To fight weapons, there are many ways to get rid of enemies from a distance. You can face them directly or attack them from a distance. With great sports preparation, you can hide in invisible or very remote places to destroy different players. Therefore, it is always a difficult game and requires some means on the part of the participants.

How to Download and Install PUBG New State Mod APK?

You can do plenty of things with PUBG Mobile UC, whether it’s buying outfits, accessories, gun skins, or companions. if you want get PUBG Free UC ckeck this linked article.

How to Download and Install PUBG New State Mod APK?

Downloading PUBG New State MOD Apk is very simple. Speaking of the PUBG New State Normal app, you can also download it from the Google Play Store. But if you want to download the MOD version of PUBG New State, you will have to download it from the other side. We have provided PUBG New State MOD apk download link in this post. By clicking that link, you can easily download PUBG New State MOD Apk.

After downloading PUBG New State, you can install and use it as usual. Just like you install the standard app, in the same way you need to install PUBG New State MOD Apk. After that, your game will be ready to be played.

  • Download “PUBG: NEW STATE MOD” APK.
  • Install Download Apk without using internet / wifi.
  • Open the installer and complete the process.
  • Let it fully install on your Android device
  • Open the MOD APK app and enjoy unlimited free resources.

What’s New in PUBG New State MOD Apk?

In PUBG New State MOD Apk you will find many new features that are not available in PUBG New State. Something like this sounds in the background.

  • Many makeovers have been made in PUBG New State MOD Apk.
  • You can also log in with your old ID in PUBG New State MOD.
  • The speed of this game in the middle of India will be faster than before.
  • The game was bought by KRAFTON and as a result, all the money raised will remain on Earth, which means that it has become a game for India. PUBG New Status MOD Download apk
  • You can also download PUBG New State MOD game from our website and it is available in play store, you can also download it from our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What’s different in PUBG and PUBG New State?

Ans: At the time of its launch, PUBG: NEW STATE has three different game modes, including Battle Royale (located at the base of the Troi and PUBG franchise, Erangel), Deathmatch 4v4, and Training Ground where players can hone their skills before jump into a live game. .

Ques: Can We Play PUBG New State in India?

Ans: PUBG New State is a future war game set in 2051. Unlike the original PUBG game, New State is a mobile game only and cannot be played on PC or console. The game was distributed around the world in many countries, including India.

Ques: Will PUBG New State Replace PUBG mobile?

Ans: PUBG New State is the successor to PUBG Mobile and offers improved graphics, new mechanics, and other new features.

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Congratulations You have now installed PUBG: NEW STATE Mod on your Android device today, you can hack that game and enjoy playing. This mod comes with really amazing features, so just download the mod after the steps above and enjoy.

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