Questland MOD APK v3.58.1 Download ( Unlimited Money )

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Questland MOD APK v3.58.1 Download ( Unlimited Money )

Overview information

Name Questland MOD APK
Category Mod Games
Size 149M
Version v3.58.1
Updated On 20-Jan-2022 ( 8:39 pm )
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money

Questland MOD APK: Like an old mobile game, Questland will immerse you in an endless adventure with easy and addicting gameplay. Sitting in an unknown empire called Valia, the Questland title doesn’t focus on storytelling but instead launches players on a true hero’s selfless journey as he destroys all enemies.

For reasonably straightforward gameplay and touch functionality, players must click on the screen to continuously attack. And you have to choose when to click to use special abilities after accumulating enough points during the attack. 

It often helps to destroy the enemy. After each victory, players will receive a bonus for purchasing additional equipment, such as helmets and armor, and for upgrading their hero’s strength. Otherwise, over time, the player’s hero will develop new skills and abilities to fight increasingly “hard to digest” enemies.

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What is a Questland Mod Apk?

Questland Mod apk 2022 latest version with amazing premium online RPG unlocked. The game was developed and donated by Gamesture sp. zoo. 

It comes in the role of an RPG and is a lot of fun to play. So, game lovers, you are at the right place to have fun and become a pro beginner. Stay tuned and you will know more about Questland premium Mod Apk. 

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General Information

Questland doesn’t need players that much to cheat, but it’s enough to immerse yourself in a game meant for self-sacrifice. It has no direct history in an unknown kingdom called Valia. Here you will play the role of a traveler on the path of righteousness or just want the right trip for you.

The game also doesn’t require players to have much control. 

And your main task is to tap the screen to destroy the enemy and get the bonus. With this money, you can buy additional equipment, such as helmets and armor, and improve your power.

We will be dividing the game into several categories, as well as individual levels with pierced-looking managers. 

Apart from that, your character gradually develops even the most necessary skills in the later levels of the game.

To ensure game balance, you cannot use special abilities continuously but instead must gather mana resources for your plant attack. 

And the more spells you have, the more you will use mana, so you have to know how to store and distribute them correctly.

The interesting point of Questland compared to other games of the same type, like Almost a Hero, is that you can participate well in the game, fulfilling requests related to your hero or even a collection. 

Collect building materials to create new and more advanced equipment. Offering old sacrificial drama, Questland will keep players focused on the action until they tire of it. The new game appears to be the only iOS version. We will continue to update the Android download link when it is officially released.

Features of Questland Mod Apk

He is attacked by various black creatures like spiders, bones, demons, etc. You must use your weapons, strength, and power to fight evil and defeat it. 

For each victory, you will earn a bonus that you can use to purchase equipment. You can buy a helmet, weapons, etc.

You will also have special powers. You can sometimes use this power to take down tougher enemies.

A Bespoke Hero

The first thing you will do in Questland is building your character. As with any respectable RPG, you can change the appearance of your avatar. Gamesture has taken this possibility seriously.

In addition to the character’s style, you can choose from a wide range of options to customize your character’s eyes, hair, nose, facial expressions, scars, and more. 

Each of these features has a variety of functions that allow you to give your hero the look that suits you best.

If you are lazy, a button is installed that allows you to create a random character, without wasting time with customization. Finally, your image needs a name. Choose it carefully as you cannot allow another player to take the same name online.

A Classic Adventure

Here we are in Valia, the land where Questland is located. The journey you will begin will take you across the continent. With all its biomes; in the company of a beautiful elf and a ruthless but helpful hero, and then other characters, you will try to understand why Valia is in danger of extinction.

Therefore, you will discover all her secrets and stories and you will face countless enemies. The structure of Questland and its characters is fascinating, although they are very traditional in role-playing games.

You will cross forests, beaches, seas, mountains, swamps, and tunnels to overcome the stages that separate you from the next historical episode. It will be noticed in friendly conversations indicating the continuation of the journey.

Leveling in Questland

And, like any good role-playing game, Questland incorporates a phased character progression system. However, standardization is not the end. It will allow us to open new modes and difficulty levels to improve our equipment from one level to another.

It will give us the great rewards necessary to improve our hero. It’s commendable because the sequel gives the player time to grab the slowly opening instruments.

To get up, suddenly at first. Later, it slows down but becomes less accurate. The game offers the player many ways to earn experience points which, when used correctly, make it easy to move to the next level.

Exciting Battles With Visual Skills

In Questland, wars will take place from a first-person perspective. It’s an exciting feature that very few RPGs have.

Also, fighting in Questland is just as interesting. By combining items of the same type into a number, players will create destructive combos for their opponents. With the number of different features of the same type, the capacity and extent of damage dealt will vary.

Big Warehouse

In the process of eliminating ghosts, equipment is an important part to help your hero get stronger. Upon collecting keys, players will find random items with lucky chests.

It is divided into the common characteristics of green, blue, purple, and orange and is not easily accessible. Players can improve, improve and improve the values ​​of the tile to help the device to improve the bonus features.

The unique feature is that the Questland team is group and type. If a player owns the correct amount and uses the same item on the same gear, the player will receive bonus stats based on the number of items.

Sounds and Graphics

Questland has a masterpiece of smooth, melodic, and harmonious rhythm that gives a relaxing feeling to the performer. Quickly interfering with battles and background music will make fights more engaging and fun.

They make the sound of the game louder, with the sound of conflicting weapons or using skill combos. Questland’s graphics are some of the most vibrant, if not adorned with 3D graphics or bright colors.

Instead, they are 2D images with a very personal style of the publisher. The beasts in Questland come in many different forms, expressing their anger and cruelty. The equipment, if used, will equip the character to defeat rivals. The impact of the attack, the skill is filled with a strong, lively, and captivating look.

Turn-based Gameplay & Quests

The Questland Mod game is turn-based. During the war. You and the enemy take turns attacking each turn. The player’s task is to support the hero’s attack. 

Use special abilities to deal damage to enemies. Once defeated, the hero will continue to fight. Also, go through each stage to advance to the final battle. 

Here, the hero will have to face a fearsome boss. He has a fighting ability that surpasses ordinary monsters. With a high amount of health, he can take a lot of damage. After defeating the boss, you can finish the war. 

Complete the requirements and receive rewards. Keep going into the next battle to fight against the powerful enemies.

Many Types of Enemies & Many Bosses

On a journey to overcome challenges in Questland Mod. The hero will have to fight many different enemies. Big spiders, dry bones, and even monsters. Each enemy has its own combat power, which is reflected in attack, defense, and health. 

Do not stop there, in each battle you will have to face the boss. Examples include zombies, dark dragons, and monsters. Each leader has an exceptional fighting ability. As you enter new levels of play, the manager’s power will always grow.

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How to Download and Install Questland Mod Apk?

The game will start with a visit to the city of Valia. Soon you will have the opportunity to create a character. You can also use a variety of customization features.

You can change your face, eyes, skin, color, hair, accessories, etc. You have to improve your strength by defeating enemies and completing missions.

You must also collect bonuses and equipment to improve your skills. To defeat enemies, you just need to continuously tap the screen to attack them.

It will help you defeat evil. You will also find special powers. You can only use it sometimes in the game.

Follow these steps:

  • You can download it by clicking the release button below the header.
  • Then wait a few seconds for the system to automatically download the Questland: Turn-Based RPG MOD APK/DATA file
  • To install the software anywhere, you must enable installation from third-party sources.
    allow unknown apk
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting: Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check anonymous sources so that your phone can install apps from sources outside Google Play Store.
    image of Installing Questland MOD Apk
  • Once the above step is completed, you can go to the “Download” folder in the file manager and click on the downloaded MOD APK file.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the application and information as usual.

Note: You must uninstall any pre-installed version of the game before installing Questland Mod. Otherwise, you may encounter an installation failed error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How Do You Get Legendary Weapons in Questland?

Ans: There are several ways to get resources in Questland. The main option is to open the chest using keys or gems. Alternatively, you can buy them from shops or find them as a reward for completing the journey. You will need to complete a trip with 3 stars, or.

Ques: How to Level Up Fast in Questland?

Ans: The best way to gain a lot of experience points and get up quickly is to complete the requirements on your log. They will be more difficult, allowing you to earn extra points worthy of your level. Whatever you do, don’t sell your old gear.

Ques: How Do You Upgrade Talents in Questland?

Ans: Talent development can be done on the Talent > Hero > Skills screen. Once you’ve selected a talent, you can take it to the next level using the same replays as the talent, plus gold and eternal. You can find many duplicate talents on your journey to collect them all.

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It is a modified version of the original game. The game can be challenging due to in-app purchases and limitations. You can use this modified version to enjoy the game.

You will receive all in-app purchases for free. 

You will find unlimited gems in this game. You can use various Questland cheats without spending any money. It will also reduce enemy attacks and enemy forces.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Download this game from our website and enjoy Questland Mod for free. If you like this post, have fun with your friends and family and if you have any questions about this post, you can comment your questions and we will try to solve them soon.


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