Best Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

A domain name is a vital aspect of a website as it manifests the address through which users can access a website. Simply put, it’s your website name. 

Besides being a greater source of business credibility, a domain name distinguishes your brand from the competitors. That’s why it’s important to give it some thought before choosing your domain name. If you are looking for a unique domain name, then implement these tips for the best results. 

Make it Easy to Memorise 

The main objective of your domain name is to be both pronounceable and memorable. So, it’s best not to go overboard with terms.

A domain name is something that you will use every time a person asks for your website address. So, if you come up with something complex to spell, it’s going to backfire big time.  

Think about something that remains at people’s back of mind. Anything intricates can affect your website visits and exposure. Complex domain names and slow mobile web runs are a big turn-off for visitors, after all! 

Avoid Long Domain Names 

Just like its pronunciation, nobody likes long domain names as a whole. The primary aim of the domain name is to come up with something easy to type. Concise terms can make typing and remembering a domain name easy. So, try to avoid excessive keywords and decide on something with fewer letters.  

You can find lots of inspiration on domainify a premium domain marketplace. They are a team of branding experts and professional artists who help you decide on exceptional business names. Besides the domain, they offer professional logos at affordable costs with 100% ownership. They transfer your logos and domain within 24 hours. Overall, it’s your one-stop solution for covering everything related to the domain.  

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Say No to Hyphens 

Some people use hyphens in their domain name to make it sound unique. However, hyphens make the domain name tougher to demonstrate. It’s not a feasible option for verbal articulation or typewritten text.  

People will find it annoying to use and choose a less complicated website. Try to avoid any numbers or characters in the domain name, as it might make the name harder to type/spell.  

Do Not Use Doubled Letters 

Repetitive letters can do more harm than good. It’s like you are misspelling a term and turning it to your domain name.  In fact, people may mistype your website and end up somewhere else. Any complexity in your domain name can provoke the visitor to switch somewhere else. It’s both time-consuming and futile. 

Also, it does not leave a very good impression on the visitor. When you post on Instagram, you come up with the best Instagram captions to impress your followers, right?  

Anything daunting can turn negative and result in loss of followers! Think about domain names from the same perspective.  


So, these were some of the best tips for choosing the right domain name. If your domain name and web address are perfect, you may attract extensive traffic to your website. Also, it’s best to make the first impression top-notch for the users. 

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