WCC2 Mod APK v3.0.4 Download (Unlimited Coins, MOD) 2022

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WCC2 Mod APK v3.0.4  Download (Unlimited Coins, MOD) 2022

Overview information

Name WCC2 Mod APK
Category Sports
Size 395MB
Version v3.0.4
Updated On 07-Sep-2022 ( 2:16 pm )
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features

Unlimited Coins

World Cricket Championship 2 is an incredibly realistic game in which you will play cricket, the developers of this game pay attention not only to the game itself, but also to the realistic rankings that will amaze you from the first minutes of the game. But to start the game you will not need the minimum amount of resources that your device should have. The game WCC2 mod apk will strengthen you from the first minutes of the game, if you are a sports fan, you will definitely love it.

Download MOD APK World Cricket Championship 2 (Unlimited Coins) to buy the most expensive players and enjoy the best quality match. It helps you build a strong and balanced team, it helps you look forward to the tournament!

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What is the World Cricket Championship 2?

If you are a sports fanatic, you are probably familiar with cricket. It has a long history of development, making it popular with millions of people around the world. And you? If you also like the game but don’t have a chance to play it, feel it on your phone with World Cricket Championship 2. The realistic graphics designed by Nextwave Multimedia will leave you with the most realistic experience.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a mobile game designed with the most advanced 3D mode available today. This game will not limit the number of players, so you can participate in the levels comfortably without having to face anything. Although each game screen is different, each player can use a large number of spins to obtain higher scores. The game system has designed many different shots to create a rich and varied experience.

World Cricket Championship 2 is designed for fans of the game of cricket. So there are many things to look forward to in this game such as sharp and realistic graphics, fluid physics, great challenges from AI opponents and real players, many camera angles that allow you to watch and play like a professional sports show.


Wait no more, join a game to start the journey in search of the champion. There, you have a team and many tournaments are still running in Tournament mode. If you only watched cricket matches before and never felt the need to be on the field to play, there is no need to get confused in this game. The developer has provided tips and instructions on how to play, regarding the outstanding features of the World Cricket Championship 2.

The rules and gameplay are based on reality, requiring tact and precision. This element is clearly seen when you have to control the main player on the field. You’re in a jug (jug) When his opportunity begins, he aligns the power with the way he throws the ball to the batter (Fielder). If it had been a good pitch, it would have been Fielder who hit the lowest ball, flying to the stands to score the first 6 points. But if not, try to break the opponent’s three pillars or hit the ball out of bounds. to get 4 points.

How is the World Cricket Championship 2 Played?

In World Cricket Championship 2, you will practice basic moves. He’s hitting the ball. The thrown ball will fly through three red holes corresponding to the player’s three positions. Also check the three Left, Up and Center arrow keys corresponding to the direction of the ball. Watch the ball fly through the hole and turn green, then press the arrow keys to hit the ball. If you fail three times, you will lose and have to play again.

First, your opponent will roll World Cricket Championship 2. When the ball flies through the hole, it turns into a blue hole. Quickly press the corresponding left, up, or right arrow keys to perform the correct ball action.

World Cricket Championship 2 brings you new online cricket matches and the most exciting Cricket World Cup. In World Cricket Championship 2, you will participate in the best cricket matches in the T20 category. It’s completely free with vivid 3D graphics and a sharp HD screen. All cricket matches in this game take place between 2016 and 2017.

Features of WCC2

Tournaments are an important part of the journey to win the World Cricket 2 Championship. Participate in major tournaments such as ODI Series, T20 World Cup, Blitz Tournament and World Cup World Championship, winning many qualifying matches and facing AI opponents.

But the challenge does not end there, Nextwave Multimedia also offers you many other experiences with Quick Play, Multiplayer, Personalization, challenging companion mode and many activities and bonuses.


The visual and audio modes included in World Cricket Championship 2 are some of the highlights that this game brings. These two factors played a vital role in the success and love of the gaming community. All animations in this game are designed with the sharpest and most modern 3D graphics. Many are locations and camera angles modeled in a simple and inexpensive way to create a real life gaming feel. In addition, the alphabetical order is also done with very clear images.

Diverse Tournament System

The World Cricket Championship 2 program will offer players many different tournaments. This is arguably one of the most competitive sporting events in the world today. Especially for all the players who participated in the game, there is the goal of participating in a world tournament, in which all the strongest teams in the world come together. Players will discover and create many challenges and teams if they participate in this tournament. As for the emotions of the players, it will largely depend on what happens in each game.

Variety of Players

World Cricket Championship 2 offers players a variety of basic features. Each feature helps players effectively and efficiently throughout the experience. You can easily participate in this game in two ways, which is online mode and offline mode. You can also play in 1v1 mode or in the multiplayer mode of your choice. Especially with an unusually diverse and rich competition system around the world. This will allow all players to participate in the tournament at any time, thus accumulating a large amount of valuable information.

Key Features of WCC2

  • 150 different animations and 16 different bowling acts
  • Rain interruption, D / L method
  • Hot-Spot and Ultra Edge for LBW and Edge
  • Enjoy the Blitz Tournament for free!
  • An electric field with incredible dive grabs and quick throws to surprise the enemy.
  • A challenging AI opponent
  • Realistic Vocal Ball Physics (Dead, Dust, Green)
  • Player Characteristics – Players gain additional constant performance skills
  • 18 different international teams, 10 local teams, 36 different forums. TEST Cricket, Hot Events and more than 11 tournaments including the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Blitz Tournament and the ODI Series.
  • Cricket team mode in which the user can team up and compete for challenges.
  • The friend challenge mode allows the user to challenge their friends.
  • The batter can be injured due to improper selection of firearms.
  • The feelings of the players vary according to the circumstances of the game.
  • Cinematographic cameras and real-time lighting enhance visual appeal.
  • Real-time infographic presentations:
  •  3D cart wheel with flexible game data
  •  Eye contact of hawks with a bowling alley and LBW complaints
  •  3D bar graph of the entry race found.
  • Ultra slow motion action playback with multi-camera angles
  • Over 40 camera angles for gaming
  • Two different rhythm controls (Classic and Pro)
  • Two different firing chamber configurations (bowler end and ground end)
  • The fielders are equipped with an advanced ball joint connection system
  • Professional commentary in English and Hindi with a dynamic bass sound
  • Night mode in Quickplay with all competitions with LED logs
  • Batting time meter to set the maximum shot time.
  • Manual settlements to control your enemy by all means.
  • Share and save game highlights generated at the end of the game.
  • The user can change 11 groups of games, the names of the players and their roles.
  • Misfielding, an incredible wicketkeeper, quick shots and difficult 3-umpire decisions to create a true cricket sensation.
  • More than 250 animated photos
  • New game, referee, launch animation and 26 new shots.
  • Battle has tested and updated the engine to deliver liquid gaming at 30fps on most mid-range devices.

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How to Download and Install WCC2?

World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best sports games that you can find on Google Play. It gives you a real feeling, exciting moments like a real cricket match. Not only do you like the original version, but you can also choose the MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) version to buy the best players in the game.

  • Free download the APK or MOD APK and OBB files for World Cricket Championship 2 with the link under the title.
  • Open the “com.nextwave.wcc.zip file”.
  • Copy the “com.nextwave.wcc” folder to the “Android / obb” folder.
  • Insert the APK file.
  • Open the MOD APK of World Cricket Championship 2 and enjoy a fun cricket game experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why Play World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Apk Instead of the Original Version?

Ans: In World Cricket Championship 2, earning more coins will take time and effort. Meanwhile, the game focuses on the skills and strategies of the player, not on making money. Hence, this MOD APK version was born. Download it, use coins to clear fields, buy tournaments and the biggest cricket field.

Ques: Why Play World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Apk Instead of the Original Version? What is the Use of XP in WCC2?

Ans: Experience points indicate your position in the game. Also show your skills and knowledge in World Cricket Championship 2. Here’s how you can earn XP: Fourth and sixth time.

Ques: Why Play World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Apk Instead of the Original Version? How Do You Take Wickets in Wcc2?

Ans: If the going gets tough, follow the steps below to get a wicket while playing WCC2:

  • Get a fast launcher or fast launcher in the middle.
  • Change fields to invert 4.
  • Converts the field to semi-automatic.
  • Now cook the slow moving yorker.
  • The batter protects him and the goalie dives behind the batter.

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This game is one of the most popular simulation games. This is a great opportunity for all players to fulfill their passion and take the pressure off by participating in the gaming experience.

Apart from soccer, cricket is the only great sport in the world. Become a cultural element of life. World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK is a previous match between India and Pakistan considered as the hottest cricket match ever. Apart from that, the game also affects the labor relations between the two countries.

World Cricket Championship 2 is the best offline mobile game on Android with less than 100MB of sports loving players. With World Cricket Championship 2, users can play baseball like professional athletes. There is also an online mode in the game where players can compete with other players.

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