How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format? (For Free)

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How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format? (For Free)

Today Tricksndtips will provide you with all the ways you can easily download or convert your videos up to 4k quality so let’s proceed further.

YouTube to MP3 Converters is a program that allows you to save YouTube video clips in mp3 format. These tools can be used to download videos as high-quality audio files. Many of these programs can be used online without registration.

Follow the hand-picked list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and paid (commercial) software. People expect to see content online for their entertainment.

Many famous artists use this as a free promotional tool. This guide will see how to convert any YouTube video to mp3 format. There are many options available. All of this will work 100% on all your devices.

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How To Convert Youtube To Mp3?

There are many websites and online applications that offer this service. In this guide, we will try to cover everything for our readers. The steps required are the same for all websites and applications. Here’s how to start downloading YouTube content as audio on any device.

Fact Check: YouTube app doesn’t support listening to music outside of the app, so converting the video to Mp3 format and downloading it will be an easy option.

YouTube has more music collections compared to other websites. A Brandwatch study claims 93% of the most viewed music videos on YouTube in January 2020. Musically it found that 55% of consumers regularly watch music videos on YouTube.

YT Shorts Downloader is a web app which helps you to download or convert Youtube shorts video to Mp4 video or Mp3 audio format. It’s easy, free and fast tool by which you can download and save shorts videos directly to your phone or computer.

List of 5 Websites to Change Youtube Video to Mp3

You can try any of the 5 websites to covert the youtube video into the mp3, I have well researched it for you. You can try any. You will get good quality mp3 of youtube videos. You can even download it.


In this way, we search for websites that allow us to start the conversion. For this tutorial, we used the YTMP3 website. It is very popular and works well with all videos. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparing for mediation.

  • The next step is to go to youtube and find the video that you want to convert to audio. You can copy and paste a link from the website.
  • You can start by visiting the website in your browser. Users can click on this link ( A simple website without unnecessary complications. Copy and paste the YouTube website link here. Click the Convert button and get ready to go.
  • When the conversion process is done, you can download the result. Perfect for users who want to start saving their music. The file will start downloading automatically.

Voila! You can use this method to download your songs very quickly. We recommend the website approach to users on their desktops and laptops. It works very well and takes very little time.

Best Pick Ups

Now you know how to convert youtube to mp3. Time to explore our options and divide. This will help you have more storage options than what we have already mentioned. Many websites offer this solution. We hope to cover most of them for easy access. Let’s take a look at what is available to all of us.

1. MP3 conversion

It is an online platform that helps you with your conversion needs. Similar to YTMP3 website. Users can quickly start downloading their favorite content from the platform easily. The steps are always the same as those indicated above. Copy and paste the link and click convert.

mp3 conversion

The user interface is very easy for everyone to use. We recommend that you try it today and get the best results. You can have your favorite music and shows in this forum. It is a simple but effective method that requires you to follow the guidelines above.

2. Ontiva

Ontiva is a useful website that helps users with all YouTube solutions. Users can start converting videos with a simple click. We really enjoyed the beautiful visual interface available on the website. Elegant and unique. The platform works very well and does not require much effort.


The platform also allows users to download from many different brands. Users can select minute attributes like bit rates and other minor details. The platform also helps you to use the video download option. It works well for everyone. The list of features is also amazing on the forum.

3. EasyMP3 Converter

The EasyMP3Converter website works very well when it comes to content. The website is true to its name. Users can use this forum to get better results. We recommend all our readers to visit this forum. You can enjoy high-quality downloads at a very fast speed.

easymp3 converter

Conversion times are very low for everyone. Users can also choose the bitrate and quality through this website. It gives you some freedom to customize it for future use. The download starts immediately without any problem.

4. Save from net

Savefrom is a website for all YouTube download requirements. Known for the video download features available to users. We recommend that you follow this guide for ease of use.

save from net

Anyone can visit the website and download their favorite videos in audio format. It’s great for video downloads, but it can work for audio content too

5. 4kDownload

4kdownload is a tool that allows you to convert YouTube to mp3 easily. This application allows you to download YouTube channels and playlists.


  • It is compatible with many websites like Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more.
  • It has a built-in music player.
  • You can download audiobooks.
  • The tool allows you to edit files without problems.
  • Provides easy proxy configuration.

6. SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader is a video downloader that allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3 and can download YouTube VR playlists, channels, and videos.


  • Supports more than 900 websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Simultaneous download from multiple websites
  • Video editing up to 8K is supported
  • Unlimited downloads and modifications
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Establish a representative in the application beyond the geographical limits

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Youtube Video to MP3 using Apps

In this way, we are looking for an application that allows you to download YouTube videos as mp3 files. This method works on all Android devices. It is easy to follow the service of our students. In this section, we will use the tubemate for easy searching.

  • Users must first download the Tubemate app on their smartphones. Not available in the official Google Play store. Anyone can enjoy the service without any problem. You must visit the following link: Upload an APK file enabling installation from unknown sources.
  • When the download and installation is complete, users can start by visiting the app. Supports downloads on all major Internet platforms. Users need to select youtube platform and search for your video. Tubemate uses a portable YouTube website within its program.
  • Users can start by visiting any video in the application. Ideal for users who enjoy watching and listening to content. When you start watching music videos on a website, it can be easy to download. A red download button will appear on the video. You can click on it to see the options.

Tubemate allows users to download content in many different ways. You can choose the Mp3 format as per your convenience.

We hope this method works perfectly for your audio needs. Try this today. Let us know what the results look like with your download.


We hope that our guide has been able to shed some light on the steps we should take. We’ve also added some of our best options. These will help you easily convert any content on the platform. Lots of love from Tricksndtips team

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