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“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.” – Jef I. Richards

Advertising and partnership opportunities

Thank you for your interest in advertising at Tricksndtips.

By recognizing that every collaboration is unique, we offer our customers a broad range of marketing solutions. We choose partners, we only select those companies/services that meet our quality standards.

We are looking for long-term relationships with businesses that are committed to delivering high-quality services or user-friendly products. The majority of the traffic of our site is from India, United States, Germany, Spain, UK, Canada and every other parts of the world.

Here are some rates & open slots for someone willing to advertise at our blog.

A. Guest posts: We do accept guest posts at 400$ 1- Df links and 2 Nf Links.

B. Advertise with the banner: We have open slot if you wish to put your banner advertisement at our blog. Rate for this will be USD 300 for 1 months. We can guarantee your banner advertisement will stay at our blog for 1 months.

C. Review or promotional article post: We are open to post a review or promotional post at our blog. Please let us know what review are you willing to have at our blog. This post won’t be sticky but will remain lifetime at our blog archive. Price of these kinds of advertisement is USD 500.

D. Collaboration: We are open to collaborate with someone willing to collaborate with us. In such condition, we do not have any fixed rates. If you think you can help us & get helped we would love to welcome you in open collaborate discussion.

E. Do you have something else then we listed? Do you think you can advertise in a different way at our blog? We would like to welcome you with the idea & budget you have. 

F. Advertise your products with us. You can advertise your products. The rate for these types of advertisements is USD 600 per month.