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TricksndTips is a rapidly growing online platform that provides comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks for tech enthusiasts, Android and iOS users, and Windows fans. Our mission is to help our readers solve their problems, stay informed, and make the most of their digital devices and services.

By advertising with TricksndTips, you can reach a highly engaged audience of tech-savvy users who are interested in discovering new products, services, and solutions. Here are some key statistics that illustrate the scope and quality of our audience:

  • Domain Authority (DA): 31
  • Page Authority (PA): 45
  • Total Backlinks (TB): 15K
  • Quality Backlinks (QB): 1K
  • Mobile Traffic (MT): 5%
  • Search Share (SS): 47%
  • Organic Traffic: 1.2 million pageviews per month
  • Bounce Rate: 58.06%
  • Top 5 Countries by Traffic Share: Brazil (13.52%), Italy (7.68%), Turkey (7.56%), India (6.29%), Argentina (6.05%)
  • Traffic Sources: Search (82.23%), Direct (16.05%), Social (1.16%), Referrals (0.44%), Email (0.12%), Display Ads (<0.01%)

As you can see, TricksndTips attracts a significant amount of organic traffic from search engines, with a high share of quality backlinks and a low bounce rate. Our readers come from diverse locations, with a strong presence in key markets such as Brazil, Italy, Turkey, India, and Argentina. Additionally, our content is optimized for mobile devices and easily shareable on social media, making it highly accessible and engaging.

If you’re interested in advertising with TricksndTips, we offer various options such as display ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate partnerships. Contact us today to learn more about our rates, formats, and audience targeting options. We look forward to helping you connect with our passionate and loyal readers!

Note- At TricksndTips, we have a strict policy of not accepting guest posting, backlink sharing, or any similar services. Nevertheless, we offer sponsored posts to advertisers who wish to reach out to our audience and promote their products or services. It's important to note that all sponsored posts will be clearly labeled as such and explicitly state that they are promotional in nature. We only consider sponsored posts from advertisers whose products or services align with our values and mission. 

To learn more about pricing and guidelines for sponsored posts on TricksndTips, please feel free to contact us. Do keep in mind that all sponsored links will be nofollow.

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