All Final Fantasy 14 Server Populations ( Latest Update ) 2023

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All Final Fantasy 14 Server Populations ( Latest Update ) 2023

When you first start Final Fantasy XIV, you will need to find a new home, a territory for your character. The options can seem endless when it comes to choosing an empire. But you still want to choose the one that suits your playstyle and personal needs. Final Fantasy XIV has multiple servers to choose from as an online MMO, so you’ll need to make sure you pick one that’s well populated. He is determined to help anyone who is a new player. or make regular attacks If you’re interested in setting up PvP, this is one way to get a good match without going into the arena. We’ve put together a diverse collection of all Final Fantasy XIV servers in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Here’s all the information you need to choose the server location that suits your needs.

When you join a densely populated FF14 server, lots of players come to your aid whenever you need something. There are many players who usually browse the FFXIV servers before joining a random server to play the game. and if so, look no further as we explained to you. We have also shared a bunch of Articles on Free Hulu Accounts And How to Get a Hulu + Live Tv Free Trial , Don’t forget to check it out.

Final Fantasy XIV Server Populations List 

To facilitate your work, we have compiled a list of Final Fantast 14 servers based on their current population and active population. The best part about our guide is that it contains information about Japanese, American and European servers for FF XIV. The database we provide below will help you choose the perfect server to play in Final Fantasy 14.

The information we provide for each Final Fantasy 14 server is not permanent. Yes, this could change in the future. We will make the changes as soon as we have updated the details regarding the servers listed below.

Without further ado, let’s look at the number of active and complete people on each Final Fantasy XIV server:

European Final Fantasy XIV realms

Realm Name Total Population Active Population
Cerberus 111,680 12,465
Lich 127,747 10,421
Louisoix 74,763 8,835
Moogle 112,905 11,859
Odin 108,769 11,921
Omega 73,075 9,873
Phoienx 115,422 11,120
Ragnarok 98,414 13,229
Shiva 112,101 11,669
Spriggan 30,781 6,765
Twintania 30,975 6,927
Zodiark 115,527 10,597

Japanese Final Fantasy XIV realms

Realm Name Total Population Active Population
Aegis 41,521 7,103
Alexander 40,262 7,390
Anima 40,230 7,593
Asura 41,267 7,734
Atomos 41,428 6,894
Bahamut 48,467 8,006
Belias 40,284 7,467
Carbuncle 45,454 7,760
Chocobo 50,482 9,235
Durandal 38,832 6,887
Fenrir 39,175 7,239
Garuda 40,305 7,874
Gungnir 40,828 6,968
Hades 43,203 7,781
Ifrit 40,802 7,174
Ixion 41,988 7,459
Kujata 48,171 7,797
Mandragora 46,292 7,804
Masamune 46,450 7,582
Pandaemonium 45,578 7,262
Ramuh 40,716 7,206
Ridill 41,205 7,340
Shinryu 45,147 8,167
Tiamat 36,581 7,000
Titan 43,028 7,985
Tonberry 77,266 12,274
Typhon 46,922 7,233
Ultima 42,209 7,018
Unicorn 41,660 6,792
Valefor 40,409 6,776
Yojimbo 40,124 6,775
Zeromus 39,244 6,654

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American Final Fantasy XIV realms

Realm Name Total Population Active Population
Adamantoise 87,824 11,149
Balmung 97,551 12,727
Behemoth 106,351 12,890
Brynhildr 110,141 10,805
Cactuar 92,198 13,433
Coeurl 97,965 10,315
Diabolos 114,071 10,464
Excalibur 83,904 12,835
Exodus 109,468 11,295
Faerie 100,211 11,874
Famfrit 112,546 10,905
Gilgamesh 94,531 14,547
Goblin 101,282 10,122
Hyperion 82,954 12,025
Jenova 93,276 11,698
Lamia 104,563 10,938
Leviathan 97,820 13,868
Malboro 114,208 9,926
Mateus 102,827 11,033
Midgardsormr 90,908 11,437
Sargatanas 91,011 12,208
Siren 97,898 10,504
Ultros 95,931 12,052
Zalera 98,570 10,430

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Does Final Fantasy 14 have more players than wow?

Ans: Posted June 10, 2021, 1:19 p.m. Final Fantasy 14 might be closer to World of Warcraft in terms of active players than ever before. According to statistics by MMO Population, Final Fantasy 14 is currently sitting at around 2.49 million active players, compared to World of Warcraft’s 2.19 million active players.

Ques: Are all FFXIV servers full?

Ans: FFXIV players who already have active subscriptions can keep playing. Final Fantasy XIV developer Square Enix is removing its game from store shelves and online shops because the game is very popular, all its servers are full and the developer has been unable to expand its virtual world.

Ques: How many people are on FFXIV server?

Ans: As per external websites such as mmo-population, the number of subscribers the game has is around 35.8 million and the daily players in all are around 3.4 million.

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There are a lot of players who tend to have to use multiple FFXIV servers before joining the unplanned servers to play the game. and if it’s you Just don’t see how far we’ve come. Cover. I hope you enjoy the art, if you have questions please comment below.

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