Clash of Clans MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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Clash of Clans MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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Name Clash of Clans
Category Apps
Size 182M
Version v14.635.9
Updated On 26-Sep-2023 ( 7:58 pm )
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Requires Android
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Unlimited Money


Clash of Clans Mod apk is an official private COC server. It has several private servers, namely Light Shock, Null Shock, PlenixClash, Soul Shock, etc. They are all known as the official version of Hack Pro. In particular, kicking a COC is not a good option and can also lead to infinite identity restrictions. Therefore, using the COC Mod version may be the safest and easiest way.

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As we know, COC is fun and is a very popular, addictive, and time-consuming game. There are leagues that can be configured using attacks, trophies, and defenses.

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Another amazing thing everyone loves at the COC is elevating defenses, heroes, buildings, troops, and chatting with family friends. On the other hand, this article will tell you more about the COC Mod APK.

Why play Clash of Clans Mod APK?

People love COC, although it takes a long time because it’s a friendly game. But if you double your enthusiasm and want to play the same game with battery and free tools, right? You can find this on the private servers of COC Mod APK. Read the following features to learn more:

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK

So here it is, and I can say that you have dealt with a lot of websites with fake creative URLs and fake COC, but that will never happen here. We bring you three popular private COC server mods that allow you to play with standard updates for free. For example, Clash of Lights, developed by Light Server and known as an excellent private CCC server, offers weekly updates. For this reason, users can immediately access new functions.

COC Mod (Server 1)


  • Unlimited resources (gold, elixirs, and black elixirs) and gems.
  • Weekly conflict with Light Server updates.
  • The latest New City can be updated to the latest version.
  • Builder Hall 9 is available.
  • Royal champion available.
  • The currently best private COC server.
  • Clash Royale Mod APK (RLights) can also be downloaded from the Lights Server.

COC ( Mod Server 2 )


  • Unlimited resources (gold, elixirs, and black elixirs) and gems.
  • You can use the support for Rathaus 13 and the new “Royal Champion.”
  • Support for Builder Hall 9.
  • 24-hour status Active server-status crash Null mod.
  • Few regular updates, but faster servers.
  • Null Clash is a popular COK mode in APK mode.

COC Mod (Server 3)


  • Unlimited resources (gold, elixirs, and black elixirs) and gems.
  • PlenixClash will be updated in time so that you can enter City Hall 13, Bauhaus 9, the Royale Champion, and the latest news.
  • PlenixRoyale is also available on the official Clash Royale Private Server website.
  • There is no account lockout as with the other common COC servers.
  • PlenixClash has a third-party server that allows you to switch between servers when someone is not working. They are called PlenixClash S1, S2, and S3.

Feature of Clash of Clans Mod APK

The functions of COC Mod APK and COC Private Servers are as follows. Here you will find its meaning. Let’s start then.

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COC Mod APK Unlimited resources and gems: Excellent function of the private servers of COC Yes Unlimited resources and gems. People know how important they are. You can’t upgrade troops, buildings, raids, etc. without resources. However, without resources, you can only use the gems, but as we all know in the official COC, they cannot be used freely. On private COC servers, you can use unlimited gold, elixirs, black elixirs, and gemstones to create the foundation you’ve always dreamed of and dreamed of.


COC Mod APK Town Hall 13:- There are many private COC mods that are not updated in time to provide the latest features. However, the COC Mods database provided by us supports the latest Rathaus 13 with GIGA Inferno. It can also be updated. Therefore, you can use unlimited resources at any time to upgrade your town hall to the maximum level.


COC Mod APK Builder Hall 9 :- As you know, we’ve brought you some great private COC servers that support City Hall 13. And they support Builder Hall 9 just like them. We know that people love to do more attacks face to face than you can only be found in the base of a constructor. So use these COC mods and enjoy the latest features. As in Builder Hall 9, the OTTO cabin is located. And if you don’t know what is being done, then you really are not getting into the basics of building.


COC Mod APK Royal Champion :_ With the recent renovation of Rathaus 13, COC Private Servers offers Google Champion, a new champion. It is great. Give it a try if you don’t know how it works. And don’t worry, it won’t take you years to achieve, just minutes. As it is, you can reach new levels of other heroes. You can raise them to their maximum level to try real multiplayer battles.

COC Siege Machines Mod APK :- As we know, siege machines are some of the best things that can be used in combat. So in the latest version of COC Mod APK Private Server, you can have them in your game. So keep going. Update your town hall to 12 so you can open it. As an official COC, these independent servers currently also offer four locking machines that you can use.

town hall13

COC Mod APK New Troops :- Troops is what makes this game so cool. Private COC servers also offer the latest troops available in the official COC. You can open, educate, train, use, offer, familiarize yourself with them, and all of these can be time-consuming.


COC Mod APK New security: Therefore, the protective measures are very good and are regularly kept in the official COC. So on the private COC servers. With the last town hall 13, you can reach new defenses, new levels of property improvement, etc.

COC Mod APK New Events: As far as we know, events play an amazing role in every game. Even if COC Private Server is not a real game, you can still access the latest events such as winter events, summer events, New Year events, festival events, etc.

Private Clash of Clans Server’s Features

1. Multiplayer battles: In addition to multiplayer battles, no one wants to play private COC servers, so you can get out of here too. You can train troops at the maximum level and enjoy the attack without fear of being lost. These independent COC servers also support the gene. You can control topics again.

2. Offline player battles – Many people like offline battles, so don’t worry, you can use this feature. You can try different strategies to defeat these goblin bases with a single player, e.g., B. the official COC.

3. General update: As we all know, people don’t want to stick to a classic game with classic features and no updates. You can, therefore, also carry out regular updates on private COC servers. For updates on the latest soldiers, buildings, heroes, and events.

4. Anti-Ban and Safe: Private COC servers don’t block your account, and you can play it for as long as you want. And they’re also safe because they don’t ask you to remove your app to play it. You are secure through private COC servers.

5. Stable and fast servers: When it comes to COC Mod APK, it is difficult to find a stable and fast server. However, we do offer private COC servers that are efficient, robust, and fast. You can try to discover the differences between old and new COC mods.

Clash of Clan Mod APK Installation Guide

Private COC servers are easy to play, but the important thing is that it can be complicated if you are new and do not know how to install them. Therefore, we are here to provide you with simple steps to install these private COC servers. Let’s start then.

Step 1 – Activate Unknown source installation

After downloading the standalone COC servers, the first step should be to enable anonymous source installation. And if you are new and naive, follow this.

Phone settings> Security> Permissions> Unknown source> Activate.

Step 2 – Get the APK

After activating an installation from an unknown source, just try to find the downloaded COC Private Server APK file. The file is in the automatically downloaded folder. If you don’t know the way, follow these instructions.

Telephone maintenance> File manager> Download> COC Private Server APK.

Step 3- Install and play

After following these steps, just open the COC Private Server Mod APK and tap the Install button. Wait a few seconds and then let go! Now you can play this game and use all features, including unlimited resources and resources.

FAQ of Clash of Clans Mod Apk

In this section of the Frequently Asked Questions, we provide information about what people often think of private COC servers. If you have any questions, you can comment on them freely at the bottom of the comment field.

COC Mod APK is Anti-Ban?

This question comes to mind for many well-educated people. The COC Mod APK is completely anti-ban. It is a private COC server that uses a different account than the original COC. As a result, you cannot use the COC Mod APK account in the official COC and in the event of a dispute. Therefore, it is absolutely safe to play COC Mod APK. You can also play official COC APK and COC Mod on the same device.

Can I use Rathaus 13 and the latest news in the COC Mod APK?

Yes, the private COC servers currently contain standard updates. In the meantime, Clash of Lights, a private COC server, can be played with the latest features. For example, City Hall 13, GIGA Inferno, Builder Hall 8, New Troops, New Buildings, New Hero ‘Royal Champion’ and many newer items.

Can I play COC Mod APK on iOS devices?

No, you cannot play these separate COC servers on iOS devices. The COC Mod APK is only available on Android devices. So if you want iOS versions, you should wait, but you’re not sure when it will be for iOS devices. Therefore, we recommend that you use Android devices to play COC Mod APK.

How can I update Clash of Clans Mod APK?

We understand that playing with the same previous version is boring. That’s why we present Clash of Clans Mod APK with its standard updates. To download the latest update, simply visit and install it on your device to take advantage of the new features. We recommend using Light Shock due to the weekly update function.

How can I play the COC version?

First of all, you need to know the versions of COC Hack. They are not official COC signals and are created by external developers and managed on their own private servers. You can find these independent servers on the Internet. You can visit us to download the latest versions of COC Private Servers or COC.

How many private COC servers are there, and which one do I use?

There are many independent COC servers, but most are not running, and your server is not working. If you are looking for a used private COC server, I would recommend the best and most efficient servers. Including light shock, zero shocks, PlenixClash, bow shock, MiroClash, soul shock, etc.

Which private COC server is the best?

If you want a strong private COC server, you can try Light Shock. It is provided by Lights Server and can be downloaded for free. Offers weekly updates and the latest news. If you’re looking for a private Clash Royale server, RLights by Lights Server is an excellent choice.


Our Team hopes that it will completely be helped you. That you will not face any problem regarding the app. What do you think of the Clash of Clans Mod APK? .

We hope that you are successfully able to enjoy a new version of the clash of clans mod apk and premium private server from an ad-free environment.

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