How to Get Spotify Premium for FREE [Detailed Guide]

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How to Get Spotify Premium for FREE [Detailed Guide]

Everyone wants to use Spotify Premium for free but hardly a few know how! Read our complete guide to discover how to enjoy unlimited songs without paying money.

In March 2018, Spotify; a music streaming service made its presence in the App Store and Play Store, and now millions of people are using this amazing app to listen to their favorite music. If you want to know how to get Spotify premium for free. Some latest versions of the Spotify music apps, such as Spotify++, will assist you to take benefit of the Spotify Premium accounts.

There are a few tips that you need to follow to enjoy your ad-free music listening experience. In this post, we have bestowed and tried to present how to get Spotify premium for free that enables you to download Spotify music with MP3/M4A to utilize them as offline listening.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most famous music apps available in the market. They have 20 million songs in their library that you can search, play, and download.

You can get Spotify for free in few steps. However, the free plan confines you to shuffle play only, and you can’t listen to some new song.

With Spotify Premium, you can download unlimited songs, you won’t be infringed by ads, and you can enjoy the latest songs. You can also generate radio stations of all your preferences, including podcasts.

Spotify premium account also allows you to skip unlimited songs. With a normal account, you can only jump a limited number of songs. The premium account takes away the limit on the number of songs you can skip. 

Spotify offers two types of accounts:

Spotify Free: To get Spotify for free, simply sign up using your email address. This process takes just a few minutes. But it does come with some restrictions such as playing music to play, no skipping, and audio/video ads.

Spotify Premium: Spotify Premium offers tons of things you can use to download music to listen offline, listen with extra audio quality, skip unlimited songs, and you won’t get ads.

Speaking of Premium, Spotify offers three popular paid programs that start from $ 4.99 per month per Student plan and go up to $ 14.99 per month via Family plan (which supports six accounts).

For many, these fees are much higher if it is considered a subscription model and requires a monthly payment. Don’t worry, as you can follow our in-depth guide to getting Spotify Premium for free.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

For music lovers, Spotify is one of the best music apps in the market, and it’s is good to know how to get Spotify Premium free. Spotify is an amazing app that runs smoothly on iPhone and Android devices as well as tablets and computers. This app comes with many features that allure users and make them love this app. It easy to access Spotify without paying any penny. Currently, there are multiple ways through which you can get Spotify for free.

Signing up for a Free Spotify Account

Here are a few steps that you can follow to sign up to Spotify for free:

  • Open the Spotify web page in your favorite browser;
  • Click on the Get Spotify Free button.
  • You can register with either your email address or Facebook account:
  • If you want to register with your email address, fill in all the necessary information like username, password, email, date of birth, and gender in the form.
  • If you want to register with Facebook then click on the Sign up With Facebook button, enter your email address/ phone, and password, and next click the Login button.

Using Multiple 3-month Premium Trial Accounts (Simple Spotify Methods)

The easiest method for Spotify Premium is to officially sign up for a 3-month free trial offered by Spotify for new users. (Previously, it was 30 days).

Previously Spotify was used to give a 30-day free trial to its new premium subscribers. On August 22, 2019, Spotify published a blog post about extending its free trial from 30 days to 90 days. In a post on Spotify, he said that, from August 22, 2019, new users and existing users (if they have never registered for a premium before) are eligible to enjoy the first three months of Spotify Premium for free. This free trial is available in both family and individual subscription plans.

Multiple Trial Accounts 

One approach to get Spotify Premium for free is to try the 3-month FREE trial plan. Obviously, you should utilize numerous accounts and distinctive email Ids, and this could get cumbersome over the long run. It’s not the most productive way, but rather it will give you trying of what the premium plan offers. If you are thinking of opting this way, let me clear you this is quite troublesome because remembering all the login credentials is not an easy task. 

Join our Telegram Group to get a Free Spotify Family Account

If you have a friend and a family member who own the family account of Spotify. 

You can ask them to let you use the account. Spotify all six members to use the family account. You can be the one member out of the six. In this way, you can enjoy the free premium service. It would be easy for you to ask because they are your friend or a family member. For families who love music can go with this plan as it allows them to listen to the latest music without any ads. 

Spotify offers many Premium programs, including:

  • Individually,
  • Family as well
  • Student.

Here, the Spotify Family program allows for more than 6 Premium accounts at a discounted price of USD 14.99, which (if my calculations are correct) will be around USD 2.49 per account, while the individual plan costs USD 9.99 per month. That’s really cheap.

Now, you have two possible options:

Option 1: You need to find five friends or relatives who are interested in Spotify Premium, choose the Spotify Family program, and connect all the accounts together. All six of you will be able to enjoy premium services at a real cheap price.

Option 2: Join our Telegram channel and Get Daily Free Spotify Account and many more tricks .

Install the Spotify Premium mod APK

For Android users, we have the Modified Spotify app, which allows you to enjoy all premium features without paying a cent (some server-specific features may not work).

If you have used Spotify in the past, you should be aware that not all of its songs are usable after uninstalling the app. This is because all Spotify songs are included in OGG Vorbis and DRM protection.

Thus, you will need to have a MOD version that removes the DRM protection feature. This way, you will be able to access the Premium feature and the guarantee that you will use the songs permanently.

Spotify Premium APK
  • Uninstall any other Spotify App. Before you can begin the installation process, you must uninstall any Spotify app from your Android or iOS device. However, this process is not mandatory for PC users.
  • Download the file Spotify Premium APK
    mod from our website.
  • Once you download the app, you have to wait for it to complete the process. Make sure you have enough space and a reliable internet connection – the app is rated at 37MB.
  • Access the APK file and open it. From your device, navigate to the “Download” section, then click on the Spotify Premium APK file.
    Insert. As soon as you tap on the file, you will be notified to install it. Click yes and wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If you are having trouble installing the app, you should check your settings. Navigate to setup sections, navigate to security settings, and enable installation from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Once you have allowed this, you should move to the installation screen and start the installation again. After the installation process, you will see two options on your screen button. Click on the “Open” option to start your Spotify Premium Free Version.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account. Like the original version, Free Spotify Premium requires you to sign in to access the interface.

Once signed in, you will have completed installing Spotify Premium Free Forever. Access the user interface, customize your playlist, and enjoy all the benefits of premium users for free!

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone (No Jailbreak)

Installing Spotify ++ on your iPhone is one of the most effective ways to enjoy Spotify Premium for free for iOS. That can be achieved through the installer services like TweakApp or AppValley.

You don’t have to worry as these are safe, and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Uninstall any existing version of Spotify.
  • Launch Safari web browser and go to help with any of the following app installer services:
  • AppValley:
  • TweakApp:
  • Install any of the above plugins on your iPhone.
  • Go to the home screen and tap on AppValley or TweakApp (depending on your installed).
  • Open the app, use search to find Spotify ++ or Spotify.
  • Once installed, you can now start enjoying Spotify Premium on your iPhone.

You can read this Full Detailed article to know How to download Spotify premium apk for iOS / iPhone.

How to get Spotify Premium for free on PC or Mac

Suppose you want to have free Spotify premium on PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac. In that case, you can do so by blocking Spotify ad servers with file hosting or using an additional program with Spotify to become premium features for free. You will be able to download music to listen offline, without ads, remove playback restrictions and unlock high-quality audio.

Method 1: Download Spotify and Use Spotify Premium for free

  • Download an older version of the Spotify installer from their server here (e.g., Spotify version for 32-bit Windows).
  • You will also need to download the netutils.dll file from here, a mod file that helps block ads. We will need this file later to keep it easily accessible.
  • required Spotify Mod files for Windows
  • Launch the installer to install Spotify on your computer.
  • Once installed, the Spotify app will open automatically. Close the app.
  • Go to the default Spotify installation folder found within AppData. Don’t worry; I have a shortcut to that. Keep reading.
  • On the keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows key and the R key. This will open Run. Copy the following command and paste it into the Run command box, and hit Enter:
  • % APPDATA% / Spotify
  • Spotify Directory Run Command Windows
  • Now, copy the netutils.dll file and paste it into this Spotify folder.
  • That’s all. Restart your computer to apply the changes and launch Spotify and sign in with your details. Enjoy unlimited music without ads.

The default procedure for using BlockTheSpot patch:

  • Be sure to uninstall Spotify from your computer.
  • Download the Spotify patch downgrade.bat file from the official GitHub site here.
  • Required file for automated Spotify Premium mod for Windows
  • Launch the downgrade.bat file and wait to download and install the older version of Spotify.
  • Once that is done, it will block the automatic Spotify functionality.
  • Spotify Windows mod installation
  • In the next step, the Spotify folder will be ignored with a netutils.dll file to block ads.

When all the processes are complete, Spotify will launch, and you can start using the app by entering your login details. In case you still see ads or don’t find unlimited skip, then I would recommend that you restart your computer and try again. It should work, and you will be able to enjoy the premium features.

Method 2: Get Spotify Premium with the latest BlockTheSpot Mod

Ensure your PC uses the latest version of Spotify downloaded from the Spotify website; otherwise, you will need to download it. If you understand the Microsoft Store, it is essential to uninstall that before proceeding.
You will also need to download the file from the GitHub fork store here, which is a mod file that helps block ads. Extract this zip file and save the content (e.g., chrome_elf.dll and config.ini) to help; we will need those later.
required files

  • Launch the Spotify installer to install the latest Spotify on your computer.
  • On your computer, go to the Spotify installation folder located within AppData. Don’t worry; I have a shortcut to that. Keep reading.
  • On the keyboard, simultaneously press the Windows key and the R key to open Run. Copy the following command and paste it into the Run command box, and press enter:
  • % APPDATA% / Spotify
  • Spotify Directory Run Command Windows
  • Now, copy those chrome_elf.dll and config.ini files you downloaded at the beginning of step 2, and paste them into this Spotify folder. When a pop-up dialog box appears, hit yes to replace the files.
  • modify Spotify Windows mod files

That’s all. Launch Spotify and sign in with your profile. Now you should be able to enjoy your music without being irritated by the ads.

Use the Capture File to Block Ads in Mac OS

This method is for Mac OS, and here we will be using the host file to get Spotify Premium for free and enjoy features such as listening to ad-free music and unlimited skipping. Initially, the free version limits you to skipping only six songs an hour.

Follow these steps to get Spotify Premium on MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac using any version of Mac OS:

  • Open the Terminal application and type the following command to open the “hosts” file:
  • I-sudo nano / etc / hosts
  • Copy and paste the following lines directly after the last line on Host:
  • Save the file by simultaneously pressing the Control key and the O key on your keyboard.
  • Exit the Terminal app using the Control key and the X key.
  • Open the Spotify app and enjoy uninterrupted music.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium Forever?

What can you do if the free trial has expired on computers? Can you still save the benefits of Spotify Premium? We’ve learned how to get Spotify Premium for free on Android and iPhone forever. Is there another job that can do that on computers?

You can ask your family or friends to share a Premium account. Or try more credit card information to start a new trial. However, this is not perfect because you can’t always enjoy the features of Spotify Premium. It’s best to download Spotify offline and get Spotify Premium for free forever.

DRmare Spotify Downloader is a dedicated Spotify solution. Allows you to download and manage your Spotify songs offline without recording.

It will help you download all original Spotify tracks up to 320Kbps. Output formats include MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC, WAV, etc. Besides ID3 tags, metadata like year, title, artist, author, the album cover is kept 100%. After that, you can get Spotify Premium for free forever on PC and Mac.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on PC / Mac

Step 1 Import Spotify songs

Launch DRmare software; the Spotify app will be launched on your computer. In case you did not sign in with your premium account, please continue to enter the account name and password. After that, you can drag and drop any song or playlist from the Spotify app to the DRmare app.

Step 2: Perform Spotify file extensions

To get Spotify songs free to play on multiple devices and players, MP3 format is highly recommended. It can maintain not only high quality but also has excellent compatibility. Spotify MP3 files can be played on a desktop, Android phone, iPhone, web, or application. Alternatively, you can change the channel, sample rate, bit rate. Finally, you can download the extraction folder. You can also choose to archive artist/album playlists for easy management.

Step 3 Download Spotify music offline

After pressing the “Convert” button, it will start converting Spotify music to MP3. Usually, it takes a few minutes to convert a small playlist. But if you have a long list, please wait a bit longer.

After that, Spotify high-quality songs will be stored on your local computer permanently. You can play them offline without annoying ads, and you can skip any songs. And it works forever. No need to sign up for Spotify Premium, but you can still enjoy the same privilege at any time. Frankly, this is the best way to get Spotify Premium for free.

How can you get Spotify if it is not available in your country?

While Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services around, unfortunately, it is not available everywhere. The reasons may vary, but in most cases, it is due to music licensing agreements and record labels, so Spotify itself should place location limits.

The app will try to find your location with the IP address you use every time you sign in, so if your country isn’t listed, you’ll see the geo-blocking process in effect. However, if you still want to continue accessing your favorite group playlists, the only way to overcome this limit is to change the IP address of your device with the help of a VPN service.

Any VPN service that uses servers worldwide builds an encrypted “tunnel” to protect your Internet connection; no one can see your location, where you are going, or what you are doing.

What is the best VPN to use Spotify in 2022?

We view Express Vpn as the best VPN service you can use with Spotify. Apart from high speed, it gives you secure, unlimited access to any website, social networks, streaming services, and messaging apps wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Spotify Premium APK Free Forever?

This app is entirely safe to use for Android and iOS users. However, you should download the application from trusted sites in case you infect viruses on your device.

Can I use Spotify after the end of the free Spotify Premium trial?

Yes, but you will lose the privilege of enjoying the features of Premium. When your Spotify Premium has expired, and you do not renew it, your account will be free. You can still access the Spotify music library and listen to Spotify songs. But they are also online with ads.

What is the best way to get Spotify Premium for free forever?

We want to recommend you combine the two official ways to play Spotify music ultimately. You can update the accessible trial mode of Spotify Premium. And, of course, it’s best to use DRmare Spotify Downloader to get Spotify Premium for life.

You can’t sign in to the Spotify app; get auth error code: 3 on Windows / Mac.

“The firewall may have blocked Spotify. Please update your firewall to enable Spotify. Additionally, you can try changing the proxy settings currently in use. (Error code: author: 3)”
To resolve this error, you need to temporarily remove the Spotify ad-blocking lines added to your Homes PC file. Then log in to your account. If that worked, you should not have used the Homes file to block ads.

Why use a VPN app with Spotify?

The VPN plan is used to cross the country border and allows anyone from any part of the world to use Spotify for free. If you are found in any unsupported country but do not use a VPN, then there is a chance that you can sign in to Spotify.
Also, a VPN is required, but for the first time. Once you sign in to Spotify and get premium features, you can no longer disable VPN.


People love tuning in to music, however, it can often get extreme to spend on the music you need to tune in every month. Especially for college-going students who mostly love listening to romantic songs, it’s hard to pay a monthly bill for a music streaming app. 

If you’re thinking that it’s hard to pay for a Spotify premium plan, we trust that the strategies mentioned above will help you with getting your #1 music. Follow all the methods and enjoy unlimited songs absolutely free.

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