Is Astroneer Cross-platform (PC, PS5, Xbox One, PS4) 2023

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Is Astroneer Cross-platform (PC, PS5, Xbox One, PS4) 2023

Astroneer is an independent space exploration, survival and art game developed by System Era. In Astroneer you can explore and shape distant worlds.

Explore the far reaches of space, risking your life in different locations to discover unusual objects that unravel the mysteries of the universe.

With three different forums to choose from and an incredible cooperative experience, many gamers wonder if Astroneer is compatible with arena play. The short answer is that it depends on the scenario you are playing in.

Be aware that most players have the potential to be very disruptive. Players that house a reception area may encounter performance issues as their system takes responsibility for housing the reception area.

This offering not only makes things easier for gamers, but also helps developers grow their audience as more players can access their game on all different devices. Developers can choose to use social media as more and more people get used to gaming on a variety of devices. However, there are downsides, such as rising costs and loss of control.

In this article we will talk about Astroneer in reference to multiplatform gaming. It is an independent game, an open world of exploration. If you’ve already played it or are planning to play it, you’ve probably wondered, “Is Astroneer cross-platform 2022?” So, read on to link this question to other related topics.

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What is the Astroneer Game?

Astroneer is a self-contained survival game where you explore the world produced by the process, collect resources and build a base. It can be described as a mix of Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. Their game is different, and it’s not just about killing enemies or collecting


Instead, there are no “enemies” to fight, but challenges such as low temperatures, extreme temperatures, and limited areas of gravity. The player explores the planets of the galaxy as he searches for resources and does new things to survive his search.

It also has many players where players can work together or compete to explore and collect essentials on these planets. While very troublesome, this 1-4 multiplayer option makes it ideal for players who enjoy playing with friends online.

System Era Software took on the task of developing and publishing it. Released in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and later in 2022, it was relaunched on Nintendo Switch.

Is Astroneer Cross Platform in 2022?

Astroneer is an outdoor sandbox game where you can explore planets, mineral resources, crafts, and build foundations.

Think Minecraft but with experience in space exploration.

The game was developed and published by System Era Softworks and is currently available on many gaming platforms.

Astroneer is currently available for Windows 10, Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

What we love about Astroneer is its unique and quiet fibers.

  • The game has an attractive and unique art style that makes the whole game beautiful and attractive.
  • The music used in Astroneer is also very relaxing, which makes the game a lot of fun.
  • The game is also very different as it has many features to test and collect resources.
  • Astroneer also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to three other players in collaboration or competition.

But you are wondering:

Is there a conflict with Astroneer? Does Astroneer support cross-platform playback?

Well, today we will only talk about that.

Yes, Astroneer is a multiplatform game. There is support for Astroneer crossover play for PC gamers and Xbox gamers.

In other words:

Yes, you can play Astroneer with your friends even if they have a different playground than yours.

However, this feature is only available to Xbox and PC players.

Therefore, players who play Astroneer on their PlayStation 4 will not receive cross-play support.

This means that PlayStation 4 players can only play with players using the same console.

To disconnect Astroneer playback, you must first check if you are playing Xbox or PC.

So if you’re playing on PlayStation 4 I’m sorry to say, but you can’t play Astroneer with anyone who uses different gaming platforms.

Now there are two ways to play between Xbox gamers and PC gamers.

Let’s talk about it one at a time.

Xbox and Windows 10 Crossover Play

  • This method only works if the PC gamer finds their Astroneer game in the Windows Store.
  • To invite your friends to the game, you can invite them using the Xbox Party feature.
  • When playing games on your PC, you must invite your friend using the Xbox Windows application.
  • Or, when you play on your Xbox, you can find their username and invite them to the game.
  • After accepting your invitation, they will play together.

And that’s all!

One thing to note is that many players have reported receiving “could not connect to host” notifications when trying to play together.

If you get this notification, you can try a few things below:

  • Restart your PC and Xbox.
  • Disable the firewall on your PC.
  • Make sure Astroneer on your PC and Xbox have the same version.
  • Reinstall your copy of Astroneer on your PC.

Overall, we can get into the game well by following one of the troubleshooting tips above.

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Xbox and Steam Crossover Play

Now if you get your Astroneer on Steam instead of the Windows Store, you can still play against Xbox players.

However, it will not go through the steps above.

I mean where can you invite your friends when they find your Astroneer game in the Windows Store.

  • To enable playback between Xbox and Steam, you must set up a dedicated Astroneer server.
  • In this way, you can play Astroneer between Xbox players and Steam players.
  • You can watch the video on Youtube on how to set up a dedicated Astroneer server.

Is Astroneer Cross-platform Between Steam and Xbox?

Yes, Astroneer is a cross-platform platform between Steam and Xbox users.

As mentioned above, to enable playback between Steam and Xbox, you will need to set up a dedicated Astroneer server.

Astroneer himself recommends that players looking for this feature rent a server through NITRADO

You can check the guide on how to configure the Astroneer server in the video we posted above this section.

Is Astroneer Cross-platform Between PS4 and Xbox?

Unfortunately, Astroneer is not a platform between PS4 and Xbox. There is no crossover game support for PlayStation gamers yet.

In other words:

Players who use their PS4 to play Astroneer cannot play the multiplayer game with those who play on their Xbox.

This lack of support is frustrating for PlayStation gamers. They are now limited to playing this game only with those who use PlayStation 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: On Which Platforms can I Play Astroneer?

Ans: Astroneer was first released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Recently available again on Nintendo Switch. Although it is not official, it is also available on PS5. However, the PS5 version lacks some features. All in all, you can play Astroneer on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

Ques: What are Sandbox Games?

Ans: The sandbox game is a game in which players can play freely with little help or limitations. This is different from most games, which generally follow a series of stories (called a campaign) or a set of rules to follow. These games have no goals or objectives and are often referred to as non-game toys or software.

Ques: Is Astroneer Cross-platform?

Ans: Yes, Astroneer is a cross-platform platform, but not quite. It can be a bit confusing here. For Astroneer, crossover play is only available between Xbox One and PC. With the exception of these two machines, all other players are prohibited from playing with players who only use the same device.

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In short, Astroneer is cross-platform, but it is limited to PC gamers and Xbox gamers only. This means that players who play Astroneer on their PC can play alongside players who play on their Xbox.

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform playback for PlayStation gamers.

All in all, a great sandbox game, but extend the opposite game to only limited platforms. You should give it a try anyway if you haven’t already.

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