Paladins Redeem Codes & Free Skins – 2023 [Updated]

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Paladins Redeem Codes & Free Skins – 2023 [Updated]

Paladins is indeed a free-to-play hero shooter featuring numerous game modes to choose from. Paladins, like so many other games, has a slew of fantastic in-game stuff that can be obtained by accomplishing various milestones or paying real money. However, you can utilize Paladins redeem codes to get exclusive in-game goodies for free. Paladins, which also best combines the PvP universe, is a good illustration of this. As a result, HDGamers provides you with the best Paladins coupons.

Browse no more if you’re seeking Paladins redeem codes to get exclusive things and customize your character. We’ll look at what Paladins’ codes were and use them. We’ll also look at a few Paladins codes, how and when to find new ones, and indeed the benefits that come with them. Let’s just get started without further ado.

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Introduction: Paladins

Paladins is a shooting game set in a science fiction fantasy universe. It boasts excellent aesthetics and graphics, making it appealing and addictive. There are a variety of game modes to pick from.

Evil Mojo’s Paladins is one of the most popular PC shooting games. Paladins Strike, a mobile version of the videogame, also is available. Paladins is a popular game with millions of players because of its unique features and addicting gameplay and aesthetics.
Another appealing element of this game is the ability to personalize your characters’ appearances and weapons. However, having codes for this customization would be ideal. Paladins coupons are also available.

What are Paladins Promo codes?

Evil Mojo is the developer of the popular game Paladins: Champions of the Realm. It’s fun to play and there’s tons of customization to choose from. A Paladin code is a promotional code offered by the developer. Players of the game are offered Paladin promo codes as a reward. When you play the game, you can use these codes to improve your experience. There are no differences in the codes for the Xbox, Playstation, and PC versions of Paladins.

On Twitter, Facebook, and Steam, players can access the codes. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for these codes as well.

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Paladins Code Rewards

With these codes, you can have radiant chest rolls and unique skin. You get four cards and cosmetic items from radiant chests for 2500 gold. Your Champions’ attributes and skills can be enhanced with cards. A cosmetic item consists of a cosmetic, Emotes, MVP poses, and a spray. The eight radiant chests you opened before will come in handy for you now. As soon as you get 32 items (which equals 8 chest rolls without boosters), a Legendary card will always be the next. A free Infernal Seris will be yours if you enter one of these codes.

When you subscribe to the Youtube Paladins channel and follow them on social media, you can receive exclusive mounts and skins.

Why Paladins Codes are Important?

These codes can be used to get radiant chest rolls and different skins. Four cards in a radiant chest will improve the skills of the Champion(the player) and add power to them. 

Besides cosmetic items such as Common and uncommon cosmetics, sprays and MVP poses, the radiant chest also gives cosmetic items. Characters can be enhanced by using these.

Get radiant chests using Paladins codes

In order to buy this chest, you must earn 2500 gold coins or purchase the coins. In this case, you can get it free by using the Paladin codes. Additionally, these codes allow you to get free Infernal Seris, mounts, and skins, which otherwise would have cost you gold coins.

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Latest Paladins Redeem Codes of 2022 [Updated List]

The following codes are never expiring, so they can be used. Many features can be unlocked for free by using these codes.

  • APXRCRCBD47071212 : Enter this code to unlock a Radiant Chest Roll.
  • APXSFCAEB58D71212 : To get an Infernal Seris, you have to enter this code.
  • AZDRCXYYF67872018 : This code will bring you a unique skin.
  • WAXHZZDFF54672017 : This is another code that will get you unique skin.
  • AZDRCRCFS42272018 :  This code also will unlock unique skin for you.
  • PBEB16F4B4EB60909 : This will reveal unique skin to you
  • PBEB039513B260909 : This code also will unlock unique skin for you.
  • PCSY18FE15DEE60711 : Use it to unlock unique skin
  • PBEB3DF4B4EB60909 : Unlocks a unique skin
  • PCBC1E975BA7360719 : Reveals a unique skin to you

You can unlock different items for free by using the five Paladins codes below.

How to Redeem Paladins Codes in 2022?

Your Paladins codes are now available. Redeeming these codes will earn you rewards. The Paladins codes can be redeemed in two ways. The following instructions should be read.

Paladins Redeem Codes on Paladins Website

Step 1: To get started, go to the official Paladins website and click on the Store link. Y

Step 2: Login, then go to the Account page.

Step 3: Choose Redeem Code from the menu.

How to redeem Paladins codes

Step 4: Enter the code you just copied in the pop-up window and click Submit.

Get Paladins codes redeemed

As a result, you will be able to use your rewards while playing the game.

Paladins Redeem Codes and Rewards Inside The Game

Step 1: The first step is to launch Paladins. Playstation, Xbox and PC are all compatible with this game.

Paladins Launch page

Step 2: Select the Store option in the game.

Step 3: You will find an Account tab once you have navigated to the last page.

Step 4: On the next screen, click Redeem Code.

Step 5: After you have entered the code into the field, click on the Submit button.

Your rewards can be redeemed using this code. Each account may only redeem one code.

How to Get Paladin Codes Regularly?

Subscribing to the Paladin YouTube channel and following their official Facebook and Twitter pages is mandatory. You can check out the official news page as well.

Paladin community pages

The giveaways and codes will be announced regularly on these platforms by the developers. By redeeming these codes, you will receive  special rewards. 

How to unlock Paladins Skins?

Check out these ways to get free skins.

  1. You can unlock the Champion Ying skin by linking your Twitch account.

2. You can unlock the Jenos Resplendent skin by linking your Facebook account.

3. The Viktor Charcoal skin can be unlocked by following Paladins on Twitter via @paladinsgame.

4. You can unlock the Team Fortress 2 Barik skin by playing Paladins on Steam.

5. Viktor Weapon skin can be unlocked by signing in to Facebook.

6. You can unlock the Onyx Stallion Mount by subscribing to Paladins on YouTube.

7. You can unlock the X Androxus skin by linking your Xbox Live account to your Hi-Rez account.

8. By linking your PSN account to your Hi-Rez account, you are able to unlock Stage 4 Androxus skin.

FAQ’S (frequently Answerable Question)

Ques. What is the process for redeeming a Paladin code?

Ans. Paladins codes: how to redeem them

  1. You can enter Paladins’ store page directly on their official website, or visit their store page on their official website.
  2. To access your account, log in.
  3. Select a redemption code. Enter the above codes in the popup window that appears. All you have to do is click Submit!

Ques. Who is the strongest character in Paladins?

Ans. Androxus

Androxus: Due to his ability to be an excellent flank, Androxus is often ranked at the top of the Paladin tierHis mobility and damage output are fantastic. outputThere’s nothing you wouldn’t like about the character is also very consistent and a great choice even when you don’t know the meta.

Ques. Are Paladins codes valid for a specific period of time?

Ans. You can get free cool skins by using Paladins codes, a promotional code released randomly by the game developer. You can find these Paladins’ redemption codes below. There may be an expiration date attached to these codes. Make sure they are used quickly.

Ques. Is Paladins pay to win?

Ans. Paladins do away with pay-to-win cards, splitting battle royale into a separate mode. The controversial Cards Unbound system will be axed from Paladins, and Battlegrounds will be split off into a separate title.


You now know everything you need to know about Paladins’ codes. The codes will be very helpful for fans of the Paladins and avid gamers. Streams of famous Paladins games are also worth watching. Many giveaways are available to you.

It seems that you found what you were looking for in this Paladins code page. Now that you know the codes and how to redeem them, you can start redeeming them. How long do you intend to wait? Fun and excitement await you in this game.

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