Whatsapp Dare Games 359+ For Friends, Boys & Girls 2023

Whatsapp Dare Game

Today, we are going to share so many Updated Whatsapp Dare Games for everyone who enjoys playing Dare games on social media. Dare Game is the best way for enjoying with your digital friends. Whatsapp is an extremely popular platform for messaging your friends. You get a list of games to play right now.

One of them is Whatsapp Dare games which we play with our friends and girlfriends. This is the modern method to make fun and entertain yourself, Now a day is easily playable with our friends due to the use of most usable and handy technology means with our smartphone and using the apk of WhatsApp which was owned by Facebook.

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Whatsapp is one of the famous application which now easily available mainly in all devices due to this reason we can play several games with the help of WhatsApp which is helpful due to this pandemic and now we let me give you some example of some dare games which you can play with your crush, your friends, etc. 

Introduction Whatsapp dare Games

Whatsapp dare games work on the concept of asking questions to our friends and they have to choose that they should give a reply of truth or to do work which we Say them which is called daring. It is the most fun game which was mainly played by couples, and due to this game various couples 

Relationships become strong or various relationships end at that time but people like this game because mainly no one wants to Say their truth and dare which people top their friends or girlfriend can be beyond everybody’s Thinking. 

One of the most amazing parts of this game is to create an amazing environment that is super excitable because this game completely depends on the excitement and ways of answering the question. Which can be like water in front of the fish. Nowadays, Everybody is trying to find several new types of dare games Because according to me, Everyone had tried these game but they want some new and beyond the level of thinking to these games 

So, we had tried to develop some these type of games which you may like, we had divided this game into some of the parts which can be divided as your relationship status because you also knew that the relationships and dare can differ as relationship-wise means we can not share that dare to our family which was mainly for our crush. So we had done this for you and we had divided these dares for you.

The choice which I decided are those which I already used in my personal as well as professional life and according to me, there is also no online forum available currently in the market which provides those things which we are providing so as a relationship-wise I am going to give you an idea to whom you should give these dares. So Let’s Start

1. Dares Games for Cousin’s 

Pick a number from the list and send me your reply as early as possible to your cousin’s brother or your sister. I will Say you who you are actually. Don’t believe this? Just try it. I’m sure, you shall go to believe myself.


Answers:      000 is a hard worker

111 is a true lover

222 is a cheater

333 is alcoholic

444 is a silent killer

555 is handsome

666 is lazy

777 is sweet and proud

888 is loving and caring

2. Dare Game for Besties

Pick any random alphabet from A to J and Say him that I will send some dares to you. Send this to your bestie

A B C D E F G H I J . . .


A = Write my name on your Status or story

B = Call me at 12.00 am

C = Send me your clear photo

D = Say me a secret of your life

E= Say me your wild fantasy

F = Say me your crush’s name

G = Write ‘I am in a new relationship’ in your status.

H = Give me a special treat

I = What do you think about myself?

J = Confess your deepest secret

3. Truth and dare game for when they choose truth

I am pretty sure that you have already played the ‘Truth and Dare’ game in your life again and again in your school or college days with many of your friends and crushes. Actually, we like and love a lot of fun while playing such kinds of Indoor games as compared to any physical games because they create an exciting environment. Am I correct? Yeah! So, we like to share some awesome Truth and Dare games through your WhatsApp account as well as FB or inst, that you can easily send to your friend’s inbox when they choose the ‘Truth’ option. I’m damn sure that you will make lots of fun while asking some questions.

  1. When did you first kiss?
  2. Do you have any faith in ‘Love at first sight’?
  3. Did you ever kiss anybody on the college campus or library?
  4. Say me about your childhood nickname.
  5. Within a small sentence describe your lover.

4. Whatsapp Dare Games For Your Lover

Guys, In this section you can find the best collections of Whatsapp Questions for lovers so that you would find the question as well as answer easily. Here are some of the best Whatsapp Dares Games so that the best collections of games 2020. So that you can easily find the best collections of Dare games for facebook also so that you can find the best collections. Here check these out.

5. Whatsapp Battery Drain Percentage DARE ANSWERS

Battery Drain Percentage of 100%: Propose to me and kiss me.

Battery Drain Percentage 99%: Send me a picture of your hands.

Battery Drain Percentage 98%: Flirt with me for the next 15 minutes.

Battery Drain Percentage 97%: Kiss me when we meet next.

Battery Drain Percentage 96%: Say me the name of your crush.

Battery Drain Percentage 95%: Change your WhatsApp Status to my picture.

Battery Drain Percentage 94%: Say “I Love You” in a voice note.

Battery Drain Percentage 93%: Give me a present.

Battery Drain Percentage 92%: Propose to me in your style.

Battery Drain Percentage 91%: Say me a joke.

Battery Drain Percentage 90%: Send the last 5 pictures from your Camera Roll.

Battery Drain Percentage 89%: What is the name of your Ex?

Battery Drain Percentage 88%: What is your relationship status.

Battery Drain Percentage 87%: Act as my Slave for the next 10 days.

Battery Drain Percentage 86%: Say your lover’s name?

Battery Drain Percentage 85%: Say me one secret.

Battery Drain Percentage 84%: Describe our relationship with a movie name.

Battery Drain Percentage 83%: Sing a song and send it as a voice note.

Battery Drain Percentage 82%: What did you eat today?

Battery Drain Percentage 81%: What did you think about me, when we met for the first time.

Battery Drain Percentage 80%: How much money do you have in your wallet now?

Battery Drain Percentage 79%: Say the remaining balance on your mobile phone right now.

Battery Drain Percentage 78%: Send the screenshot of your home screen.

Battery Drain Percentage 77%: Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.

Battery Drain Percentage 76%: Write my name on your left hand and show me when we meet next time.

Battery Drain Percentage 75%: Send your cutest pic.

Battery Drain Percentage 74%: Give a big party.

Battery Drain Percentage 73%: Say me the name of your pet.

Battery Drain Percentage 72%: Make my picture Your Status for 1 Day.

Battery Drain Percentage 71%: Say me about your past love.

Battery Drain Percentage 70%: What’S your deepest Secret?

Battery Drain Percentage 69%: Recharge For 80 Rs.

Battery Drain Percentage 68%: Propose to me in the cutest way.

Battery Drain Percentage 67%: Send a pic of what you are doing right now.

Battery Drain Percentage 66%: Write my name in your status saying you love me.

Battery Drain Percentage 65%: Call me continuously for 30 days to wish me a good morning and good night!

Battery Drain Percentage 64%: Tell me 1 thing I did and you found it stupid!

Battery Drain Percentage 63%: Call me and say “I Love You”.

Battery Drain Percentage 62%: Say me one thing you have never told anyone (Not even parents or best friend).

Battery Drain Percentage 61%: Ice Cream Treat for at least 50 Rs.

Battery Drain Percentage 60%: Be my girlfriend for 2 days.

Battery Drain Percentage 59%: How do you describe me (at least sixteen lines).

Battery Drain Percentage 58%: Send a voice note saying that you Love Me.

Battery Drain Percentage 57%: Send 3 of your most funny jokes.

Battery Drain Percentage 56%: Describe me in one word.

Battery Drain Percentage 55%: Take a picture of you and a guy, but he shouldn’t be your boyfriend.

Battery Drain Percentage 54%: Give me a treat @ nearest best hotel.

Battery Drain Percentage 53%: Send me your best friend’s number.

Battery Drain Percentage 52%: Say me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t.

Battery Drain Percentage 51%: Give me two Bubbly silk By cadbury.

Battery Drain Percentage 50%: Write my name on your status saying you are committed to me.

Battery Drain Percentage 49%: Send me your girlfriend’s photo.

Battery Drain Percentage 48%: Give me 10 kisses when you meet me.

Battery Drain Percentage 47%: Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!

Battery Drain Percentage 46%: Send me 57?

Battery Drain Percentage 45%: Make my and your pics college and put it as your status with dazzling status.

Battery Drain Percentage 44%: Recharge my phone with 100 Rs.

Battery Drain Percentage 43%: What are your feelings about me? (No Cheating)

Battery Drain Percentage 42%: Say me a secret about you?

Battery Drain Percentage 41%: Say me a secret about your relationship?

Battery Drain Percentage 40%: Call me for 10 days and say to me “you are awesome”.

Battery Drain Percentage 39%: Propose to me in 3 most cutest ways.

Battery Drain Percentage 38%: Send a pic of your crush.

Battery Drain Percentage 37%: Put your status for a day saying “I ❤ The First Letter Of Your Lover”.

Battery Drain Percentage 36%: Ask me any question (without any hesitation)!

Battery Drain Percentage 35%: Send me a pic which is totally crazy?

Battery Drain Percentage 34%: Give Me 100 Hearts Saying U Love Me ❤❤❤

Battery Drain Percentage 33%: Call Me and say my name loudly?

Battery Drain Percentage 32%: What am I to you???

Battery Drain Percentage 31%: Pay my shopping bill?

Battery Drain Percentage 30%: Say me one thing about your best friend.

Battery Drain Percentage 29%: What’s on your mind..?

Battery Drain Percentage 28%: Call me now…

Battery Drain Percentage 27%: Whenever you meet me, give me a hug.

Battery Drain Percentage 26%: Give Me A Big Treat

Battery Drain Percentage 25%: Dance and share that video with me.

Battery Drain Percentage 24%: Dedicate a romantic song for me.

Battery Drain Percentage 23%: Describe me in one word.

Battery Drain Percentage 22%: Describe me in 4 lines.

Battery Drain Percentage 21%: Do my Internet recharge for at least 300 Rs.

Battery Drain Percentage 20%: Be my enemy for 2 days

Battery Drain Percentage 19%: Movie show from your side ??

Battery Drain Percentage 18%: Say I Love You __(MY NAME) and send the voice Note to me.

Battery Drain Percentage 17%: Say you’re true feelings for me.

Battery Drain Percentage 16%: What’s your deepest secret?☝

Battery Drain Percentage 15%: Send me a voice note of saying my name in a loud voice!

Battery Drain Percentage 14%: Say me how much you love me.

Battery Drain Percentage 13%: Send me a voice clip saying you are going to go crazy.

Battery Drain Percentage 12%: Propose to marry me.

Battery Drain Percentage 11%: What would you want our relation to be?

Battery Drain Percentage 10%: Write your Phone Number in your status.

Battery Drain Percentage 9%: Name your first crush ❤

Battery Drain Percentage 8%: Pay my shopping bill.

Battery Drain Percentage 7%: What is the most romantic scene you have ever seen.

Battery Drain Percentage 6%: Give me a call and say you love me and you have to repeat it for 2 days..?

Battery Drain Percentage 5%: Any song which reminds you of me.

Under 5 % Battery, Drain Percentage charge your phone for 20 mins and send the screenshot.

6. Whatsapp dare games to buddies.

Pick a number between 1 to 10 then I will send a dare that you have to complete for me. And I will put that on my status if you want then try.

  1. Say me about Your relationship with me.😍
  2. Write my name on your WhatsApp status for 24 hours and make it look unique.😶
  3. Rate me as a friend from 5 to 10 like play store rating😎
  4. Say me about your relationship status do you hate your crush be sure?.😅
  5. Say me about your crush name.😍
  6. Say me about your GF/BF name I knew this but you can say.😋
  7. Send me a voice record and sing a song.😬
  8. Make a collage of our photos and upload them to your Dp.🙃
  9. Chat with me for 30 minutes.🤨
  10. Recharge. (Rs 50)🤑

7. SELECT ANY OF THESE BOOKS: and give him some work.








📓: You love me

📘 : Timepass

📙 : Tag me in Instagram Caption

📒 : You need me

📗 : You are addicted to me

📔 : I’m nothing for you



  1. Send me your cutest/lovely picture.
  2. Rs 50 recharge to my mobile number.
  3. Dance on any song and send me that video and give permission to me to send it anywhere.
  4. What would you want our relation to be?
  5. Send me a voice note saying you love me.
  6. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now.
  7. Send me the photo that shows the least clothes on you.
  8. Send me a picture of what you’re doing now.
  9. What am I to you?
  10. What’s your deepest secret?


💚1 💚2 💚3 💚4 💚5 💚6 💚7 💚8 💚9 💚10


1. Use my pic as your WhatsApp story for one day 😎

2. purpose me 😍

3. Say me your biggest secret 😱

4. Say me the name of your crush ❤️

5. Write “getting married” in your WhatsApp status 👰🏻 🤵🏻

6. Send me your funniest pic 🤣

7. First thing you notice in me when you meet me first 🤗

8. Say me the name of your BF/GF. 💑

9. What is your memorable day 😇

10. 50 rs. recharge on my number 🤑

10. Choose an alphabet and then I will send some dare questions list.

A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R – S – T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z


  • A = The quality which you always like?
  • B = What is your secret which I don’t know?
  • C = What is your best friend’s name?
  • D = My name on your contact list?
  • E = A nickname for me?
  • F = A song that you want to dedicate me?
  • G = One quality you like in me?
  • H = One thing you hate in my attitude?
  • I = Your crush name PTA hai but let me ask?
  • J = What is your relationship status?
  • K = Your boyfriend/girlfriend name?
  • L = Color that which you like most?
  • M = Which dress suit me?
  • N = Relationship status with me?
  • O = What you find most attractive in my look?
  • P = Rate my look out of 10.
  • Q = Rate mt DP out of 100.
  • R = Send me your crush picture.
  • S = Send me a pic of what are you doing now except something.
  • T = Say me a secret that you never told me.
  • U = Write my name n your status.
  • V = Call and say I LOVE YOU.
  • W = Delete my number.
  • X = Call me to talk to me for 30 minutes.
  • Felling about me.
  • Y = First impression when you saw me first.
  • Z = Where we first time meet?

11. Best vegetarian status for friends

Post my pic on your story And give me anyone ☝name😁🙈🙈😘

  • Model😎
  • Pagal❤
  • Hero👰
  • Jaan💓
  • World🌎
  • Crime partner🙈🙈
  • Dramebazz😜
  • Lovely💕
  • Bachu😇
  • Heartbeat💓
  • Harami🐒
  • Sweetheart💗
  • Lifeline💘
  • Photoking🤦‍♀

 12. Rearrange these : (Hint – 10 Daily life things)

  1. ckwcloall
  2. akoeofbc
  3. nilegnifac
  4. mresceboeinl
  5. rsiomagsrlr
  6. bhtdeees
  7. ptapwash
  8. orimrr
  9. Bkoo


  1. Wall Clock
  2. Facebook
  3. Ceiling Fan
  4. Mobile Screen
  5. Mirror Glass
  6. Bedsheet
  7. Sunlight
  8. Mirror
  9. Book


We hope these Whatsapp dare games will make you fun and entertain your partner as well as friends So, these are the famous and best trending WhatsApp dare games with answers, which we had created for everyone. If you like that. You can also join different WhatsApp group from Whatsapp groups links

And you are one of them who is thinking while reading that to whom you can share that then it will be for you so don’t miss to share them. 

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