App Cloner Premium APK v2.12.3 (MOD + All Unlocked)

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Overview Information

Name App Cloner Premium & Add-ons
Updated On October 20, 2021
Package com.applisto.appcloner.premium&hl=en_IN&gl=US
Publisher App Listo
Category Libraries And Demo
Version 2.11.0
Size 5.3MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
MOD Features No

Hello, everyone, Are you looking for the App Cloner Premium APK If so, you have come to the right place In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the app cloner premium

app cloner is a free application that lets you easily create multiple copies of one app It is possible to use different accounts on social media apps, games, and other apps without much hassle This way, people won’t be able to snoop into your conversations or posts It also works well as a great parental control app.

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what is App Cloner Premium APK?

App Cloner is a wonderful app to clarify downloaded apps It is very much popular and used by people all over the world, and it has been rated as one of the topmost cloners in its category by the Google Play Store However, just like other apps, this one sometimes requires Money for an upgrade This will be reflected on the apk version of App Cloner

However, what if I were to tell you there was a MOD APK version out there? Apparently, there are some bugs left in the original App Cloner that do not let users make clone apps with only free features available Some essential and basic functionalities such as Facebook login and screen recording remain locked When using the original apk file of App Cloner premium, there is also no option for Android Lollipop users to crop the app layout, which makes this function unusable.

How does it work?

The process is very simple First, choose an app that you want to clone Then select what types of accounts or profiles will exist within this single installed copy Finally, choose which components from within the selected target app will be cloned and which won’t

The app is very simple to use, and it is suitable for anyone who wants to protect their privacy, engage in social media without revealing too much about themselves, or just want to save some time by having multiple accounts on one device

Benefits of the App Cloner Premium APK

With this app, you can create unlimited clones of any app without having to worry about the limited number of accounts you have on one phone You may also choose to clone Facebook with only your real account or make a separate profile for business, which is not possible using the original version of App Cloner.

Features available in App Cloner Premium APK:

Clone apps with multiple accounts

The best thing I like about this app It will let you use multiple accounts/profiles on the same device by cloning specific functions from the target app Instantly switch or login into different accounts on your favorite or frequently used apps This feature includes social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp It also includes games such as Clash of Clans, Minecraft and Pokemon Go

Crop the layout to fit you perfectly   

This is a very useful feature for people who have big hands or who use their phone with one hand This function works especially well on large screen phones Users can choose which part of the app they want to appear in its entirety or resize it to fit your needs You can even move the cloned apps around by using this feature without worrying about losing work If you want to clone an app that makes up a major part of your phone’s UI, then this is definitely a great tool.

Improved productivity

With App Cloner premium mod apk, you get more control over how you use your device It lets you create customized shortcuts to specific functions within the cloned app This will let you launch your favorite or frequently used apps with just one click You can also use it as an application lock by creating shortcuts that lead to personal information that only certain people are allowed to see.

Screen Record   

This is a great tool for recording games and other apps on your phone It is convenient because there is no need to connect an external device; everything can be done directly from your phone screen Some screenshots of the game may not be enough to brag about, so this feature comes in handy!

Set schedules for running clones

App Cloner premium mod apk lets you set daily or weekly schedules for cloned apps so they will not remain active when your phone is not in use You can set a time limit for how long an app should be running, and it will disable itself after the selected period

Backup and Restore functionalities   

With this feature, you can take a full backup of all apps on your device using cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox This function lets you restore data from these backups if ever needed If you add a new version to an app that has been backed up, then you can easily update it without losing previous data.

Hide Apps and Protect Privacy   

Clone apps that you want to keep private by simply disabling them from the clone manager Don’t worry about other people seeing what’s inside your cloned apps as they can’t gain access to them This feature provides excellent privacy for people who have personal apps on their device, In addition, it helps save disk space by removing cloned apps from your phone’s memory.

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How to Download and Install App Cloner Premium APK?

Step 1: Go to App Cloner premium mod apk official website and tap on the download button

Step 2: You will be directed to google play store to download and install the app, once it is done installing the app, you can use it right away.

or you can download it from this given link.

FAQ’s for App Cloner Premium APK

Ques. What is the difference between App Cloner and Clone Apps?

Ans. – Unlike Clone Apps, App Cloner doesn’t require root to run and it works with any device running Android 5.0 (API version 21) or later Ques. The clone apps I created are not showing up on my phone’s home screen after cloning? Ans. – To create a shortcut to your cloned app head over to the app list, touch and hold on an app then select “create shortcuts”

Ques. Why do some cloned apps need “Draw over other apps permission”?

Ans. – This permission is required by some system apps in order to work properly If you get this error while cloning a system app please head over to advanced settings and enable “force other apps activities”

Ques. Why are some of my apps not cloning?

Ans. – If your device is low on disk space this might happen This feature requires at least 2GB free space for comfortable use also try restarting your device if nothing happens

Ques. Why are there ads in the free version of App Cloner?

Ans. – All premium features that you get after buying the full version of App Cloner will be removed Ads help me to maintain and develop App Cloner faster, by keeping it ad-free you support the app development – Thank you!

Ques. Is it possible to create shortcuts with one tap?

Ans. No, it’s not possible Please understand that because this would require root access and an Xposed module with this feature is not available yet

Ques. How can I backup all my apps?

Ans. – Open App Cloner and select your device, then choose “Backup all apps” You may need to do this manually after each update of the app,

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What's Latest New App Cloner Premium & Add-ons

Support for App Cloner 2.11

App Cloner Premium APK is a versatile tool that gives you the freedom to use multiple accounts for social media and online games It also has a screen recorder that lets you create video tutorials of your favorite games without having to purchase external hardware If you want to keep certain apps private or protect your devices from strangers, then this app is a must-have!

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