Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2023 – Sites like ThinkGeek [Updated]

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Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2023 – Sites like ThinkGeek [Updated]

Hey, guys, are you looking for the ThinkGeek Alternatives? If yes then you have landed in the right place here you would get every detail regarding ThinkGeek Alternatives.

For computer lovers, here are the greatest ThinkGeek alternatives. ThinkGeek is a terrific place to shop for all types of geeky items.

Some websites, such as Amazon, sell merchandise across all categories. But on the other hand, some websites, such as ThinkGeek, sell targeted towards a specific community of people.

ThinkGeek was a site devoted to computer geeks and geek culture. It develops geeky things that go beyond the realm of imagination. Buyers may browse for collectibles, gadgets, home and office, fashion, and much more on this geek store.

If you’re a fan of this well-known online retailer, this guide will offer you a comprehensive list of sites similar to ThinkGeek that will be available in 2022. Shopping is one of the things you can do online. Today, the Internet has many online stores where you can buy practically anything you can think of.

Some of the establishments supply a diverse selection of goods to meet the demands of all customers. Other stores specialize.

So without wasting your time let’s jump into our main topic.

What is ThinkGeek? Who founded it?

Thinkgeek is a successful web store dedicated to computer enthusiasts and geek culture’s imaginations and desires. The company was founded in 1999 and is situated in McLean, Virginia.
Jen Frazier, Jon Sime, Scott Smith, and Willie Vadnais created ThinkGeek as a side project while working on a tiny Internet venture at the time. The actual launch date of the website was August 13, 1999. In October 1999,, a Boston-area technology news publisher, purchased ThinkGeek.

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How is ThinkGeek Different From Other eCommerce platforms?

ThinkGeek is a well-liked website among techies and nerds alike. Star Trek, Marvel Comics, The Big Bang Theory, Minecraft, Firefly, Star Wars, and Doctor Who were among the science fiction and fantasy cultural properties featured at the store.
Magic 8 Ball and Schrodinger’s Cat goods were also available from the company. ThinkGeek is also known for its April Fools’ Day jokes, which feature various fake and unusual products.

What Happened to ThinkGeek?

It was a horrible thing for all the geek’s lovers who appreciated ThinkGeek’s products.
ThinkGeek would shut down its website following 20 years of servicing the internet’s geeks with a broad array of geek-related items, and its operations would be migrated to its parent company GameStop’s website. Meanwhile, the store is having a “moving sale” with 50% off.
The company made an official announcement that it would cease operations. The good news is that physical stores will be open around the country.
ThinkGeek was sold to Gamestop, its parent business. If you’re concerned that Thinkgeek won’t be able to meet your needs, there are a few other options to consider. Let’s take a closer look at the article.

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Top 10 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

ThinkGeek is widely regarded as one of the top online stores for computer lovers. Some users, on the other hand, are looking for sites like ThinkGeek. Here’s some good news: ThinkGeek is just one of many internet stores. This article has a lot of links to worthy alternatives.

1. ParamountZone

ParamountZone ss

The very first thing on our list of ThinkGeek alternatives is ParamountZone. It is known for offering the most up-to-date technology, as well as unusual wearables and toys. You may also purchase a one-of-a-kind birthday present there. Prices start at a reasonable level. Try ParamountZone if you’re seeking new gadgets and gifts. The website is where you can find the most up-to-date gadgets, toys, and Birthday Presents for men, women, and children at a low price.

2. Gadgets and Gear

Gadgets and Gear screenshot

Gadgets and Gears is an amazing site that focuses solely on home security gadgets. Another useful exclusively geeky store where you can find gadgets linked to Home Security is Gadgets & Gear. You can get high-end concealed cameras, security cameras, surveillance equipment, nanny cams, and much more on the website. You can get high-quality hidden cameras, security cameras, surveillance equipment, babysitting cameras, and other similar products there.

3. This Is Why I’m Broke!

This Is Why I’m Broke!

“This Is Why I’m Broke” is an online shopping center that offers everyday fantastic deals and discounts. Compared to other e-commerce websites, the platform allows you to have the best deal on every accessory. “TIWIB(This Is Why I’m Broke)” may be more expensive on Amazon or eBay. So, the next time you need to acquire something technical, check out this website.

4. FireBox

The fireBox is a ThinkGeek-like website that challenges your assumptions. It sells unique and unusual presents, customized clothing and gadgets, cutting-edge technology, and much more. They even have a section dedicated to “lockdown goods.” A fireBox is a good option if you’re a creative buyer. It provides an incredible selection of alternative products, including lifestyle accessories, homewares, exotic beverages, cutting-edge technology, one-of-a-kind presents, and much more.

5. screen is a geeky store with direct relationships with various gadgets and product providers, allowing them to sell some items for less than somebody on the Internet. Wish is a very well website as well as an iPhone and Android software. Single products on the website are discounted by at least 50%. Here you’ll find anything tech-related as well as everyday items. Even a fantastic smartphone or an iPhone knockoff would cost you less than 6K INR in India. There is only one caution to be aware of here: never buy just on an image. Wish offers some truly fantastic items at affordable costs, but never purchase without first reading the product description. Always read the description before proceeding. They’re also known for offering massive discounts. Danny Zhang and Peter Szulczewski, former Google and Yahoo developers, developed this website in 2010.

6. NeatoShop

NeatoShop is an online store that provides “neat” clothing such as humorous art-inspired t-shirts, backpacks, phone cases, and other accessories. The Neato shop is a great location for tech geeks and nerds to get cute pop culture merchandise. T-shirts with artistic and edgy designs are also available from the company. It features tees and other novelty goods inspired by popular manga, Animal, and comic novels. T-shirts are divided into different categories, from which you can select one that corresponds to your interests.

7. Jinx

Jinx is a well online clothing store specializing in fashion items for computer and video gaming enthusiasts. This company has a wide range of products, from a bedroom to a business. It is well-liked by computer lovers, gamers, gadget nerds, and others. These amazing items are tied to many gaming franchises that nerdy guys enjoy, such as Warcraft, Witcher, and Halo. Do you want a World of Warcraft or Cyberpunk 2077 t-shirt? It’s not a problem; both may be found there.

8. Scientifics Online ss

Scientifics Online is a one-of-a-kind retailer that sells odd scientific events, toys, gifts, & presentations. You may purchase things relating to robotics, astronomy, science kits, and far more on the internet. It is immensely popular amongst science and engineering hobbyists all over the world.

9. Entertainment Earth

Similar to ThinkGeek, Entertainment Earth is among the top sites. It was able to withstand the dot-com boom. The website is well-designed, and it presently sells over 15000 licensed physical and digital products. Entertainment Earth, like ThinkGeek, is a fantastic online retailer. It’s a terrific place to go if you’re looking for geeky toys and dolls, comic book characters, memorabilia, statues, apparel, and more.

10. GeekBuying

Another ThinkGeek option is GeekBuying. It’s a fantastic gadget source for you. The business sells TV boxes, virtual reality headsets, quadcopters, smartphones, and other tech-related items.

FAQ’s (Frequently Answerable Questions)

Ques. When did ThinkGeek change its name to GameStop?
Ans. ThinkGeek was purchased by GameStop for $140 million in 2015, while physical-digital video game sales decreased. ThinkGeek has 40 retail locations across the country, while GameStop has approximately 3,700.

Ques. When did ThinkGeek get started?

Ans. Jen Frazier, Jon Sime, Willie Vadnais, and Scott Smith started ThinkGeek in 1999.

Ques.  What are Geek Points?

Ans. ThinkGeek’s “Geek points” program is a point-based reward system for purchasing additional things.

Ques. Who bought out ThinkGeek?

Ans. ThinkGeek as well as its parent business, Geeknet, were recently obtained by GameStop, a retailer that has been increasing its collectibles product line in its locations throughout the world.

Ques. Is it possible to receive a ThinkGeek gift card?

Ans. Gift cards available, and that you can use your mobile device to redeem your eGift cards.

Final Verdict 

In this article, we have tried to provide you Best Thinkgeek alternatives. We hope that it will solve all your queries related to Thinkgeek Alternatives, and if you face any queries, you can comment below. We would be happy to provide the solution to all your doubts.

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