Best Tumblr Alternative For NSFW ( 100 % Working ) 2023

Best Tumblr Alternative For NSFW

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter lead social media platforms, social media sites like Tumblr survive by leveraging their diversity.

Tumblr, one of the largest microblogging forums, Image-board, which has more than 400 million views, allows its users to post photos, videos, and short-text blogs.

It also allows you to manage your blog using an easy-to-use dashboard and follow other blogs.

Microblogging started when traditional blogging recently entered the seasonal season for users to express themselves.

The idea of ​​blogging and instant messaging has created a dizzying history with the growing popularity of Twitter, 4Chan, and Tumblr.

Promoted by the platform, other Tumblr methods have emerged in recent years.

Tumblr Freedom has encouraged the creation of NSFW content, which describes explicit sex. Some users liked this content. Show opportunities for sexual harassment, healthy sex acts, and open conversations about these offenders. 

Apple removed Tumblr from the Apple App Store in November 2018 due to exposure to child pornography. In December, Tumblr decided to ban nude content.

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What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is an American microblogging site and social networking site founded by David Karp in 2007 and currently owned by Automattic. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a blog in an abbreviated form. 

Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also keep their blogs private. For bloggers, many of the website’s functions can be accessed through the “control panel” interface.

As of July 2021, Tumblr is home to more than 529 million blogs.


Development of Tumblr began in 2006 in a two-week gap between contracts with David Karp software company, Davisville. Karp has been interested in tumblelogs (blog in short, hence the name Tumblr) for a long time and has been waiting for one of the established blogging forums to launch its own tumble logging hack platform. 

Since no one had done it after a year of waiting, Karp and developer Marco Arment started working on their site. Tumblr launched in February 2007 and within two weeks it gained 75,000 users. Arment left the company in September 2010 to work at Instapaper.

Some of the Best Tumblr Alternatives for NSFW 2022


Pillowfort is one of the best ways to use Tumblr after banning its NSFW content. It’s an easy-to-use forum that comes from users complaining about other bugs and limitations on other sites. 

Pillowfort is still in beta and it may cost you a small fee to sign up, but you can always give it a try as a demo user on its official website. 

But thanks to its next-gen features and providing a platform for users to test their wits, more so, Pillowfort has already replaced the modern Tumblr. Because Pillowfort has a free adult content policy, it has grown for users since Tumblr announced the NSFW ban.

Note: – The site is not a good alternative at this time. However, we still keep it here to inform the public about the stadium.


Dreanwidth Studios is an open, independent, and community-based resource where users can post blogs of all kinds. You can share your thoughts here, any artwork, and any inner skills. Members can also control and configure the privacy of who can view their content online. 

After the Tumblr announcement, Dreanwidth took to Twitter and welcomed users who signed up.

Dreamwidth is the best option to choose after Tumblr’s NSFW ban was announced.


Like Tumblr, you can post a post on Mastodon, and other people can like your post, republish it, and comment on it as well. 

The user interface here is not very Tumblr-like as it is accurate, slightly different, and modern, but it does have a lot in common in terms of functionality. Mastodon is ad-free, and there are hotkeys here to increase user interaction, so you can easily create new posts and do more with just one keyboard. 

The platform has a large community and is also fragmented, but it can get a bit confusing for beginners.


The Soup ( microblogging platform has also become an easy path for Tumblr. It’s almost like Tumblr’s mirrors when it comes to features and interface, so migration won’t be a problem for most users. 

It allows you to share any content you want. It also allows you to import posts from different social media platforms (eg Twitter, Reddit, SoundCloud) and automatically post them to Facebook. 

The forum may not be as rich as the other platforms on this list, but if you need something to make things happen, Soup is your pick.


Never forget that Tumblr is an online site where users can post their thoughts through blogs. So when referring to the word “blog”, you should consider WordPress. Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular forms of Tumblr. 

It comes in two variants: a free, open-source text-based content management system built into web servers; you can start your blog in seconds.

You can customize various themes and enhance them with plugins. It’s helpful and provides essential services like social media, multi-user support, custom tags/categories, and SEO. Users can turn it into a source of income.


The first page of the Internet, as everyone calls it. Reddit started with a simple link-sharing forum where users posted third-party business links with a custom theme and the ability to comment and chat with other members.

You can use its mobile app, which provides better user information on the updated platform interface. An update to its latest functionality has added messages with the option to create group message rooms.


An anonymous photo bulletin board website initially focused primarily on anime and the surrounding conversations.

The microblogging website was later compiled into 72 articles, each with its own bulletin board. A council is a series of discussions on specific topics. New boards keep being added from time to time for testing.

Users do not need to register or create an account on the platform as the publication is anonymous. However, if users want to keep their identity tagged in their posts and avoid spoofing, they can use a travel code, which provides such registration, or as the FAQ calls it “fake registration”.

Coca-Cola and Popcorn Alternative and Stream2Watch Alternatives offer the most popular free music apps in the world. You will find almost everything you have heard. was started by Evan Williams, founder of Twitter and Blogspot. The online publishing platform aims to bring readers and professionals together in one place for anyone who wants to echo their words and ideas.

The idea behind Medium is to keep it on the east side. Creating and publishing content with your editor is not easy, thanks to its simple and compact editor.

The content sticks to the latest search engine processes, helping to increase content in the SERPs. As an online content publisher, you have the advantage of reaching a wider audience with real-time traffic sources. 

There is no need to worry about entering and exiting the page; you can focus on producing amazing content.


Pinterest is a visually driven social media site, which means you need to post a photo, video, or GIF with a pin (post) link on a website.

When you share something on Pinterest, it is posted to the site as a PIN as a public bookmark. Sharing someone else’s PIN is known as repinning. 

The website also offers the possibility to form a group of anchors, called anchor boards related to the subject in question, like a real-life pinboard.

In these years where privacy concerns are very high, Pinterest has provided options such as the ability to hide the user’s profile in search engines, job-based advertising, etc.


DeviantArt is an online community that incorporates digital art, photography, video, and other forms of art. It has community feeds like Tumblr. The server can be organized into several categories. The mail is called diversion.

NSFW content on DeviantArt is a wonderful art form, created by artists from all over the world.


Blogger is a world-famous Google-owned site. One of the main reasons for the widespread success of Blogger is its easy-to-use interface that allows you to start your own blog without any technical knowledge. 

Blogger is popular with beginners as it offers a very simple web-based post editor; You can also create your own portfolio for bloggers as it allows up to 100 blogs per account.

If you expect identical or similar communication features as Tumblr, Blogger won’t impress you as it offers some social features. 

But if you like to read and appreciate works of art, Blogger offers a large collection of the latest and most exclusive content in a series of articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is Tumblr Still Alive in 2021?

Ans: Microblogging and social media have 518.7 million blogs hosted on their site as of February 2021 (Tumblr, 2021). It is one of many blogging platforms that is home to more than 32 million bloggers in the United States alone (FirstSiteGuide, 2021). According to Tumblr, he publishes 12.8 million blog posts every day (Tumblr, 2021).

Ques: What is the Purpose of Tumblr?

Ans: Tumblr is a blogging and social networking tool that allows users to post “tumblelogs” or short blog posts. The main difference from Tumblr is the type of free site and the ability for users to customize their pages.

Ques: Why Did Tumblr Fail?

Ans: The main reason Tumblr never worked is that the forum never found a way to convert its huge user base into ad dollars. 

Tumblr suffered from a lack of ad product development, supported by Instagram and Snapchat; management conflict with Yahoo; and massive reorganization of sales in recent years.

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Although the great popularity of Tumblr is undeniable; however, the popularity of other languages is also true. With Tumblr officially banned, the content creator switched to other Tumblr methods that offer better service and better features.


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