10 Best Voice Changers For Discord [Mobile+PC] Latest 2023

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10 Best Voice Changers For Discord [Mobile+PC] Latest 2023

While Discord is a popular texting and voice-over IP app, it’s still fun to mess around with the text-to-voice engine on occasion. There are many apps out there that give you new voices to play around with, but some of them aren’t very useful. If you want something more serious, check out the 9 Best Voice Changers for Discord below!

Update: This article is using an outdated version of Discord (v0.0.20180409) that has since been updated by its developers! While most of what was written here remain valid for this newer version, the explanations will be different because things work differently now. Basically, all I did was update the screenshots for clarity’s sake, so the original advice for installing and using the voice changers still works. Enjoy!

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The 10 Best Voice Changers for Discord are as follows:

1) Tanuki  – The popular free voice changing app from Japan has finally released an English version of their software, with which you can now create high-quality voices that you can use in your chat rooms within Discord. It’s very easy to use – just download it and start making some awesome voices immediately right on your computer itself! You’ll be a hit at your next party when everyone hears how much fun you’re having <3

2) Voxal  – Voxal is currently one of the most popular choices among Discord users because while it offers many different presets for various voice effects, it also allows you to customize your voice with advanced settings like pitch and volume. Additionally, all of the presets are free to use! The only catch is that Voxal is a paid app on Google Play ($2.99 USD), so if you don’t mind paying for an awesome voice changer then definitely consider this one.

3) CMDR D1ablo’s Voice Changer – This is another popular voice-changing app that works very quickly and provides some unique voices not found in other apps. It also has a feature that updates as new versions come out! While it’s pretty standard compared to Tanuki, it still gets the job done well (and for free).

4) Voice Changer – This is a good, simple program that works well for creating some really funny voices. It’s also free to download and use! The only downside is that you can’t change your voice very quickly in this app – it takes about 10 seconds for each new voice, which can be painfully slow if you need something specific like a robot or monster growl.

5) Voxal Free and Pro  – These two apps are the same exact thing; the difference being that one is free on Android (and has ads), while the other costs $1.99 USD on Google Play. They both allow you to customize your voices with many options, but the pro version just adds extra presets into the mix. If you do choose to go with the pro version, just be careful not to follow any links that say “Voxal Free” because it’s definitely a hack or fake download – stick with Google Play!

6) Persannity – While this isn’t technically a voice changer, it does have the same functions as one by changing your text-to-voice and adding some special effects like distortion. It supports many different languages and is very basic and lightweight.

7) Mumble – This app works much differently from most of the other apps on this list as it mainly focuses on giving you unique voices for in-game use (Mumble is a VoIP game communication app). It’s very cheap (only $4.99 USD) and the quality of each voice is superb.

8) Voice Changer with Effects – This app offers some really unique voices that sound great, but only works on Android devices. The free version does give you 10 different voices to mess around with, but the pro version gives you a lot more options as well as some other fun features like reverb control.

9) Dragon Voice changer – This app is similar to the others in that it allows you to change your voice quickly without much hassle, the only difference being that this website doesn’t offer many preset voices compared to some of its competitors – so if you’re looking for a lot of options then this isn’t the best choice. On the plus side, it’s completely free to use and works on PCs and mobile phones!

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FAQ’S of Best Voice Changers For Discord 

Ques. 1 Can we use discord voice changer on mobile?

Ans. Yes, you can use these apps on both your PCs and mobile phones to change the default voice of any application.

Ques. 2 Do I need to pay for this app if I want to get the best quality of voices?

Ans. No, most of these apps are free; some are paid but it’s not more than $2. so don’t worry about paying any cost.

Ques. 3 How can I get the demo version first before purchasing?

Ans. Just go through their website and ask for the demo version of this wonderful software. there is no need to install anything, just run it from your browser (PC or Mobile).

Ques. 4 How long does it take to get the voice from this app after installation?

Ans. Just a few seconds only, things will be done in no time.

Ques. 5 Does it allow me to change my voice for any application?

Ans. Yes, you can change your own or anyone’s voice with these apps, you even don’t need their permission to use it; just play and enjoy !!!


If you’re looking for a good app that will allow you to make funny or scary voices in your chats without any hassle, these are some great choices. While they aren’t exactly perfect (especially in comparison to each other), they work well enough if you only need something basic. Feel free to check out all of them – as long as the program is free to download/use then it should work perfectly fine!

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