How to Create Tinder Account Without Phone Number?

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How to Create Tinder Account Without Phone Number?

Tinder is the leading website in the field of the dating world. Tinder is shown popular that even if you are not on tinder, you know about it. There are plenty of memes all around about tinder. 

In this article, we are showing you how you can create a tinder account without using a phone number.

You must be wondering why people would want to use this dating app without registering their phone numbers. Well, there can be many legit reasons why you may want to create Tinder without your phone number. Perhaps, you do not want this dating app to collect your personal information.

There is a chance you might end up getting your data leaked to unknown people since our phone numbers are linked to the bank accounts.

Here you can find a complete guide on how to create a Tinder account without a phone number.

Let’s get started.

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What is Tinder?

Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app. Currently, more than 4.1 million people around the world use Tinder to meet people. The popular dating app continues to recruit new members every day, now it supports 40 different languages ​​and works in almost 200 countries. Simply put, this is the best way to meet new people, chat and share photos, and find out if you are the right person or not.

Tinder is very powerful, but also great when it comes to social and user security, so some may run into trouble trying to do things differently for whatever reason.

There can be many reasons why you don’t want to include your number here, but if you ask, “Can I create a Tinder account without verifying my phone?” The answer is no.

Why does Tinder require phone verification?

Tinder requests your mobile phone number at the time of compilation of the profile. This is to keep your personality on the runway. All of this is done for making the platform with bots free and giving users a better dating experience. This is the only reason why Tinder doesn’t want to have fake profiles.

In order for Tinder to verify your number, it will send you an SMS code. Some apps have different ways of doing this, Tinder just sends text / SMS messages to the number you specified.

Is that how it works:

  1. Enter your phone number.
  2. You will receive a code by SMS to verify this phone number.
  3. Enter the code numbers you received.
  4. Your phone number has been verified.

FYI, Tinder has been criticized multiple times in the past. Thousands of users were not satisfied with the existing bots. They didn’t get what they came for or what they paid for. So Tinder used a phone verification process to identify the bots, as well as to make spam-free and real people.

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How to Create Tinder Account without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Tinder account without a phone number. Tinder recently changed its policy and made it mandatory for everyone to use its phone number. But you can use the virtual-free number online to get offline SMS confirmation and create a Tinder account easily.

However, you can use other third-party apps to get a valid Tinder verification number.

Create a Tinder Account with a virtual number

First things first, you can register on Tinder or with your Facebook, Google, or phone number. You can sign up for a Tinder account with your Facebook or Google account and that can be an easy way to avoid giving out your number.

However, the platform made it compulsory for everyone to use their phone number when registering in the app. This leaves you with only one option – to register an account using a free online phone number or your other number.

Using Textnow

You can use a free TextNow phone number to sign up for a Tinder account and complete verification. This will help you register an account on the platform without having to share your personal information.

Using the CoverME App

Download the CoverMe app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Once you have found the CoverMe app, just set the second or third number.

Once you’ve got the burner number, create a Tinder account with a number and create a verification code – that’s easy!

You will be getting up and running on Tinder in no time at all. And the best thing is, you can set up as many different accounts as you need by creating some verification phone numbers.

Sign up for Tinder for iOS:
  1. Open your Apple store
  2. Search for Tinder and download the app
  3. Tap “Create Account”
  4. Enter a hot phone number
  5. Enter the verification code sent to the temperature phone number
  6. Enter your email
  7. Connect your Apple or Facebook account to sign in the easy way
  8. Register Tinder for Android
  9. Open your Google Play
  10. Search for Tinder and download the app
  11. Choose a sign-in method
  12. Enter and verify the phone burner number
Register Tinder for Android:
  1. Open your Google Play
  2. Search for Tinder and Download the app
  3. Select a login method
  4. Enter and verify the burner phone number

Using the 2ndLine App

The 2ndLine app works best for US, UK, and Canada users. But if you are in another country then use a VPN to use the app. Now, please follow these simple steps to skip or pass using your phone number on Tinder:

  1. Open the Tinder app, then tap the “Sign in with Google” option.
  2. Select a Gmail account or tap the Add account option to install it. 
  3. Now open the 2ndLine app and copy the number. 
  4. Then go back to the Tinder app and select the country code, then enter the number you downloaded from the 2ndLine app. 
  5. You will receive a verification code from that number, enter that six-digit code to verify the number, and then execute it.

Someone, you know who doesn’t have a Tinder account

You could be a friend, co-worker (if you are very close to them), hell, or a family member. As long as they haven’t used their Tinder phone number before, or used it but have never been blocked or blocked by Tinder, that’s fine.

All you need is for someone to give you an SMS verification code sent by Tinder to his phone number, and then get your account unlocked.

Probably, you have a careless friend getting his number on Tinder. If you have a friend who is not on Tinder or is not planning to create an account in this forum, ask them to share their phone number.

Alternatively, you can get a burner phone and use a prepaid SIM card to register your account on Tinder and other communication applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How to find tinder verify numbers?

Ans. You can use virtual numbers and to get it you can use apps like TextNow or CoverMe.

Read the article above for more detailed information on each of the methods available.

Ques. Does Tinder show my phone number on my profile?

Ans. No, this is a piece of information that Tinder does not show in people’s profiles. Unless you decide to include this in your showable information on your own free will and desire.

Ques. How can you use tinder without a phone?

Ans. Anyone can use Tinder without a phone, not rocket science. To use Tinder without a phone, you need a computer, whether a laptop or a PC, it doesn’t matter.

You can download the application to a computer or use a website ( It’s easy.

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Due to Tinder’s strict policies, it is not easy to create an account without a phone number, but there are many ways to skip giving your private phone number.

I hope after reading this article, you can now create a tinder account without a phone number easily.

I hope it helps!

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