Best Extension: Batch Delete Inactive Facebook Friends ( 100 % Working ) 2023

Best Extension: Batch Delete Inactive Facebook Friends

Facebook has become so popular that almost everyone you see has a profile. How many times have you met someone and spent a little time chatting, only to find a Facebook friend the next day. If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous country in the world, while China is a country with over 400 million people. With many users, there is a good chance that not everyone work on the platform. Many will just come to multiply. If I’m like you, you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, you know you have reached your number, but how many of these friends are active and engaged in the content you post?

So I researched and found out that 10% of my friends are active and connected so there are 4500 liars who don’t read what I read or never log in when I end up and 5000 friends talking about a precious place.

That’s why I added an advanced Chrome plugin from Dware Labs which you can use to search for friends who are not working, and then remove these with the Chrome extension. you can get free working Best Anime Apps To Watch Anime & Best Male To Female Voice Changer Apps For Whatsapp.

3 Chrome Extension For Removing Inactive Facebook Friends

1. Smart Friends Remover for Facebook

The Smart Friends Remover plugin for Facebook Chrome is used to prevent you from deleting your Facebook friends in seconds.

Once you’ve added this extension to your Chrome extension, you’ll be able to make hostile friends using features such as picking or selecting friends, checking the number of friends, reading messages you’ve edited, and more.

This way you can check their performance on the platform and decide if you want to keep them or not.

There are additional features such as knowing the number of comments from your news website, the number of likes and replies for each friend, high enjoyment and one click-delete of all selected friend features. This tool is free to use.

2. Filter friends for Facebook

FriendFilter for Facebook The Chrome Extension is a tool that lets you manage your friends list, track connections, and find profiles that do not work with Facebook friends.

This tool scans your Facebook page and notifies you of friends who participate in your posts. This way, you can find friends who participate in your posts and exclude friends who do not participate.

With these Chrome extensions, all you have to do is add them by searching on Google and then adding them to your application.

With one click, when you log in to the Facebook platform, you will delete all your inactive friends and gain access to information about them. This tool is free, but has a pro version and a price.

3. Many applications for Facebook

Many Facebook Chrome extension tools allow you to remove inactive friends. It is also removed and you can track your interactions with your friends on Facebook.

The tool has a friend request manager who takes care of the friend requests you receive and send. This tool helps you to effectively manage your Facebook friends when it finds, selects and socializes with your inactive friends, with just one click.

Uses a quick search from all your friends list and shows all your Facebook friends down. It also displays their share status and lets you select the ones you want to remove.

This tool is free, but has a limited plan that costs between $ 20-40.

Who are your friends who are not active on Facebook?

Your inactive Facebook friends are those on Facebook who you don’t communicate with. They don’t contribute to your Facebook activity, don’t post or tell stories, don’t like or comment on posts. They are only on Facebook to increase their numbers.

This could be because of their busy schedule or they could just choose to stay away from the platform.

While this category of Facebook users primarily exists, there are reasons why you should delete them so you can focus on what you can reach with your influential content, and you can learn too. 

Why You Should Delete Inactive Facebook Friends

Since the Facebook platform allows users to make new friends or maintain existing ones from remote locations, the large number of Facebook contacts gradually becomes redundant if they do not receive active feedback.

So, active users of Facebook proceed with two advances:

Either you gather a lot of friends and you will suffer from burnout when you ask them to take an active part in your content or

Have some friends participate in your content without you asking.

You need to delete inactive Facebook friends because;

1. Good for your mental health.

Dealing with a lot of people means having a lot of trouble, especially when they think you can offer a solution to their problem. This simple operation can narrow your cognitive abilities.

2. Help maintain privacy.

If you’re not careful about your use of social media, you’re more likely to allow online actions to invade your privacy. By removing inactive friends, you are more likely to delete some Facebook friends who were there just to track your progress.

3. Filter your news feed.

Instead of staying away from events and people that don’t suit you, you can work around this problem by removing inactive friends. And when they share content, it doesn’t appear in your newsfeed. Millions of people from all over India and other countries used thop tv to stream movies, tv shows and live sports you can try best Oreo TV alternatives & Best Free Apps to Watch T20 World Cup.

Ways to Unfriend All Inactive Facebook Friends

If you want to delete all your inactive friends from one of your profiles, you can do so. You can use one of the following two methods, which are completely free and secure:

1. Disable inactive Facebook friends by hand

The process is simple. You have to follow Facebook’s structure to delete all your inactive friends at once:

Step 1: First of all, open your computer browser and go to Once logged in, go to your profile.

Step 2: Next, click on ‘Friends’ on the left side of that page. You will see your friends listed there along with all the inactive friends shown in the meaningless picture and marked with a ‘Facebook user’ in their name.

Step 3: The next step is simple, you have to move the cursor to the ‘Friends’ button and click on the eighth option in the list.

When you click the ‘Please’ option, this friend is removed from the list. You will have to repeat this until your friends list is removed from these inactive Facebook friends.


  • This process will take more than 2 hours if your friends list has more than 25% inactive friends.
  • If you try to delete all of your inactive friends, Facebook may not show them all correctly at this stage. Because some of these people were temporarily hidden due to the inaction of their identities.

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Not everyone knows that they are tools that will help you enjoy your Facebook experience. Whether it is for personal or business ventures, many of these tools are available. This article explains that if you have a lot of friends on your friends list and most of them are fake or inactive, install the Google Chrome extension and remove all those inactive friends. If not, you can still do it with all your hands.


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