968 + Demon Names List ( Hunter, Female, Male & Cool ) 2023

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968 + Demon Names List ( Hunter, Female, Male & Cool ) 2023

Humans have always been fascinated by supernatural forces, and as a result, we have many names for demons, devils, and other organizations. Most names of demons, fallen angels, and devils come from a variety of demons. Demonology is the study of demons or human belief in demons.

Demonology is a scientific study of demons and is often the subject one has placed on ancient mythological practices however based on the various atoms found throughout history it has been found to be numerous. Early forms of demons or evil spirits have been around us since the mythical gods like Pazuzu or Lucifer himself.

In this article, we will further dive deep into this topic. We will be looking at the list of demons’ names and we will also provide the meaning of those names along with the origin if possible. Funny Names For COD & Funny Names For WIFi nicknames are a way to make people feel good and express themselves with humor.

Demons And Their Classifications

There have been various attempts throughout the world by theologians in dividing the demons of Christianity in order to understand the biblical context and the mythology of the conflicting spirits. 

Theologians have quoted quotations from Christian demons, ancient occultism, ancient mythology and the Renaissance magic to clarify the connection between these spirits and their influence on various demons. 

Research on demons has historically been used to understand morality, moral inclination, and has even been used as a metaphor to convey strange myths where they entice people into temptation and may include angels or saints who were believed to be their enemies; a vision based on the Biblical battle between the Archangel Michael and the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation (12: 7-9) describing the war in heaven that led to the ouster of Satan and his angels from heaven. 

The categories of these fallen angels are based on many other factors as well, such as the behavior that caused their fall from heaven, physical appearance or methods used to harass humans, cause illness, or arouse dreams, emotions, etc. 

Most of the writers who wrote theological texts on this subject either believed in the existence of an immortal soul, or wrote it as a philosophical guide to understanding the ancient moral and ethical views on the myths and religious themes. They are broadly classified into:

Classification By Domain

  • The Testament of Solomon
  • Psellus’ separation of demons
  • Lanterne of Light classification of demons
  • Spina’s Classification of the Demons
  • Agrippa’s separation of demons
  • Binsfeld demonic division
  • King James’ Classification
  • Michaelis Classification

Classification By Office

  • Abramelin’s book
  • Le Livre des Esperitz
  • Munich Manual for Demonic Magic
  • Fasciculus Rerum Germanicarum
  • The Dragon Rouge (or Grand Grimoire)
  • Pseudomonarchia Daemonum
  • The Little Key of Solomon

Ars Goetia

  • Dictionnaire Infernal
  • Satan’s Bible

Demon Names List

Based On Theology And Mythology

  • Aamon, a name derived from Christian demons. To the Christian demons, he is the Marquis of Hell and rules over 40 infernal forces. One of the most popular spirit names.
  • Abbadon, the name also comes from a Christian demon. It is a Hebrew word and means “disaster”. This demon name is best suited for supernatural characters.
  • Zethibou, this word has a rich history in Jewish demons. The name of the demons was the name of the fallen angel of the demon mentioned in Solomon’s Testament.
  • Abyzou, if you are looking for girl demonic names, then Abyzou is a good choice. The name comes from Jewish mythology and was the name of a female demon.
  • Achlys, this evil word comes from Greek mythology. It was the name of a Greek goddess who represented the night before the riot. It is associated with the peace that precedes the violent storm.
  • Adramelech, this term can be found in Assyrian mythology and Christian demonic religion. A good demonic name for a bad character.
  • Agares, from a Christian demon. It was the name of a demon spoken of demon grimoires as an old man riding a crocodile and a hawk.
  • Al Ana, the name of the female demon comes from Turkish mythology and is an evil spirit woman who lived near water sources. One of the girl’s names is a well-known demon.
  • Alastor, the name of a demon also comes from a Christian demon. A group of evil spirits believed to be possessed by humans were called demons.
  • Astaroth, this is a demonic name as important to the Christian demons as the name of the Great Ruler of Hell. Astaroth is considered to be part of the evil trinity.
  • Bael, this is the name of a demon that can be found in demonological grimoires. The name demon comes from a Christian demon.
  • Bakasura, the name of a demon, is the name of a demon in Hindu mythology that devoured men. According to Hindu mythology, he was killed by the demon hunter Bhima, who was also a Prince and a destroyer of evil.
  • Balaam, in the Christian demon, Balaam was the king of hell who controlled forty legions of demons. He was a powerful man, and the name of the demon had very strong meanings.
  • Barbas, the name of a demon also comes from a Christian demon. Barbas was a demon described in Ars Goetia.
  • Barbatos, this demonic name can be found in Christian demons. The name is derived from the Latin word Barbatus meaning “beard”.
  • Beelzebub, this is a well-known name for a demon as it is also associated with a black angel or satan himself. Beelzebub is considered the most important demon. If you want your character to look important and powerful, this is a complete demonic name for that purpose.
  • Belleti, this word demon also comes from Christian demonism. It is one of the most underrated demonic names on the list. This demon is considered to be very powerful as there are 85 demonic forces under him.
  • Botis, the word Botisis derived from the Christian demons. This demon is represented as a viper.
  • Fourth, the word demon comes from Christian demonism. He is the Ruler of Hell who can deliver the dead and is considered to be the most intelligent. Still, the good name of your character is demonic.
  • Bushyasta, this is the name of a demon in Zoroastrianism. Bushyasta is regarded as a betting demon.
  • Camio, the name of a demon comes from Christian demons. Camio is a Gaelic translation of the Kain Bible.
  • Chemosh, the name of the demon comes from Moabite mythology and is a proper name for the demonic character in your mythology
  • Chort, this word has bad roots in its meaning and is a proper term for a demon. In Slavic mythology, an evil spirit or demon.
  • Corson, the name also comes from Christian demons. He is one of the Kings of Hell who rules over the legions of the 72 demons.
  • Daemon, this word is derived from the Latin word ‘daemonium’ which is translated as “demon”. In an etymological sense, it is Latin for “demons” so it is one of the best demon names out there.
  • Dagon, this word comes from Semitic mythology.
  • Dantalion, the name of a demon comes from a Christian demon. It is described in the Little Key of Solomon.
  • Demogorgon, this is the name of a demon or god in Christian demons. This demon name is very common in popular culture.
  • Djall, the name of a demon comes from Albanian mythology where Djall is a fiery demon.
  • Dzoavits, this name comes from the history of American mythology. Dzoavits was the epitome of the Devil who stole the sun and took children from their parents.
  • Eligos, the name of a demon comes from a Christian demon where it is mentioned in Ars Goetia.
  • Eisheth, the name comes from a Jewish demon. It is an old name for female demons.
  • Focalor, this is one of the names of Satan derived from the Christian demons as mentioned in Ars Goetia. Focalor was a powerful Ruler of Hell.
  • Forne, one of the fallen angels coincides with a name derived from Christian demons. You are the Great Marquis of Hell and you must be a mythical sea creature.
  • Gaap, this is the kind of demon mentioned in Solomon’s Little Key. For Christian demons, Gaap is the president of demons.
  • Gamigin, one of the devil’s names derived from Christian demons. A cool and powerful name for a demon character.
  • Ghoul, this is a very common name for demons and spirits in a popular culture. It comes from Arabian mythology.
  • Gorgon, the name of a demon comes from Greek mythology, where the term is applied to three sisters whose hair has venomous snakes.
  • Gremory, the name of the fearsome demon comes from Christian demons.
  • Gusoyn, the name of the devil also comes from Christian demons.
  • Halphas, this demonic name comes from a Christian demon and is the 38th demon in Ars Goetia.
  • Hinn, this name is derived from Islamic history and is the proper demon name of the character.
  • Incubus

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Female Demon Names

  • Chordeva: A female demon in the form of a cat.
  • Kok-Lir
  • Hecate: You are seductive.
  • Ngimue
  • Jahi: You are a female prisoner.
  • Proserpine: Queen of the underground world.
  • Lilithu
  • Sekhmet: Translated to the goddess of vengeance.
  • Lamashu
  • Succubus: You are a female cacodemon who comes to seduce men and have sex with men.
  • Prosperine
  • Jilaiya: A female demon that flies like a bat or a bird at night. He only bleeds from people who know him.
  • Mara
  • Nina: The goddess of the serpent.
  • Batibati
  • Obyzuth: You are another demon that causes dead birth.
  • Pandora: He came to earth to save the world.
  • Qarinah
  • Lilith: She was Adam’s first wife, and she came from a large demonic family, Lilim.
  • Empusa

Male Demon Names

  • Apollyn: Another name for Satan.
  • Dracula: Satan.
  • Euronymous: It means the prince of death. He eats corpses.
  • Furfur: The one who holds the position of accountant in hell.
  • Geryon: The one who guards hell.
  • Jezebel: The fallen angels are false.
  • Kasdeya: It means the ‘fifth’ Satan.
  • Kobal: He is the entertainment link of hell.
  • Awar: He was the son of Iblis. The Arabic name for the evil spirit of laziness.
  • Beelzebub, Beelzebub: King of the flies.
  • Baalphegor: The Incubus of Discovery, Invention, and Wealth.
  • Cassiel: Ruler of Saturn.
  • Choronzon: Says aby keeper
  • Mara: The one who loses the soul.
  • Melchom: You are the treasurer of hell.
  • Victorain: Associated with death.
  • Mormo: Says Hectate’s wife.
  • Mullin: This name means Leonard’s right hand man.
  • ss. He is also a scattering demon.
  • Cllistthert: The devil can turn night into day and vice versa.
  • Cresil, Gressil: An incubus of carelessness and filth.
  • Dagon: You are another snake of the god of the sea.
  • Kostchtchie: It means the death knell.
  • Leonard: The devil of witchcraft.
  • Lucifer: The Light Bearer, which is often mistaken for Satan. They are two different demons.
  • Naamah: A Hebrew word meaning ‘to seduce.’
  • Naburus: The marquis of hell.

Japanese Demon Names

  • Yuki-onna (Snow Woman)
  • Kitsune.
  • Yūrei.
  • Lucifer: Bearer of light, son of the morning; the previous seraphs were cast out of heaven
  • Malphas: Great President of Hell, controls 40 armies; it looks like a raven
  • Onryō
  • Tengu.
  • Jezebel: A false and false demon
  • Kasdeya: From “The Book of Enoch”, Satan the 5th
  • Kobal: A demon of humor
  • Leonard: Master of black magic and witchcraft
  • Shuten Dōji
  • Leviathan: Dragon of the Sea, a crooked serpent of the abyss
  • Lilith: Waste demon.
  • ammon: A demon of avarice
  • Oni.
  • Yokai.
  • Mastema: The leader of the fallen angels whose job it is to tempt people to sin and bring charges against God.

Biblical Demon Names

  • Coyote – the American Indian devil
  • Shaitan – an Arabic word for Satan
  • Dagon – the Philistine who brings the devil back to the sea
  • Nergal – the god of Hades of Babylon
  • Molech – Devil of Phenicia and Canaan
  • Sekhmet – Egyptian goddess of vengeance
  • Cimeries – You rode a black horse and ruled Africa
  • Damballa – Haitian goddess of Haiti Vodou
  • Set – the devil of Egypt
  • Demogorgon – Greek word for Devil
  • Gorgo – dim. of Demogorgon, the Greek word for the devil
  • Supay – the Inca god of the underworld
  • Proserpine – Greek underground queen
  • Haborym – the same Hebrew name for Satan
  • Bast – the happy Egyptian goddess represented by the cat
  • Pan – the Greek god of lust, was later freed from the demons
  • Beherit – a Syriac word for Satan

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In this article, we have provided you with a vast knowledge about demons and their classifications. We have listed numerous demon names, along with their meanings and significance. Go ahead, keep learning and exploring more on Demons

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