Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds [Today Working Methods] 2023

Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds

Want to know how to Get 99,999 Diamonds for Free Fire? Among the most downloaded games in the world, Garena Free Fire is one of ours. Battle royale game Free Fire is played online via a mobile device. They try to find diamonds all the time. Here we will cover the whole process of getting unlimited diamonds in Free Fire. Now, let’s talk about how to work 100% of the time. A Free Fire Diamond hack is similar to hacking real-life diamonds since diamonds are always in high demand among players. Gun skins, outfits, emotes, pets, and more can be bought with gems. This post discusses a simple method and hack trick to obtain 9999 diamonds for free.

What are Diamonds in Garena Free Fire?

Fundamentally, it is a currency used in Final Fantasy. Games each have their own currency. FF uses Diamonds as its in-game currency. Diamonds provide users with many rewards, characters, skins, bundles, and other goodies. The importance of diamonds lies in this fact.

What is Free Fire Diamond Hack?

Essentially, people are always searching for diamond hacks for Free Fire. Diamonds are not enough for them. To them, getting the best reward is always important. Gamers love diamonds, so they look for them. Diamonds are often sought after by players so they can receive rewards.

I have also shared Free Fire Redeem Code & Best Free Fire Character.

How To Get Free Fire Diamond In India

There are several ways to get free fire diamonds in the game. But do not trust generators they would trap you in an unending process. So legit ways are 

How to check Google Play Store promotional Offer?

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Access your account by logging in
  3. Navigate to the three-line menu on the left side of the page
  4. Click on Notifications now
  5. You will see this offer in the Notifications
  6. Click on the offer to claim it if it is available
  7. The offer will be activated in your account once you have activated it
  8. This offer is now open for a free top-up value of Fire & Select diamonds
  9. You will be able to apply the promotional offer during the payment process
  10. Once the payment is made, you’ll receive Free Fire Diamonds

Here are 6 legit hacks for getting free Fire Diamonds

Then you may want to know how to hack Free Fire and generate infinite diamonds. In that case, you’re absolutely wrong, you can’t generate any diamonds for free. It isn’t an easy job to Diamond hack for Free Fire. Servers at Free Fire are protected from cyber-attacks & other maintenance with high security.

Top Up is the only way to get diamonds. In other words, it applies to real money payments. It is not a problem for us because we will be able to provide some cool hacking techniques to help you.

Free Fire Diamonds Top-Up can now be done without any money. Free Fire’s legal methods for accumulating diamonds have been shared here. You can get free diamonds in this method without hacking. Earning money and purchasing diamonds requires you to complete some tasks. Diamonds can be earned in two ways: by Free Fire Premium Membership and by completing online surveys.

  • Membership method using Free Fire
  • Method of conducting an online survey
  • Yay! Method of application

1. Free Fire Membership Method

You can get free diamonds every day with Free Fire Premium Membership. The Free Fire website offers two membership types. *159 for a weekly membership; *599 for a monthly membership plan. For a week, you will receive 60 diamonds every day if you subscribe to it. With the premium weekly membership, you will get 420 diamonds altogether.

Rs.149 is the cost of the weekly membership to Free Fire. Our next survey method will reveal how you can obtain a premium membership without spending a penny.

You can sign up for a free weekly membership by following these steps:-

  • Play the Garena Free Fire game
  • Subscribing to Membership is easy; just click the link.
  • Lastly, confirm your payment by clicking the purchase button.
  • We will activate the Free Fire Premium Membership shortly.

2. Online survey Method

For completing surveys, there are a lot of sites that will pay you. The two best apps are Crownit and Google Taskmaster. Obtain free diamonds and a Free Fire Weekly Membership by trying them for free and they pay real money. On our site, we share Crownit survey links daily. You can access them now.

The Crownit survey method pays up to Rs.50 to Rs.500 per survey. Through Google Task Mate, you can earn money by doing simple tasks. You may use this money to purchase free diamonds in Free Fire directly from your bank or Paytm wallet.

3. Booyah App

By using the Booyah App, gamers can stream games for free. Playing this game with major streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram is possible.

Free Fire rewards viewers who watch live tournaments with this app. Diamonds can probably be earned in this application for free. By watching live Free Fire, you can earn diamonds if you download this app.

4. Digital Showroom App

Online merchants can list their products & sell them using Digital Showroom. There is, however, a way to obtain free Fire Diamonds. The refer and earn feature of the Digital Showroom App lets you get free diamonds.

The Digital Showroom offers to join rewards and referral rewards of Rs.10-Rs.100. Direct withdrawals from your bank account are possible. One of the most important things about this app is that you can refer to unlimited accounts & earn rewards for your bank account. With those rewards, you can purchase Free Fire Diamond completely free of charge. Let’s talk about how to get it.

  1. First, download Digital Showroom from the Google Play Store
  2. Activate the app, verify your mobile number & create a new account
  3. Set up your online store and bank account in order to receive payments
  4. Create a store and you’ll receive an instant scratch card
  5. Get the scratch card by going to the rewards section. You will receive the reward instantly in your bank account
  6. Refer a friend to the refer & earn section and earn unlimited rewards
  7. These rewards can be redeemed for a Google Play Redeem Card or directly Free Fire Diamonds.

5. Gameskharido. in 100% diamond top-up bonus offer

Garena Free Fire diamond top-up Game Kharido. We offer a variety of cheap diamond top-ups & bonus diamonds. The first time you top up on, you’ll receive 2x Diamonds. Cashback is also offered on Paytm payments. Only for Facebook-linked accounts, it gives you a 2x diamond bonus on the first diamond purchase.

6. Register To Free Fire Advance Server To Get Free Diamond

Players can try the latest upcoming features in Free Fire on the Free Fire Advance Server. The latest features that are not yet released can be enjoyed by you. The Free Fire Advance Server lets you report bugs to the game & gets you rewarded as a result.

You can, however, report bugs and give feedback to Free Fire to earn free prizes such as diamonds and numerous free stuff. FF advance server requires registration. Free Fire Advance Server: How to register & download it. We have already published that. Get unlimited diamonds by installing the FFB advance server and reporting bugs.

The developer team on Advance Server needs to know about any glitches you encounter to improve the game. 3000, 2000, & 1000 diamonds are offered as Grand Prizes. The Free Fire Developer’s team will award diamonds to you if you contribute bugs & glitches. Three thousand diamonds will be awarded to one winner for the first prize. Two players will get 2000 diamonds and three users will receive 1000 diamonds. Six major contributors will be offered 6000 diamonds in total.

FAQ’s (Frequently Answerable Questions)

Ques. What is Free Fire Diamond?

Ans. Several items can be purchased with diamonds in-game, including characters, outfits, gun skins, costumes, and bundles. Rather than just emotes, you can convert your inventory and buy vehicles like a pro.

Ques. Can Free Fire Diamond Hack?

Ans. You cannot hack diamond, bro. There is always a server running for Free Fire, an online game. Any illegal activity found on your account will result in your account being banned. Make long distances from third-party websites that suggest diamonds can be hacked.

Ques. Where to Buy Free Fire Diamond?

Ans. Garena Free Fire website or app are the only places you can buy diamonds officially. When you visit a soda shop, you’ll get a discount on diamond purchases when you visit them.

Whenever you find a third-party dealer on the Internet, do not do business with them. Internet scammers have increased in number in recent years. Then he will block you after taking your payment.

Ques. Can We Use Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack?

Ans. Firstly, any tool that promises to generate Free Fire Diamonds is a scam. Diamond generators can be found on some third-party sites, but if you use them on your personal account, you run the risk of having your account closed.

Ques. Is There any Free Fire Diamond Hack App?

Ans. Having previously stated that there can be no hacking in free fire, we can officially state that no kind of hacking can be done. Having heard about it, someone must be joking. Hacking Garena Free Fire is very difficult. By earning PayTM cash through our apps, you can buy diamonds. There is no risk or risk to you.

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