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Hey Everyone Are you looking for the GTV live, Streaming services, If yes then you landed in the right place, Here you would get every info regarding This streaming platform, which is quite popular inside the Bangladesh Nation. As of now, we know that there are various platforms that are Aggressively popular inside Bangladesh in which Gtv live is also one of the parts of this industry.

This channel provides a Quite well-known streaming service to its consumer where it has zero downtime. These services are mainly focused upon Sports and Live Cricket Streaming, which consumers can enjoy with popcorn and juice in front of the Television. So without wasting your time, let’s Move on to the main topic. ThopTv Apk is a Free IPL streaming application along with the highlights. don’t forget to check ThopTv Alternatives also. 

What is Gtv live Bangladesh?

GTV, also known as Gazi TV, which is a Bengali language-based satellite television system. There are many programs offered here, including news, movies, comedies, TV shows, and sports such as cricket, and it is a start. Gazi Tv was initially started in the year on June 12, 2012. Gazi TV or GTV Live Sports is one of the most popular TV programs in Bangladesh. Gazi TV is the most popular channel in Bangladesh. Obviously, you can play GTV without the requirement of TV. This room for this traditional film is located in Avid Bajisha, Dhaka. But this TV was sold to BCB TV in 2014 for a long time. 

Gtv works in the form of Website and Apk, The Apk of Gtv Live contains more that 5 million Downloads which made this platform stats Quite impressive, which lead to the Future of Live Tv inside the Mobile phone.

This is a nice way to watch live cricket in any place around their work. You would get every update of Sports like cricket football with a live score. You can Watch the cricket match live on Gazi TV. 

Every popular player in Bangladesh knows that Gazi TV is the most popular game in Bangladesh. Gazi TV is the first choice for all cricketers. In this article, we will share important information with all Bangladesh cricket fans. GTV broadcasts all cricket matches at BCB and other local competitions. They are the full board of the Bangladesh Cricket Board. This is the right place to go and sit at the TV table.

Gazi TV only broadcasts cricket. They also run football clubs, APL, IPL, BPL, and other official branches. This article can learn all about cricket preparation in Bangladesh and watch it on live TV here.

How to Watch GTV Live?

So For Watching Gtv live you have to Follow some given Instruction then you are able to watch the Gtv live very Easily. So below are the steps which you must follow, 

Step 1: First of all open playstore on your Android device.

Step 2: Search GTv Apk in the search bar. 

Search GTv Apk

Step 3: Click on install GTv live sports apk, As shown in Screenshot. 

Step 4: After it opens the Apk in your device. 

opens the Apk in your device

Step 5: click on Accept the Terms and conditions. 

Step 6: Boom! You are good to go to receive the latest cricket Match with live streaming. 

Popular Features of GTv Live 

There are various types of features offered by GTv Live Sports Apk, But some of them are very much convenient. As we know that the vision of watching the live cricket and football match makes it very handy and popular, But there are also some of the features which you must see. 

Ux and Ui Design of GTV Live sports

The UX/Ui design of this application is Awesome and Amazingly popular, because of having one click feature, whenever you open the Apk you would get 4 Main menu options and one sidebar which is located in the left side of the  apk. Every menu has its own unique features.

Gtv Score Dashboard

This Tool provides a very handy feature where one of them has a Score dashboard, where you can see every Score of live cricket match easily by one click of your hand, without logging to your Account. This function also provides the news completed and upcoming Events. 

Gtv football Mode

This feature enables the Football lover to give attention to this application, This mode helps Football Audience to watch their football matches and check the scores by one click of their android phone. 

Gtv Radio Mode

This Features enables you to browse the all radio stations of Bangladesh, on your Android device. There are Mainly 6 Types of Radio stations available which  are Dhaka Fm, peoples radio, Radio Bhumi, Radio Foorti, Radio shadhin etc.

How to Open Gtv radio mode 

There are few steps to follow to open the Gtv radio mode 

Step 1: First open the GTV live sports application.

Gtv radio mode

Step 2: Click on the left side bar. 

Step 3: Find the Radio option and press it.

Step 4: After that you would get the list of your Favorite Radio stations and pick on those.

Step 5: hence you can enjoy your Radio station.

Different type of platforms used by GTV Live

GTV Stream via Rabbitholebd

As we know that there are several ways to watch live cricket online, one of the important mediums is Rabbitholebd which helps you to live stream cricket and football on the website of rabbitholebd.

Now the question arises: how can you Stream live video?

  1. Go To
  2. Now sign up to watch live cricket
  3. After signing up, you’re done.
  4. Now Enjoy HD live cricket on Gazi TV

You can also BPL(Bangladesh Premier League) here.


GTV Sports also provides their youtube channel, But it is not that active, but suddenly, we had seen a huge update on the frequency of videos on their youtube channel which shows us that, They have decided to push their content on youtube as well.

Popular Series covered by GTV live

  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • Bangladesh Vs. Sri Lanka 2023
  • Bangabandhu T20 Cup 2023
  • IPL 2023 [indian premier league]

Watch IPL Live Match Today 2023 (GTV Live Online)

GTV Live is the best way to watch IPL Live Cricket from Bangladesh. Gazi TV Live Satellite Television Gtv Live Cricket! Television Television Story. Welcome to our website. Enjoy the most powerful gtv live cricket or Gazi TV Satellite Television Essay. This is one of the best and unlimited sources for Essay and Paragraph.

When indoor cricket fans can easily enjoy the similarities on Television. But when they are out of the house they want to watch live cricket matches. Gtv Live IPL 2023 is the best solution for them that you can easily enjoy Blood Tv Live from this page. Some people are always looking to watch Gtv live online on the internet. Here I share the official broadcast of Blood Television.

How to watch IPL 2023 from youtube [Tricks by TNT]

  • First of all Download Any VPN from the play store. [use Vyper VPN,CyberGhost,express VPN]
  • Now connect the server to Bangladesh, Russia, Italy.
  • And come back to this page And Refress once .
  • Now you can easily able to watch live IPL 2023 for free.


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FAQ’s(Frequently answerable Questions)

Ques. Can I watch live sports TV on my phone for free?

Ans.  Yes you can watch the live sports tv  by phone just following the above steps.

Ques. How do I watch live TV on a GTV app?

Ans. You just have to follow some basic Steps which I have already shown. 

Ques. is Gtv live available on your Tv connection?

Ans. Yes it is available in your TV connection.

Ques. is there any way to watch GTV Live without Downloading Apk?

Ans. Yes, there are several websites available inside the market that would help you to watch Live sports. But it turns into illegal action.


In this article we have tried to show you how you can use and download GTV live sports for Entertain yourself, we have done extensive research, we hope you like our article and if you have any questions you can comment below we would be happy to resolve your query.

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