How to Get HBO Now Student Discount in 2023 ?

HBO Now Student Discount

In this article, You will find out how to get HBO, now an online streaming service. The website is full of content from the TV service. It’s It’spular way today to watch some of the best shows. Young people, these days are always looking for new content. 2020 is a year full of great entertainment. Everyone wants new shows and movies to stream. Staying attached to your home can be very stressful for months. Students especially want good deals.

You can check out these apps and find inexpensive content. In this guide, we will look at the offer of HBO Now student discounts. We will try to answer all your questions regarding this service.

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HBO is now a premium streaming service. They have a smaller user base compared to more prominent broadcasters like Netflix. The platform was offering student discounts to its users. It is not currently available for use by new subscribers.

The offer ended a while ago. New users are not able to participate in the student discount program. It was a popular program until a few months ago. Users who are already registered can continue to receive benefits. Subscription fees are less than a few dollars.


HBO is currently in the process of recycling. They are completely changing the way we can broadcast using their app. Changes in HBO Now are significant. The website is no longer fully functional for new users. You can sign up for HBO services online using HBO Max. The HBO Now platform is changing slightly. It is now available to users within the USA only. The HBO Now website is not very responsive. Users cannot create a new account or sign up for their services.


Student discounts may no longer exist, but you can still register. There are tons of shows worth broadcasting. No wonder you have an online streaming service for your favorite TV show. You can come back anytime to stream an episode you missed. We hope our guide will be of great help to you in spreading the best content. Here are the steps you can take to achieve the best results.

  • To start with your subscription, you must visit the HBO Now website. You can begin by clicking on this link – The home page shows you amazing different shows and movies available. You can click at the beginning of your free trial button. The test is available for seven days for new users.

hbo go student discount

  • Like any streaming service provider, you must create an account to use. Users must enter their name and email address and create a password. You should make sure the password is safe and secure with your help. Accept HBO Max terms and conditions to create your account.

how to get hbo go

  • The final step in this process is to enter your payment details. Users can add their credit cards or PayPal. It will help you to start a free trial. Users can enjoy the benefits of the service if this information becomes available. The seven-day period will begin immediately.

hbo max discount code

It’It’sazing! Now you can enjoy a good stream with HBO Max.

HBO Student Discount Price:

hbomax student discount

The HBO Student discount costs $ 9.99 per month (plus tax). It is a premium service with the highest subscription price. Users benefit from their student IDs. These days you can’t get with a new account. The cost is understandable, considering the cost of the subscription. Doing so will cost more. Older users have nothing to worry about HBO Now. Their programs will remain valid until their student status is in good working order. HBO regularly verifies your IDs to ensure that only students receive this donation.

Who can get HBO MAX for FREE?

HBO is reviewing its terms of use this year. New products and services are becoming more popular among people.

The HBO Max platform aims to reduce demolition. HBO subscribers can now start using the HBO Max app. The media has been using this update since May 27. HBO subscribers with their DTH can also get their Max services for free.

You can check the list of providers from the official website. Primary TV services and DTH services already have HBO on their platform. Users can log in using the information on the HBO Max platform.

 Here is the link – A complete list of service providers is available here.

The Advantages of an HBO Now Premium Subscription

Of course, HBO Now’s premNow’subscription has some advantages over free users. When you subscribe to HBO Now Premium, you get benefits like:

  1. HBO Now lets you stLet’sany content with confidence. Yes, you heard right. By subscribing to HBO Now, you can access the entire library and stream all content on the platform.
  2. You can stream content with the best quality. By subscribing to the premium service, you won’t be affected by the quality of content on HBO Now.
  3. You can share accounts with Witwer family members. And everyone can follow it. Moreover, you can use one account on all your devices.

Why do students require HBO Max?

HBO Max is a great way to relax and unwind for college students. With various shows and movies, you can watch your favorites whenever you want. You can also enjoy exclusive content not available on other streaming services!

  1. HBO Max is an affordable premium streaming service.
  2. Students can get HBO Max at a discounted rate.
  3. There is a wide range of TV shows and films based on popular hit series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, or True Detective, as well as well-known original films such as Barry, Vice, and Fahrenheit 9/11* and live sports such as Monday. Nightly football news or NCAA basketball tournaments – all available in HD picture quality with Dolby Digital 5.1* surround sound. Students can preview the show before attending by watching the episode online for free here:

HBO Features:

The HBO Max service offers tons of features. Broadcast services are becoming more popular. It is essential to stand out from the crowd. It also adds value to your purchase. Let’s a booklet the platform.



HBO is a leading Studio Studio. Available on their platform is impressive. We recommend it to all our readers. They have great shows like Game of Thrones and Guards and the latest releases like Euphoria. Specialty in the platform is an excellent reason to invest in content.

We’ve beenWe’vehe the lookout for online entertainment by 2020. The shopping center is in perfect condition for on-the-go and TV screen entertainment.



The streaming platform can expect good results if there is a perfect one. It gives you extra motivation to use the app. These days all Don’tming options give you a collection of original shows. Encourages users to buy original.

HBO Max has new content almost every month. They promise amazing new shows throughout 2020.



HBO Max is a fantastic platform that enables you to stream on multiple devices easily. You can also download the shows and movies available on the forum. It helps you to save data while viewing on the go. Users can simultaneously play it on their smartphones, TVs, Tablets, and laptops. It depends on the platforms that you are utilizing.

These are some of the great features that HBO Max is currently offering. We recommend you go through them and make progress.



No new subscriptions for the HBO Now student discount are available. You can sign up for the HBO Max platform. Their cost is reasonable and similar to the old forum. The services are available for $14.99 per month. It is a fair amount and reduces your expenses for watching TV.

There is, unfortunately, no student discount available for HBO Max. Users can view some free episodes on the platform. Click here –

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HBO Now student discount is no longer available. The entire platform is seeing a massive revamp. We hope our guide can answer How to Get HBO Now Student Discount. Enjoy a great time streaming excellent content.

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