How to Activate Starz on Roku, Apple Tv, Xbox? 2023

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How to Activate Starz on Roku, Apple Tv, Xbox? 2023

If you are looking for how to launch Starz on Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, and iPhone read more about the steps to launch Starz on any smart device.

STARZ is an American-based video and television network. It is a US-based cable and satellite television provider that provides subscription internet coverage.

You can have a 7 days free trail. In my opinion, Starz is one of the most popular Movie Stream networks in the United States offering movies and TV shows. I think some Starz Play users don’t know how to use Starz on their smartphones. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place to learn the steps to move Starz Play. You can also download thoptv apk so that you can watch ipl for free. We have other entertainment apk where you can watch many premium content check out our freebies

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In fact, when it comes to moving Starz, only the Starz Play app needs everything you need to include login information and performance code. And you can use Roku, Apple TV, Android devices, iDevices, Xbox, and many other smart devices from Starz to allow live streaming. To get a Starz Premium subscription, you have to pay $ 8.99 per month. Once you subscribe, you can find all the TV programs, movies, and series that you can afford and more fun. If you want netflix premium apk then you can download it from here.

How does Starz work?

In fact, as I mentioned above, you have to pay $ 8.99 per month to get a Starz Premium subscription. But the progress of Starz Play allows us to enjoy a free trial of Starz for 7 days. Then you need to give the registration fees. You will receive a confirmation number after paying $ 8.99. You have to use code to start watching movies and TV.

  1. First, go to the Starz page and sign in.
  2. Now choose to start your free study to take a free weekly trial.
  3. Register now and add your information. And you will get a free license for the month, after which you will have to pay an $ 8.99 subscription fee if you want to continue Starz.

If you do not live in the United States or Puerto Rico, you will receive a message such as “Unfortunately, you cannot buy Starz outside the United States or Puerto Rico”.

How to Activate Starz in Roku:

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Using Starz on Roku is a bit more complicated than other forms of action on other devices. When you read it correctly, you can add Starz to any device because the same procedure applies to any device.

  1. First, go to Roku.
  2. Select Roku and go to Start and click View Ships there.
  3. Find the Starz channel, I think you can also see other channels here, just click the search button and click Starz, then click on the Starz channel.
  4. I think it will ask for permission to open the path by clicking OK here.
  5.  If you are using the number you want to verify, now enter the PIN.
  6.  After entering the PIN, the Starz channel will open automatically.
  7. To do this, you need to enter the working number to use the Starz channel.
  8. Buy a Starz subscription now, get access to the code, and use it to watch movies, series, TV shows, and more from Starz on Roku.

How to Add Starz Xbox

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Starz is also compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox One models. Here you can find Xbox 360 Emulator for free PC on this site.

  1. First, open the Xbox key and then log in to open the Xbox to get started.
  2. Select these stores and then go to the Applications section.
  3. In apps, you can see different types of programs, just type Starz and search for Starz.
  4. Click Starz to start the process.
  5. Confirm the installation when the popup window opens.
  6. Now go to Starz Games with your Starz login information.
  7. Now open one of the smartphone devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, and then go to Starz’s site.
  8. Now go to the digital field where you can find the Xbox Console on the smartphone.
  9. Send Options to register the device.

I think you are now writing about Starz on Xbox and signed up, what are you waiting for? Watch and enjoy Star Wars movies, TV shows, and series.

How to Manage Starz Apple TV

Manage Starz Apple TV

As always, the same procedure applies to almost all devices, but we will not go into more detail on how to use Starz on your device. You also need to install the Starz app on your Apple TV app and follow the steps I showed on Roku TV. Well, follow me to learn how to add Starz to your Apple TV.

  1. First, turn on your Apple TV
  2.  Now go to your Apple TV AppStore.
  3.  Find the Starz AppStore and install it by following the on-screen steps.
  4. Now go to the home screen of your Apple TV and select the Starz Play app there.
  5. Enter the login information for Starz Play ii.
  6. Open one of the smart devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop, and then go to the Starz page.
  7. Now enter the performance code of the page you can find on the Apple TV screen.
  8. After entering the working code, you can start using Starz Play on your Apple TV phone.

What are you waiting to Watch and watch TV shows, movies and series to watch on Apple TV? Here you can download anything and can watch after.

How to Activate Starz Play on iPhone

I think this feature is interesting because if you are an i-phone user, you can see Starz Street at your fingertips wherever you go. Read more to find out how to connect Starz Play Channel to iPhone without contact.

  1. Open your iPhone first, then go to the AppStore of your iDevice.
  2. Now search for the Starz Play app by clicking the Starz Play button in the AppStore search bar.
  3. Click Click to install Starz Play on your iDevices.
  4. After installing the Starz Play app, open the Starz app and log in to your Starz Play account.
  5. Now open one of the smart devices like Android, iDevices, or Windows PC / Laptop and then go to the Starz page.
  6. Enter the notification command displayed on the iPhone home page.
  7. After entering the authorization code, click Submit to view Starz Play channels on iDevices.

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This is a great compliment, so I give it almost every stylistic feature to any smart device. After reading the whole story, you do not know how to unlock Starz com Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, and Android. If you found this article helpful, please share this article with your friends and family who know how to use Starz.

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