How to Change Hotstar Password (Detailed Guide) 2023

How to Change Hotstar Password (Detailed Guide)

Hello guys, Today I will tell you how to change your Hotstar password on both the website and the Hotstar mobile applications. If you’re not a geek, changing the password is no longer a problem after following the guide below.

Hotstar is an online video streaming platform. You can watch live streaming of sports, TV series, news, movies, sports, and more in various languages ​​on Hotstar. Hotstar is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for mobile and tablet apps and can be found at You can also download Hotstar mod apk

Are you looking for how to change your password on Hotstar? Congratulations on coming to the right website. I will cover all your problems in this blog as. So, don’t worry.

What are Hotstar Apps?

Disney + Hotstar is an online video streaming website and website, or you can name the OTT platform. Where to watch millions of movies, dramas, comedies, sports, and more depending on your genre and region language.

There are two options if you are looking for ways to change the Hotstar password. The first is the Hotstar official website, and the second is to switch using the Hotstar app. Here are steps to change your Hotstar on the web and in the app.

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How to Change Hotstar Password in Mobile App?

If you have the Hotstar app installed on your smartphone, You can easily change your Hotstar password. How to change password Step-by-step Disney+Hotstar VIP or Premium.

image for changing password of hotstar
  • Click on the Menu button on the Hotstar Apk
  • Click on My Accounts and Then Move ahead.
  • You can now click on change password.
  • A notification appears that Hotstar has sent a password reset link to the email address.
  • Open the email address and reset/change your password and click update
  • Log in to your account with a new password

How to Change a Hotstar Password on a Computer?

If you don’t have the mobile app installed Disney+Hotstar, You can change your Hotstar password using your PC or mobile browser. Just follow the instructions below to reset your Hotstar password in minutes.

  1. First, open your browser on your computer and go to
  2. Now click on the “Login” tab in the upper right corner of the page.
    how to find my hotstar password
  3. Then select the option “Do you have a Facebook/email account?” »
    how to change hotstar mobile number

  4. Then click the “Next” button to enter the password page.
  5. Here you need to enter your password. Click on “Forgot your password?”

  6. Enter your registered email id and click on the “Send Email” button.
    how to know my hotstar id and password
  7. Hotstar will send a link to your email address.
  8. You can successfully change your Hotstar password through this link.

Even after changing the password, Hotstar does not offer the option to sign out on all devices, either on a desktop or in its mobile app.

Note: -If you do not want to change your password, you can also try sending Hotstar to [email protected]. Hotstar employees can delete a session from the end, which should resolve the error. However, it is still wise to change your password because if someone steals it, they can sign in to your account again.

Change your Hotstar password in minutes.

With this method, it will take no more than a minute to reset or change your Hotstar password. Follow the steps provided here to alter your Hotstar password easily.

  1. First, open a browser on your phone or computer.
  2. Go to
  3. This is the Hotstar password change page.
    how to know my hotstar id and password
  4. Enter the email id you registered with Hotstar.
  5. Click Send Email to receive a link to your Email.
  6. Use this link to change your Hotstar password.

Can I log out of all devices in Hotstar at once?

What’s surprising is that Hotstar doesn’t force you to log out of other devices. Changing or resetting your Hotstar Premium or VIP password could pose a security risk if someone gains unauthorized access. In that case, you should contact Hotstar and ask them to restore your account.

However, if your Hotstar account has a weak password, You should set a strong password for greater security. While there is no easy way to change your Hotstar password, the Forgot Password option will complete the job. Here’s how you can reset your Hotstar password through the mobile app and web interface.

Please note that you can only change the password for the account you’ve logged into Hotstar via Email. If you registered with your mobile phone number, you would receive a 4-digit verification code when you write.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change my password on Hotstar mobile?

To change the password, follow all these steps.

  1. Sign in to a Hotstar account.
  2. Go to the menu and select My Account.
  3. Select the password change.
  4. Check your registered email address. The reset link was sent.
  5. Relax your key and select a new one.
    All your transactions have been identified.

Can we change the Hotstar password?

You can change the password using your Hotstar app or visit the website.

What is my Hotstar password?

You must sign in to your account and go to the menu section in the upper left corner. Go to my account, where you can see all your account details. And change the password again when your last transaction.

How to change your Hotstar email?

Sign in to your account and go to the menu in the top left corner. Then go to Help below. You will be redirected to the help desk page. Search when you change the Hotstar email id, select your option and follow to change your email id.

How to check Hotstar id and password?

To check your account Id and keys, sign in to the app or website. Go to my account to see your Hotstar id and password and all your account details and transactions.


We’ve tried to cover all the tips and tricks to work on this post to change your Hotstar password. The size of the methods specified in the center is being processed and tested 100%. Please write to the comment box below for any queries related to this.

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