Limbo Mod APK v1.20 Download (Full Paid Version)

Limbo Mod APK v1.20 Download (Full Paid Version)

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Overview Information

Name Limbo Mod APK 
Updated On December 2, 2021
Requires Android 1.20
Publisher Playdead
Category Adventure
Version 1.20
Size 144MB
Package Google Play
MOD Features Full Paid Version
Table Of Contents

Limbo Apk is an exciting morning in the adventure world. The boy is the main character in this game. In fact, he suffers from a mental illness. She was the only child of her parents, but believes someone has kidnapped her younger sister.

Self-sacrifice platforms have always been popular among the masses. There are tons of adventures and puzzles waiting for these types of games. As a result, many games are being developed in this genre. If you’re a fan of this type of game, you’ll love this one.

Limbo is a game developed by Playdead with over 500,000 downloads from the Google Play Store. In this game you can play as a boy with a mental disorder. He thinks his sister was kidnapped by some people. The game starts when you start saving your thoughtful sister. There are puzzles and obstacles waiting for this game. But you will definitely hear the distractions in this game that are enough to scare others away. But if you’re brave enough, keep reading!

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What is Limbo Mod APK?

The game comes with some amazing designs that will take us to a sad world that we have to explore to rescue our sister. We’ll face several puzzles that will remind us of other old games like The Lost Vikings, besides fighting monsters and enemies that use darkness to hide. But don’t worry, if you do, you can start each level as many times as you like.

Limbo focuses primarily on physics-based puzzles. These puzzles involve the player pulling or pushing objects with true momentum, affecting fluids and manipulating electromagnetism and gravity to move objects, just like the player. The game features several different types of puzzles as the game progresses. A frequent puzzle element involves brain slugs that burrow into the boy’s head and force him to walk forward, leaving him unable to stop or turn around until he enters strong light, which damages the brain slug and causes let him turn to flee back into the dark. When hit by a slug, previously benign areas and easily avoidable dangers turn into horrible obstacle courses and deadly traps.

Features of Limbo Mod APK

Free Download

Free Download

Users can download Limbo Apk Mobile completely and enjoy all its features for free. Unlike Limbo Apk, where users need to subscribe to monthly plans to use all Limbo Apk features. Users can easily download the apk for free and get full access to all the beautiful features of Limbo Apk.

The Game is No Different

Horror platforms and adventure games aren’t really uncommon. That’s because it’s rare and these games are appealing to some people. But Playdead managed to get it right while Limbo improved. In this game, you can play horror and platform adventures like any other! The combination and elements of the game make this masterpiece worthy of recognition. It is rated as one of the best puzzle games of the year it was released. Although the game looks simple, it contains all the difficult puzzles you wouldn’t expect.



Self-denial platforms rarely have a scary theme to them. But Limbo includes 2D graphics in black and white! The design is incredibly simple, but amazing. Everything here is created with shadows for you to enjoy the game. The character design is impressive and has a hue with bright white eyes. As for everything else, they did a good production job.



This game couldn’t be simpler! The controls let you use just two buttons. One is used to help the child move and jump. The other button is used to interact with game elements. Also, you don’t need anything else to play this game!



Welcome to Limbo graphics, with mobile play. Translated into 2D, which makes crime scenes a lot of fun. However, it falls into an empty valley. The character animation is a weird cartoon, and details like blood and explosions are given with no real effort. Speaking of details, the basic information is very small. The places he investigates are usually empty of pedestrians and residents, apart from the few he manages to kill. In the end, the graphics don’t match the rest of the simulation, but that’s fine if you want to go to town and commit crimes.

Consorting a Miserable Boy

Miserable Boy

Unfortunately, Limbo has neither instructions nor dialogue. It’s just an endless journey for a boy. All you have to do is control the boy to run, jump and swing the rope to overcome the obstacles.

You will travel through forests forever, floating on rivers, in abandoned houses, repeating all and giving you a sense of hopelessness in the journey without end. If you are accidentally killed, you will return to where you went to start.

Throughout the game, your main enemies will be deep holes, tall trees, lakes, abyss, sharp caves, and giant poisonous spiders. These obstacles will be very difficult to overcome. So, to survive you must always be careful to handle the situation quickly.



The post-game story is very moving. Help the child find a sister who thinks about the game. Limbo is a puzzle game and one of the best games to kill your free time. This game is made by Playdead Game Studio. They are some of the most popular engineers on the Google Play Store. Limbo is a great puzzle game to play on devices running on the Android platform. This game is unique and very different from all others and that’s why users call it aptly.

Protect the child from all dangers and dangers. Good art, memorable memory, and refreshment running in the dark before dawn make this game awesome. The graphics are so good that everything is real. The puzzle has the right difficulty, you will never feel frustrated with. The game controls are the best possible on the touchscreen device.

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How to Download & Install Limbo Mod APK?

If you are new to this site and don’t know how to download Limbo Apk MOD, you can follow the guide below. I am writing this beginner’s guide for everyone to understand easily.

Step 1: You can’t find the app on Google Play so you can download the APK file from any third-party website.

Step 2: Now find Limbo Apk by clicking the ‘Start download’ button. The download will start in a few seconds.


Step 3: After downloading  Limbo Apk, go to File Manager and open the downloaded  Limbo Apk.apk file. When you first install the File Manager application, it may ask for certain permissions.

Step 4: When asking for permission and enabling all necessary permissions, click on ‘Settings’ option.

allow unknown apk

Step 5: After enabling the permissions, press the Back button and try to install the apk file. In the meantime, it will install without errors.

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Limbo is a platform puzzle game. The game uses only two buttons in addition to controlling movement, one to make the child jump and the other for contextual actions such as dragging boxes, pulling levers, or pressing buttons. The child can grab onto an accessible ledge and climb down onto the platform, climb the ladder, push and pull and pull on the threads of nature.

Limbo embodies much of what the Playdead developer describes as a “trial and death” game, which requires players to die multiple times to master the puzzles. Limbo has an extremely user-friendly test system with quick reload, which usually brings the child back before setting the trap of entering the canyon, minimizing player frustration. Stay in touch with us in the next update. Thanks for being with us. Have a beautiful day.


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