PUBG Mobile KR APK + OBB v2.0.0 Download (Korean version Unlimited UC )

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PUBG Mobile KR APK + OBB v2.0.0 Download (Korean version Unlimited UC )

Overview information

Name PUBG Mobile KR APK
Category Games
Size 760MB
Version v2.0.0
Updated On 02-Mar-2024 ( 3:26 am )
Get it On Google Play
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited UC

The Korean version of Pubg is one of the most accurate versions of the famous fighting name. It incorporates local beauty products and has a unique currency known as the Donkatsu Medal, which can be used to purchase chests.

Players in the selected area can download the game without having to worry about the Google Play Store / Apple App Store. Android users from other regions can download this version APK and OBB files or via apps like Tap Tap. you can get also Pubg Lite Mod APK & Pubg New State Mod APK with OBB files.

What is Pubg Korean Version?

The Korean version of Pubg is one of the most popular online shooting games of this era. It is a Korean version of the game. Highly optimized for low-end Android tablets and devices. It is a very beautiful game with incredible playability. It has many different maps to play and also different game modes.

Later, although Tencent also sold a mobile version, the advantages of the Korean server were there. Usually if you play video game servers in China and Korea, you will get instant updates and so on with exciting programming.

This is PUBG Mobile KR, completely on Korean servers, all without paying a single penny. You can freely download it and enjoy the game.

Features Pubg Korea Version Apk

Support for All Devices

Pubg Korea Version Hack 1.6.0 is compatible with all devices regardless of whether your device is Android 10 version or not. It will work on all your devices. There are no installation errors or bugs, just download and enjoy the game without any problems that you may have encountered before installing the game.

Improved Classic Mode

Erangel and Sanhawk filled classic mode has been updated. You can play in solo, duo and group modes. Now the damage has been done to the parts of the car. Crouch, Snap, and Run buttons updated.

Massive and Bustling Battlefield

PUBG MOBILE has always been successful in creating a vibrant and vibrant battlefield, while also creating a wide variety of scenarios in many locations to take the player experience to a whole new level. Additionally, anywhere on the map can be a battlefield, and the game uses special systems to unlock weapons, items, and more to allow players to survive as long as possible. In addition, countless events and unforeseen events will often occur on the map and create tropical and subtropical areas. Not just a live battlefield, but players can have fun doing whatever they want to hear and enjoy the high-quality spirit of the survival action genre.

Enhanced Graphics

Outside of the great battlefield, the game will enhance the player’s visual experience to a new height thanks to fully developed and realistic 3D graphics. It will also introduce players to many interesting photo settings, allowing them to customize everything and change the color of the world to suit their style. Everything around the player will be clearer than before; also an ecosystem and map plants will be useful to block the player’s view. The game will create a very real battlefield that other games will not have; even gamers can benefit from the efficiency of their images to survive and fight hard.

Exciting Game Modes

The game will always delight gamers due to the variety of game types and interesting content. Depending on the game mode, the repair and mapping system will change drastically, even continually creating small events to shake up the mood on the map. In addition, the sidebar game modes enrich the game and players can relax with their teammates with slow speed and low-level modes. Not only that, but the new game modes will be updated weekly and will always be accompanied by exciting events and activities that will allow players to receive numerous rewards.

Beautiful Costumes

The battlefield can be a disaster if there are no player uniforms in many areas. Therefore, PUBG MOBILE has introduced a fantastic clothing program where players can find countless different patterns and designs, funny, cool, smart, fashionable special effects, etc. or various interactions. Additionally, costumes, weapons, and vehicles will feature special skins, and players will be able to customize their characters to stand out from the crowd.

Earn Tremendous Rewards With Battle Pass

If a player works diligently while playing, PUBG MOBILE will feature the Battle Pass feature to win a variety of attractive prizes based on their progression. Interestingly, BP will continue to change throughout the season while also featuring exciting new rewards with game updates. With it, players can find special items, clothing, skins, emotes, and more as they continue to complete their special mission. Also, as players steadily increase in the BP system, the rewards are richer and give players more opportunities to shine and receive rare rewards.

Various Themed Events in Collaboration

The game itself is well known and widely known around the world, which is why it often collaborates with many franchises or other major events to provide players with much more interesting content. The powerful impact of collaborations is a major change to the maps, such as exciting new game modes, activities, and events. In addition, it will include clothing, weapons and leather throughout the map to create more exciting missions and attract more players to the battlefield.

Play With Friends

You can easily play this game with your friends. Play games online with your friends and play against other players from all over the world. You can add up to 4 friends to a group and play together. It is so much fun to play with your friends. You can create a voice chat in the game. Talk to your friends and other players about this great feature.

Best Controls

The controls in this game are difficult because you cannot understand everything at once. You can adjust the controls from the settings for a better experience. You can resize the buttons and change the position of the buttons on the screen. It also supports visual inspection.

Start a Quick Game

PUBG Mobile KR APK offers the fastest combination of the first game without wasting your time. The previous mode match expires up to 30 minutes. But quick match modes will complete each match in 10-15 minutes. Quick game, battle and shooting war are now available. A fast game like the old games, but the times to finish it are few. Sniper games players can only use sniper rifles. The gameplay does not limit weapons to sniper games. War games are held with 20 players and divided into five teams. Any weapon is provided in battle games. Randomly selected weapons provided in battle games.

Team Death Games

Especially my team and I will play these team death games. PUBG Mobile KR APK offers TDM similarity for many weapons. Use those weapons to enhance the player’s shooting experience and gaming skills. Better to start the same 1v1 in TDM. The game made five types of TDM games. TDM, TDM Warehouse, Domination, Gun game and TDM ruins. The TDM player selects a shotgun on the basic level. Warehouse TDM mode provides some weapons on both sides. In Dominion mode, the team will be under points A, B, C of the game. The gun game was good, and after the murder, the gun game changed weapons. Ruine TDM was a modified version of the TDM theme.

PUBG MOBILE always succeeds in creating a bustling and vibrant battlefield, even creating many different atmospheres at many locations to stimulate the player’s experience to a new level so you can try BGMI Mod Apk & get PUBG Free UC with one click.

How to Download and Install Pubg Korean Version Apk ?

  • Go to “Unknown sources” in Settings. Then go to Security and enable the Security option.
    allow unknown apk
  • Go to the download manager of your Android device and click on pubg. time to download.
  • There are two options for a cell phone screen. There are two ways to install the operating system and all you need to do is to quickly launch it on your Android device.
    image of Installing PUBG Mobile KR APK
  • You will see a pop-up window with options on your mobile screen. You have to wait a while for it to appear.
  • Once the download and installation are complete, click the “Open” option and unlock your mobile device’s screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is Pubg Korean Version Banned In Korea?

Ans: PUBG Mobile KR engineers have decided to ban international gamers from playing traditional games. And here is everything you need to know about the ban. PUBG Mobile Korea will not allow players outside of Japan and Korea.

Ques: What Is the Difference Between the Korean Version and the International Version of Pubg?

Ans: PUBG Mobile (Kr) gets updates faster than the global version. In the Korean version, new features such as maps, weapons, and skins were introduced before the global version. The Korean version offers better rewards than the global version of PUBG Mobile.

Ques: Can I Transfer My Korean Account to BGMI?

Ans: No, you cannot transfer PUBG Mobile KD to BGMI. For PUBG Mobile it’s about murder, while for BGMI it’s about extinction. Therefore, you will not be able to transfer your KD to BGMI.

Ques: Is Pubg Korean Version Safe?

Ans: A few months ago, PUBG Mobile, along with 117 other Chinese apps, was shut down in India by the Department of Information Technology and Technology. With the PUBG Mobile Global version banned, the Korean version of the game is still played domestically.

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The beautiful and impressive PUBG MOBILE gameplay has been continually improved over time and at the same time brings amazing changes for everyone every season. In particular, special events or different game modes will be a great opportunity for players to win tons of prizes, even while having fun with their teammates in hot and turbulent areas. The above are the reasons for the popularity and variety of the game, and it hasn’t disappointed players with all the new reviews.


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