TextNow Number Lookup: Track Who Owns TextNow Number ( Working Tricks ) 2023

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TextNow Number Lookup: Track Who Owns TextNow Number ( Working Tricks ) 2023

If you’re here, you probably know what TextNow is, and now you’re probably looking for the best way to find a message number. as you may have heard, The system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service which suggests that numbers cannot be tracked and find the owner. But that’s not true.

Want to track a TextNow number? Whether you’ve lost your phone or just trying to track a friend or family member. Tracking a TextNow number is easy. But how do you track a TextNow number?

There are several ways to track down the owner of a TextNow number. However, the most popular is using a phone finder service, creating another TextNow account, searching the web and social media, or contacting TextNow directly.

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What is TextNow?

TextNow is an online communication system that does not work well with WhatsApp, Signal, or Skype, even though they all serve the same purpose. TextNow is an all-in-one phone service that you can use within the app. You can use TextNow to receive free WiFi calls and text messages at home and connected to WiFi networks.

What is TextNow

The difference between TextNow and other messaging apps is that they offer a mobile app built right into the app. It is similar to a network operator who provides you with a SIM card that allows you to use network data services to make calls, send messages, and connect to the Internet.

TextNow creates data so that you can use it to access your entire system. They offer a complete subscription of INR 3,024 per month, giving you everything without limits. But with new data, TextNow is getting more and more popular with free calling and messaging.

Can I track TextNow?

Like Google Voice, TextNow gives users a personal phone number to make free calls and text over Wi-Fi. It also applies to devices such as desktop and laptop computers.

In most cases, VoIP numbers are anonymous and difficult to trace. It will leave a digital trace, which you can trace like a regular phone number.

How do you know who owns the TextNow number?

There is no way to track someone with their TextNow number. However, there are strategies you can try that might work for you.

1. Create another account

Once you use a compelling story to attract other people or build a relationship with that person, you are more likely to find out who owns the TextNow number.

You can create a new TextNow account, get a unique number, and send a text message to that person. You need to create an exciting or relevant story to attract others.

2. Determine the owner of the TextNow number by displaying an unknown TextNow number

  • To find out who owns the TextNow number, open the unknown TextNow number.
  • Enter the TextNow number you want to display in the TextNow Number Validator.
  • Wait for the TextNow number verification report. The TextNow Number Lookup Tool may take 3-5 minutes to retrieve all the information associated with the TextNow Number.
  • When the TextNow call monitor retrieves all the information, you will be redirected to a page to find all the details with the TextNow number you are looking for.

3. Find out who owns TextNow by looking at their TextNow number

You can monitor the TextNow number in the following ways.

  • You can get the picture if the user enters the correct email address.
  • The first and last name is also displayed in the account details. So if this information is correct, you know the person’s name.
  • Monitor the call history and try to see if the number is registered. You can try to find it from memory.
  • You can also check the text log history to see if you have ever worked with this number.
  • The user can be tracked using the IP address information of the device used but does not have access to the IP-related information.
  • The privacy policy collects most user data like IP addresses, email details, device details, phone log details, and messages, but TextNow will not share them with you.

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How to Track TextNow Number Easily?

1. Use the Trucaller app.

Truecaller is a world-famous app available for Android and IOS phones. This app is best known for offering its users various features like call management, SMS service, spam blocking, and even target caller ID.

With a new update, Truecaller has now introduced an in-depth tracking feature where the user can track the name of the number holder and get specific details about the function of the number.

You can also add a target phone number, after which someone else can be notified of your call two or three minutes before you.

You can even get a premium version of this app for a lower price where you can see who is viewing your profile, an ad-free version, powerful spam blocking, and a simple boost to find new contacts. The actual calling app works with an algorithm used by the app to display numerical information, among other things.

This application is based on the concept of CrowdSourcing to provide users with the information they need. When a user downloads an application, it asks for more information and permissions, such as B. to create and manage call logs, call contacts, send and view SMS, etc.

Contact information is synced with the caller’s location when these permissions are enabled. This is how all the app users have their data synced with the Truecaller website.

And when someone receives a call from an unknown number, you can check the name and location of the caller.

outstanding caller id to know who's Calling

To track the TextNow number from Truecaller, you have to follow some steps:

  • First, you must download and install the Truecaller app and give it all the necessary permissions.
  • Complete the registration process by entering your name, address, email ID, and other required details.
  • Now go to the top of the app search bar and type the contact number of the person you want to follow.
  • You’ll see their details when that person’s data is synced with Truecaller.
  • You will see your username, address, and username on the page.
  • Clicking on a location will open the Google Maps section, and you can easily track someone from there. screenshot 2022 04 1 p47TZ
    These are two basic ways anyone can easily trace TextNow numbers.

2. Use SpyForMe

SPYFORME is one of the best and most widely used testing tools, and TextNow testing is one of those features.

If you are receiving fake calls, have been a victim of cyberbullying or cyberbullying, or are living in an untrustworthy relationship, then Spyforme can help you spy on others.

Do you want to know who could be behind the TextNow number? If yes, learn more about the steps.

Instead of randomly searching other platforms for a person and using all your power for nothing in return.


Follow these steps to check the TextNow number in the Spyforme tool:

  • First, type the number in the search bar and press the “Search” button.
  • spy for me text now
  • Wait 20 to 50 seconds for the site to search for personal information.
  • After browsing the site, you will be redirected to a page where you will find all your personal information.

Is TextNow Good?

Popular service TextNow provides free SMS and calls. The business has millions of customers and has been in business since 2009.

TextNow offers many features. Includes the ability to create your number, use Wi-Fi for calls and SMS. and send and receive picture messages. This service is available in the US and Canada.

TextNow generally has positive reviews. Users love that it’s free and has a lot of features.

However, some users complained about the quality of the service. Especially call quality

TextNow is a good choice for free texting and calling services. The company has been around for a long time and has many features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why do I have more than one number on my TextNow phone?

Ans: This is the most common question from new wireless users. If you are a wireless user, you may notice on your TextNow device that you have a TextNow phone number and an item called My Phone Number in the main Settings app. Your TextNow number is the number you want your friends and family to call and text you, and from this number, your calls, and text messages are sent.

Ques: Can a fake number be tracked?

Ans: To find out if the number is wrong, you can look in the phone backward to find the number. If there are no results, there is a big red flag. This may mean that the number they called is not an actual number

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This article explains how to identify a TextNow number and track the information of that specific number using Truecaller or other TextNow online tracking tools. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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