Vipbox Alternatives – Top 5+ Best Working Updated List 2023

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Fans of various kinds of sports awaken for your savior is here. Everyone who is a fan of sports such as ice, hockey, or any other sports tournament hosted live will be aware of VIP Box. It is the best service in the world which never fails to disappoint its users. They do their best to provide live streams of games and tournaments of all sorts happening worldwide. The only backlash about this service is that this site goes down often. Who knows what may be the reason, but mostly it’s the government of that particular region that blocks it from serving free live streams. 

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So, today in this article we will be talking about the 5 best alternatives to VIPBox which are up and running.

What is a VIPbox?

Vipbox is the best streaming site in the world, broadcasting every major sporting and entertainment program worldwide. All you have to do is visit the website and watch live sporting events on your PC or mobile device.

You can watch sports activities like golf stream, football stream, ice hockey, basketball stream. The VIP Box covers all major sporting events and provides live coverage to all of you.

VIP Box entertains fans by facilitating free streams from all over the world. Now let’s look at some of the major flagship sports event programs that air VIP Box for fans.

Features of VIPBox

VIPBox football

VIP Box offers football match live stream for fans so they can watch thrilling matches live from their home. Since football is a sport that has a large number of fans, people love to play and watch football games.

The VIP box gives people the pleasure of broadcasting live football matches live at their home, where they can enjoy the match on their device either at home or in the office.

VIPBox boxing

The VIP box broadcasts major boxing events and them.

In general, boxing matches are always a high-temperature sport that drives fans crazy – offers live boxing match streams to every fan.

VIPBox Rugby

Do you want to watch rugby matches? Then you have good news. VIP Box Rugby brings you live rugby matches

Now you can watch rugby matches from your home. You do not have to pay for the live stream.

VIPBox basketball

If you love watching basketball matches, VIPbox basketball is for you.

VIP box basketball broadcasts live matches for you. Sit back and relax, enjoy your favorite sport live in your home.

Vipbox ufc

Are you a fan of fighting games? Then VIPBox ufc is the ultimate partner for you, it frees up your free time and we can enjoy all ufc matches live on free sports stream.

Click on the link in VIPbox Live Sports to watch live UFC matches.

VIPBox Golf

If you want to watch golf tournaments, you must know about Tiger Woods. Golf is an expensive sport to play and fun to watch.

VIPBox Golf offers you live game coverage for your device from the golf course. Play golf with your favorite player now and stream live on your PC or phone.

The list has been updated to 2022 and all the sites herein, work pretty much the same as VIPBox works.

  1. Streamhunter
  2. SuperSport

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Streamhunter ss

Top on the list we have. Streamhunter, probably the best alternative to VIPBox. People who are fans of VIPBox don’t like to pay and watch a stream. This site provides the same service as VIPBox. You are directly presented with all the live streams happening without any nonsense clutter on opening the site. The site has a catalog on the top which marks all the sports section. Tapon your favorite one, and you will be presented with a list of streams. Tap on the one you wish to watch and booyah, ready to play.


SuperSport screenshot

It is an African-based television channel that lives streams the tournaments as soon as they are aired. It is the second-best alternative to VIPBox. The UI of this site is quite professional, looking like those of ESPN or StarSports. The site offers live streams from WWE to ice hockey. The range of the live streams it provides is huge, and I assure you that fans won’t be disappointed after trying this site. This makes us put this site on number 2, in the list of 5 best alternatives to VIPBox. screen

It is the most simple to use the website when it comes to watching live streams. The website has an index-like feel which makes it easier to find just what we are looking for. The site provides an index of the sports happening around the world on that particular day. The list gets updated daily. It also provides sports categories that help in pinpointing what live stream we are looking for. VIPBpox users will be satisfied with what this site has to offer. The site has 1 Million users across the world. This put the website 3rd on our list of best alternatives to VIPBox. screenshot

Another best site that is worthy of taking on the likes of VIPBox. This site provides all live streams without any cost or premium or any membership. It has also offered information about the schedule of the next upcoming Livestream of your favorite sports. Sometimes it has a problem of staying down or off the radar for a while, but when it awakens, oh boy, the fun is unlimited and non-stopping. This site has all that it takes to satisfy the users of VIPBox. As the name suggests, this site uses Internet protocol to Livestream the tournament content.

cricfree tv ss

This is another great site that provides lifestreaming for all sports around the world. The website is almost ad-free. It only shows one ad, which is of the site only. The site doesn’t directly host its own content; it provides links to third-party websites live streaming the tournament. Be careful while using this site cause the site has been blocked by the government of several countries. Use a VPN to bypass the restrictions and enjoy your free live stream from the comfort of your home.

FAQ of VIPbox ?

What is a VIP box?
VIP box is a free streaming site that allows you to stream major sports and entertainment. All you have to do is visit the site and watch live games on your PC or smartphone. You can broadcast sports matches such as football, golf, basketball, hockey, and more.

Is the VIP box safe to access?
Yes, this site is safe to access, but please use a VPN to protect your personal data.

What are sites like VIP BOX?
The best VIP box alternatives for sporting online streaming (sites like VIP box). SportsRRTV feed2all. MamaHD. Faster Sports EU. Streamwood. Laola 1.

Do you need a VPN to stream sports on VIP BOX?
Yes. Having a VPN is a must when using streaming games on VIPBox. It hides your activities while broadcasting the game and keeps you anonymous from your government and ISP.


So this was our short article on the 5 best alternatives to VIPBox. The sites mentioned here are fully working. We assure you that you will not remember VIPBox while using this site. They’re almost similar to VIPBox and offer the same service for free. However, some sites are restricted in some countries and hence you need to use a VPN to bypass the restrictions and watch your favourite live streams.

Comment your doubts and queries down below and I will sort them out ASAP. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your sports-loving friends. Until then keep reading.


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