How to Get Audible Student Discount in 2023 [Updated Guide]

Audible Student Discount

In this post, we explored how we get Audible Student Discount in 2021? People say that your college years are the best time of your life. But, little do they know how much of a struggle it is for some students, and they tend to leave out the part where you are struggling and collecting every dollar for textbooks, food, and outings.

Money is always tight when you are a student and you are not independent yet, and that financial stress can be tough when you realize the reality of having to stay on top of your studies.

How to Get Audible Student Discount in 2021

If there is a good thing in today’s era, it’s student discounts. Many companies offer their products and services at a discount to those struggling through the years of their college life with lectures, writing, researching, and studying for their final year. Being a student is not so easy.

The Audible Student Membership gives you 30 percent off, or simply about $9.95 per month. It includes three titles every month; one is an audiobook and two Audible Originals and audio-guided workouts. You also get a $10 promotional credit when you sign up on Audible.

You don’t need to carry around any extra and heavy books everywhere you go now; you can use Audible and take your books with you on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere you go.

Just download the app on your favorite device and start listening to the audiobooks. And, once you’ve downloaded an audiobook, you don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi to listen. So, you can enjoy listening anywhere at any time even though you are offline.

Subscriptions normally start with a 30-day free trial, so you can try Audible before you buy it! Also, if you ever plan to cancel the membership later, that is possible and easy. An audible membership paid for per month is easy and the right decision for many students.



Audible is an amazing way to listen to books with monthly membership options, and the way its audiobooks have transformed the concept of reading is just mind-blowing.

When you sign up for Audible, you can get access to more than 200,000 books to choose from, and it is also a great way to listen to your favorite novels, and you can even share the same experience with your friends or family which is definitely cool.

All the Audible products are downloaded and saved in your Audible Library, where you can go anytime and listen or re-download it whenever you require. All the products can be listened to in online mode and an offline mode or in a device’s flight mode too, and all books can be exchanged for another at any time.

You may download the app straight on your smartphone or use it on your laptop as well. You can listen to your favorite novels anytime, at home, at college, at the park, or at the gym. Just plug in your earphones and pick your favorite novel.

If you are a student who loves reading books or listening to audiobooks, you will definitely want to take advantage of any student discounts available from Audible. Audible currently has a special student discount to get up to 30% off and a $10 Amazon credit when you sign up.

The student membership plan is simply a discounted version of a regular Audible membership in which you will get all of the same features of Audible. This discount offer is for the new members who have not yet signed up for an Audible account. Also, for a limited time period, students can get 3 audiobooks for just $3.00 – around $1 for each of them.

Check Other Student Offers Discounts –


  • You need to Click Here.
  • Simply log in or sign up to your UNiDAYS account to verify Audible student discount eligibility.
  • You will get a $9.95 per month membership for about 2 months
  • You will have to reconfirm your student status and renew your student membership before your first anniversary with Audible. Well, if you do not reconfirm your status and/or are no longer a qualified student, your subscription will renew as per the standard Audible Gold membership price. (You can cancel at any time)
  • You will be able to receive the discounted student rate for a maximum of 4 years, and at the end of the fourth year, your membership of Audible will renew into a standard Audible Gold monthly membership


Audible can be a good way to supplement your library borrowing habit, especially when the student discount costs only $10 per month. (Seems great, right?) That’s $5 less than a regular membership, and you get all the perks that you get in the gold membership –

  •  You get one credit per month for you to use on any title available in the Audible library-  plus two Audible Originals for totally free.
  • This company also regularly has daily deals and book sales that are only available to its members, so you can often get two titles for the price of one or for as low as $2 only.
  • Free, free, and free unlimited listening to Audible audiobooks. You can download as many as you would like to without any extra hidden cost!
  • If someday, even if you cancel the membership, all the audiobooks in your Audible Library are yours and only yours to keep.
  • You get most of the audiobooks of your choice every month, regardless of the price.
  • You can even swap your audiobooks for free if you didn’t like them.

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This is all you need to know about the Audible Student Discount. Whether you want to listen to a book that requires reading or get into some other world of your favorite Novels, Audible has thousands of titles available for you.

Audible isn’t just about listening to fiction books, but most students can also use it to catch up on some news relevant to their studies. Audible gives you a set price per audiobook that you can purchase if you like, without any contract or ongoing obligation.

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