How to Get CBS All Access Student Discount in [Full Guide*] 2023

CBS All Access Student Discount

Hey, guys are you looking for CBS All Access Student Discount than you are landed at the right blog post, Today we will discuss each and everything related to CBS All Access students’ accounts and its advantages.

According to the CBS website, the CBS All Access will offer student discounts that provide you 25% off your monthly bills. This discount is valid for the “limited Commercial” option. So, that means students are going to receive CBS’s streaming in discounted rates to watch their on-demand shows with live TV that includes Big brother, NFL, and many more.

The students who pay $5.99 per month for CBS All Access Streaming services now get a discount and pay $4.50 per month for subscription services. Honestly, this could be a pretty much fair deal for college students.

About CBS ALL Access Student Discount:

The CBS All Access is also a famous live video streaming service offered by CBS. This streaming service has its catalog of thousands of live TV shows that run throughout the year. Interestingly, the live TV option allows you to access PGA Tour, NCAA tournaments, and many other live sports events.

Along with this, you can also watch the favorite TV shows on-demand and live shows too. The CBS programs include Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory, Man with a Plan, NCIS, and the two most popular original CBS All Access shows, Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight. In addition to this, this streaming also has older programs like Under the Dome and Jericho.

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What You Get On Student Discount At CBS All Access?

Student discounts allow you to have a “limited Commercial” plan that means you will have only occasional commercials while watching your on-demand shows. The 25% CBS All-access student discount can only apply to the limited ad version but not for the free ad version.

To get this discount, you need to sign up for the CBS All Access student discount with your college is or .edu email address.

This is because when you sign up with your college id, the CBS All Access gets to know that you are a registered college student. After the sign-up process, CBS All Access lets you broadcast live on their network that allows you to stream live shows and other events.

1. Live Sports

The CBS All Access student discount gives you access to the live sports that include live PGA tours, NFL games, NCAA tournaments, and many other sports events. Moreover, you will get access to watch out shows either live or on-demand. So, you can enjoy your sports anytime.

2. Exclusive Original CBS Series

CBS also gives you access to the latest original CBS series that you might miss elsewhere. Sir Patrick Stewart will soon choke you with his legendary role in the upcoming series as Jean-Luc Picard.

Don’t forget to watch the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Keep your eye on for Kevin Williamson’s, Tell Me A Story. One Dollar, Fairy Tales, Strange Angels give you more and more surprises this time.

 3. Big Brother

Big Brother, the most famous reality shows and biggest hit in Tv history. People wait eagerly for the season to watch their favorite celebrities lock in the home for three months. Now you can have access to this show on student discounts that further boost up your entertainment.

Well, all these are mere scratches that we highlight of the exclusive shows that you’ll get at CBS All Access student discount. After signing up for the student discount, you could access various TV buzz and upcoming CBS coming seasons and favorite sports stars and celebrities’ current updates.

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So, don’t sit and hurry up! Sign up into the CBS site, avail your discount, and enjoy streaming and free trial services to watch your favorite shows.

So after reading this article, You already got to know that CBS Student discount for Students. But You can surely try the other tricks that we have written in this blog.

I hope you all have loved our article. If you face an issue then keep updating us in the comments so that we can deliver you better.

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