Best Canva Alternatives (Free and Premium Tools) 2023

Best Canva Alternatives

Canva is one of the most leading designing and editing tools available online. It is hands-down the best designing and photo editing app with millions of users globally. However, as much as Canva is serving its best, there is no harm in exploring around and see what works the best for you. If you are looking for the best Canva alternatives, you have landed on the right post.

Whether you need the best graphic design tools or casually looking for the best photo editing tools, you can never go wrong after reading this post.

In this article, we have provided you with some of the top-notch Canva alternatives that serve as excellent photo editing tools and design tools. By the end of this post, you will be able to pick out the best alternative to Canva for yourself.

With that being said, let us dig straight into the list.

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Best Canva Alternatives Of 2022

So here is our handpicked list of best Canva alternatives with free & paid accounts.

1. Visme

Visme is one of the preferable Canva Alternatives due to its versatility, as it comes with the ability to create various graphics, short videos, presentations, infographics, and much more. Visme also lets you share the designs on your social media as well.

Due to its straightforward interpretation and printing, the outcome of Visme’s representation is breathtaking. Visme is easy to use for users having zero experience in the graphic design world. Additionally, it serves as a great visual design tool for users who need a different experience than Canva.

Furthermore, Visme also comes with an audio feature, templates designed by professionals, and easy customization, making it one of the best alternatives for Canva.

Key Features: 

  • The drag-and-drop interface designs visually engaging content. It is straightforward to use for beginners.
  • Visme lets you download the content in any format of your choice.
  • Visme contains collaborative features that permit you to work on visuals with multiple people.
  •  Comes with an audio quality embedded within it.
  • Provides multiple beautiful templates to get started.


Unfortunately, the app does not provide any free trial or free version, but paying for Visme is worth it. The paid plan begins at $15 per month, and you can pay it annually as well.

2. Stencil

Stencil is a Graphic design tool mainly based on the cloud, which visually engages social media content quickly. The Stencil is designed to generate images and is certainly glitch-free. A stencil is an excellent tool that offers a browser extension to help you customize the design and provides a series of quotes that you may add to your design. Furthermore, it comes with fantastic design features.

The Stencil comes super handy to social media influencers, marketers, or bloggers even as it only elevates the content’s look in a few steps. The graphic design tool is easy to use with fantastic grasping capability despite having zero experience in the graphic design world, making it one of the best on the list.

Stencil also allows easy customizations and uploading images or designs on your social media. The app serves as a photo editing and graphic design tool in one.

Key Features: 

  • Stencil contains an extensive collection of quotes, graphics, icons, and more.
  • Provides an extra Browser extension.
  • The Stencil has over 2k royalty-free Stencil icons that you can opt for!
  • Provides 50+ templates to let you choose from.
  • Stencil enables you to insert original images in the design.


Stencil does not offer any free app trial, but you can grab the app at a feasible price. The paid plan begins at $9 per month, and you can pay it annually as well. The paid subscriptions give you even better results.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr belongs to the family of photo editing applications built by using flash. Pixlr is also known to make a perfect alternative for Photoshop.

Pixlr lets you edit the images or designs straight on the browser, unlike other websites, which almost force you to download their applications or software even. Besides graphic design, you can use Pixlr as a photo editing and design tool.

If you’re one of those people who cannot capture perfect images and needs to blur or crop a specific part from the frame, then Pixlr is an excellent option for you!

However, Pixlr does not support BMP and tiff formatting and contains no cloud storage set to store your edited designs.

Some people prefer Pixlr over Canva due to its uniqueness, making it the preferable alternative. It is undoubtedly, an excellent tool for graphic designers that makes it easy to create beautiful and unique designs.

Key Features:

  • Pixlr is a do-it-for-yourself medium for any graphic design tool.
  • Allows you to insert custom fonts, textures, dust reflects, and even shine to your images.
  • You can customize the photos using Pixlr, enabling you to crop or blur the picture.
  • Pixlr also works as a reliable photo editor for users who need to create images with practical effects.


Although Pixlr does not come with a free trial, it still offers feasible paid plans. The paid subscription begins at $4.90 per month, and you can pay it annually as well. The benefit of having a premium plan is that you get access to additional templates, design features, and more. Pixlr also comes with a $49 plan for a limited duration.

4. Snappa

Snappa is a royalty-free designing and editing tool that lets you choose from multiple templates and upload your original images to customize your design. Besides, it provides excellent editing features.

One of the beautiful things about Snappa is it comes with preformatted templates that you don’t need to customize according to your designs; it already covers all sizes.

Snappa is a financially convenient tool as it also supports collaborations between teammates. Moreover, the graphics available on Snappa is free of cost, making it even more feasible for entrepreneurs.

Snappa is an easy-to-use design app despite having zero experience in the graphic design world, making it the best on our list.

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Key Features: 

  • This great tool lets you insert your customized fonts in the design to add text easily.
  • Another thing that Snappa allows you to do is to post your images on the social platform from Snappa itself.
  • Comes with a buffer integration feature.
  • The design app offers plenty of ready-made templates for you to choose from, making it easy to create beautiful designs within no time.


Snappa has a free version, but if you want to create images with the best tools, you can go for paid plans that begin at $10 per month, and you can pay it annually. But if you are thinking of having a team subscription, it comes with $20 per month, billed annually. The paid subscription comes with even better results.

5. Easil

Easil consists of animated templates and is most famous for its photo editing skills. It lets you insert original images into the design to create their templates to work on it later. It also helps you with layered the components that you can visually organize, rename, and even group without deleting anything, as you can archive them if you have a change of heart.

As the name suggests, Easil is easy to use, especially if you don’t have enough time to design the content from scratch; in that case, you could opt for the preformatted template.

Another best thing about Easil is its color palette generating tool, which lets you customize the logo colors. Moreover, if you want to create a design quickly, you can drag-and-drop the colors through images.

Easil is also pretty affordable with promising features such as brand locking, design approvals, accessing brand assets and brand kits, and many more. Easil provides a collection of royalty-free graphics, and you can even use these tools if you want to create gifs.

Key Features:

  • With Easil, not only can you create templates, but it also provides you with vibrant ones.
  • Allows you to customize the page with an innovative look.
  • The app’s primary feature is its on-point editing capabilities.
  • Contains shape masks, patterns, illustrations, and much more.
  • Provides royalty-free graphics that you can also use to make gifs.


Easil has a free plan, but the paid pro plan begins at $7.50 per member every month, and you can also pay it annually.

6. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the latest invention of the Adobe team, which is compatible with the browser and the phone, for it lets you generate a visually pleasing website.

Adobe Spark comes with the ability to create short and simple animations, as it is mainly used as a graphic tool but does not mistake it as photoshop or illustrator.

Adobe Spark is easy to use despite having zero experience in the graphic design world, and it works best if you could send the message across within a page.

Adobe Spark works the best with cloud-generator content as it starts with short videos, web content, customizable tools, themes, animated videos, and many more.

Adobe Spark’s interface is quite simple as it lets you generate social media graphics quickly. It helps you create high-quality designs without any hassle. Hence, Adobe spark is known as one of the best & easy to use services.

Key Features: 

  • The design app lets you add text, logos, colors, and simple templates.
  • Adobe Sparks help you generate content related to social media superquick.
  • Other features include curved texts, animations, and icons from its stock.
  • The alternative lets you develop social media graphics.
  • Adobe Sparks is mainly used for making animations.


Adobe spark does not come with a free version, but it still has affordable plans. Adobe Spark’s essential has a free program for the first 15 days, but the pro plan begins at $9.99 per month individually and $19.99 per month for the team. You can pay it annually as well.

7. Crello

Crello is the best online platform for making short videos and designs and even putting them up on social media. Crello is most famous for its animated effects as it brings its templates and objects to life by adding animations.

The format contains square and vertical videos, social media stories, and cover posts, elevating your brand. Crello also has a decent collection of templates, including illustrations and other web content.

Key Features: 

  • It lets you customize animations and even share them on your social media page.
  • The app mixes the illustrations and images and puts them in a new idea.
  • Crello has a good template collection.
  • It is compatible with graphics and other web content.
  • Crello comes in the format of square and vertical videos.


Crello does not come with a free trial. However, it still offers affordable paid plans. The basic plan of Crello begins at $7.99 per month, and you can pay it annually as well.

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Canva is trending in the graphic designing and editing world. Although it may not be as preferable as Photoshop, in a Professional’s opinion, it still works best when you are running late and need to get done with the work. If Canva isn’t serving your expectations ultimately, picking one of the listed above graphic design tools will not harm you. 

If you need a quick solution, we recommend going with Visme or Stencil.

In the end, pick the one that fits your need and budget. We hope you were able to find the perfect alternatives to Canva. Let us know which graphic design tools are you picking from the list in the comments section below.

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