How to Cancel Chegg Subscription ( Simple & Working Steps ) 2023

how to cancel chegg subscribtion

As the world progresses, learning processes also improve. The common reading style involving textbooks, notebooks, and whiteboards has mostly been replaced by a modern reading style that includes PPT presentations, online lessons, PDF textbook files, and online notes.

There are many forums where online learning is easier for students. Chegg is one of many learning platforms of its kind.

Chegg, an educational technology company based in Santa Clara, California, offers educational resources. Chegg subscriptions give you access to real and digital textbooks that you can rent from a feature-rich website. The account also allows you to select online learning resources and other student resources.

The site also offers professional Q&A and FAQ services. Students can also access a variety of textbook solutions and homework answers provided by top experts in many of the learning areas available.if you are a student then you can get free tips about to Free Chegg Account Trials & Earn Money from Chegg 

The account helps students find detailed information on questions and the opportunity to improve their grades with valuable information and guidance on difficult topics.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a “chicken and egg” pun. This is the case with the founder of this company. Yes, companies needed people who knew their work. However, to gain knowledge, the chosen one needed a job. It was difficult to find one without the other. So, this was the case with Chicken and Egg.

Chegg was developed primarily as a platform for high school and college students. It allows you to rent books or buy and sell them. Students can also change their gear and contact industry experts. You can access a working guide to help you with your studies.

Professional advice and similar entertainment made Chegg a great character. It has surprisingly low enrollment costs. However, it may not be easy for some students to find enough funds in their pockets. Therefore, Chegg presents a free trial that students can use and evaluate whether the stadium is suitable for them or not.

In addition, this forum serves as a guarantee for parents. They may decide to invest in a post-test subscription if they are happy with Chegg’s services. These qualities of Chegg make it a reliable platform.

How Does It Work?

Students and anyone interested can answer their questions through the forum. At the same time, graduates and professors committed to earning a living can answer students’ questions. Chegg connects students and professionals who can help answer questions and provide detailed answers to their questions without knowing each other. The income provided by Chegg is easily credited to professional bank accounts.

The forum is easy to access and answers your questions. But it gets harder when you try to delete your Chegg account, so here’s our guide to help you delete a Chegg account.

Things to Note Before Cancelling Your Chegg Subscription

There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to cancel Chegg.

Your Cancellation Method Is Determined By Your Sign-Up Method

Like everything else, your way into the world of Chegg will be your exit. Chegg subscription packages come in different forms: subscriptions purchased through Google Play or Apple’s App Store or purchased through Chegg’s website.

To cancel Chegg, simply go to the forum you used for the initial registration. Uninstalling an application does not cancel the subscription in any way; the contract itself must be canceled to ensure you are not charged in advance.

You Do Have the Option to Pause Your Subscription Instead

Chegg gives you the option to suspend or cancel your service. If you’re going abroad for a semester and want to make sure your membership level is locked on your return, a break is probably the best way to go.

However, if there are greener pastures nearby, complete cessation and deletion are easy.

Canceling Chegg Subscription Vs Pausing Chegg Account

Monthly subscribers have the option to suspend their membership in case of unexpected absence or absence and will no longer be charged for Chegg services during the period of inactivity. The member will continue to have access to bookmarks and other questions and answers as usual. On the other hand, whether you wish to cancel a Chegg subscription will depend on what you would like to cancel if you have subscribed to multiple subscriptions for various services within Chegg or if you wish to cancel an entire Chegg account.

How to Cancel a Chegg Subscription

You will fall into one of three categories: a subscriber to the Chegg App Store, a subscriber to Google Play, or a subscriber who has joined Chegg via their website.

The following cancellation methods apply to anyone who wishes to cancel Chegg Study, Chegg Study Pack, Chegg Math Solver, and Chegg Writing EasyBib. you can get Free Chegg Accounts & Free Chegg Answers with unblur images.

How to Cancel a Chegg Account Made on The Site

Anyone registered on will be able to manage their Chegg account from the Account Summary page.

You will find everything in the purchase history on orders. Click on this tab to see everything that is currently associated with your account.

All of your subscriptions should see the option to unsubscribe near you. Undo anything you no longer need.

You will be asked to provide a reason. Select one, then press Verify to save the new settings.

Chegg allows you to continue using the service until your contract expires. If this last payment period has expired, your Chegg subscription will expire.

How to Cancel Chegg Subscription on PC and Mac?

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the orange profile icon in the upper right corner >> Select My Account >> Go to Orders >> Select Subscriptions
  • Select Chegg Course >> Click Unsubscribe
  • On the next screen, indicate the reason for canceling your registration and click “Submit”
  • Confirm cancellation to stop next billing

How to Cancel Chegg On Mobile Phone?

If you are using Chegg Study on your iPhone, you can still easily deregister.

  • Go to Settings >> Select iTunes and App Store
  • Tap your Apple ID >> Then hit “View Apple ID” if Apple ID is not available
  • Log into iTunes with a password key
  • Go to Subscriptions >> Select Manage Subscriptions >> Select the Studio Chegg option
  • Disable the automatic update option >> Click Finish to confirm the cancellation and stop the next theft.

How to Cancel Chegg from your iPhone or iPad?

Go to Settings> Tap your name> Click iTunes & App Store >> Tap Apple ID and sign in

Go to Subscriptions> & g; Manage Subscriptions >> Select Chegg Course and disable the automatic renewal of this option >> Save

How to Delete Your Chegg Account Data Permanently

When you cancel your Chegg subscription, you may want to do a few things further. The forum provides permanent deletion of your data, Chegg’s data security is a concern.

Make sure you no longer have active subscriptions or book rentals. If so, unsubscribe and return any rentals. If you’ve just borrowed a textbook, you won’t be able to delete Chegg until the official rental period expires.

Once you are clear on this, Chegg will provide you with a web form to fill out that allows you to specify what you would like to happen. Select Data deletion request to complete the deletion of your account. Also included are options such as a request not to sell, a request to access, and a request to exit.

Yes, Chegg will no longer charge for canceled subscriptions and textbooks that are no longer in its possession. This is to ensure that the company deletes all your data about you.

How To Cancel Chegg Tutors?

If you wish to cancel the Chegg Tutors service, the process is slightly different from canceling other Chegg Tutors services. Here’s how to cancel Chegg tutors:

  • “Log in to your Chegg account and visit the “My Account” tab.
  • Click on the “Your orders” button.
  • To order, you will find “Chegg Subscription”, click on the “Change program” option next to it.
  • Change your subscription settings to the “Pay as you go” option to stop recurring payments.
  • If unfortunately, you still have training minutes that can be used when you unsubscribe, access to those minutes will be lost immediately if you unsubscribe, but you can request a refund for these unused minutes.

Email Chegg and ask them to top up those unused teaching minutes and if that doesn’t happen, ask for a refund for those unused minutes.

How to Pause your Chegg Subscription?

To pause your Chegg registration, you can simply go to the Chegg login page

  • Log into your account and go to My Account >> Orders >> Subscriptions
  • Now select the subscription you want to pause >> Click on Pause subscription (you can select all if you want)
  • Choose between 1 and 6 months to stop Chegg service >> Click Suspend subscription to confirm
  • Make sure there are no open purchases in Chegg before suspending your account, such as book rentals, refunds, etc., as failing to do so can result in penalties and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How to Cancel Chegg with Google Play?

Ans: Go to or when you log into your phone, go to Android Settings and then to Google Play

Log into your account >> Click Subscriptions >> Select Chegg App >> Click Cancel >> OK

Ques: How to Cancel Chegg Subscription via Phone?

Ans: Communication via live chat is the best way to connect with someone who represents customer support and let them understand your situation. These are the steps that will allow you to cancel your live chat:

  • Click on Chegg’s live chat link:
  • Tell the candidate that you want to cancel their Chegg account.
  • Please note that chat hours are only available from Monday to Friday from 9 am.  and 20:00 am.

Ques: How Can I Get a Refund for Canceling my Registration from Chegg?

Ans: No, unfortunately, you do not receive refunds for unsubscribing from Chegg. The only thing you can do is set up a recurring payment option.

Ques: Can I Cancel Chegg After the Free Trial?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your Chegg registration after your free trial if you don’t want to continue with the registration. Make sure to do this after the free trial period expires to avoid the automatic payment process.

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Hope you have learned how to permanently delete a Chegg account. We have done our best to provide you with simple steps.

We have talked about many different ways to delete Chegg’s account from this article. Along with that, we have provided the whole process step by step with the help of a screenshot.

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