15 Best Dropbox Alternatives [Updated*] 2023

Best Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox is known to be the world’s most popular cloud storage. But what happens if you ever run out of space there? Also, we have heard that Dropbox had a few bugs over the past years that compromised millions of accounts. You may get the premium account which gives you more space, or you can use alternatives to Dropbox. Many websites offer the same thing, and maybe they might even provide better features and security.

Dropbox or any other alternatives lets you store your essential files on a cloud drive and use any of these files on any other PC or your smartphone just by logging in. If you are here looking for cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, we are here to help you.

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CloudMe is a cloud storage platform that lets you back up, store and share files with people. You can quickly transfer all your data from Dropbox to Cloud with a single click. When you sign up on this platform to create an account, you will get around 5GB of storage for free immediately.

  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • Pricing: depends on the plan you choose


SugarSync is another alternative to Dropbox that can be used to transfer or share files with proper security. When you use SugarSync, you can be assured that your files are safe and secure. It lets users upload files as well as sync files across various devices, and even stream multimedia. You can download the Supersync app for iOS and Android from the app store.

  • Free Storage: Free for 30 days
  • Pricing:100GB for around $7.49 per month, 250GB for about $9.99 per month, 500GB for $18.95 per month


Team Drive is another alternative to Dropbox that lets you store your files safely. It also provides a backup service. It is straightforward to use. You can use it to upload any files to this platform or even share them with your business partners. This service is more beneficial for business purposes than for personal use.

  • Free Storage: 2GB
  • Pricing: 10GB for around $59.50 per year


Mega is a safe cloud storage service that gives you around 15GB of storage for absolutely free when you sign in. However, it lacks some editing features. But, at the same time, it is one of the simplest and easiest platforms you can use to safely store your files in cloud storage with affordable pricing plans.

  • Free Storage: 50GB
  • Pricing: Depends on whichever plan you select


Similar to Dropbox, Sync allows you to use and share all your files on any device with anyone you want to share your files with. It has robust security features that ensure that only you will be able to access your essential data.

Sync lets you control password access, notifications, expiry dates as well as upload capacities. You will be able to share the file link with anyone so that they will be able to access the files, and the best thing is that the user does not need to have a Sync account to see the files.

  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Pricing: $49 each year for 500 GB of storage or $96 each year for 2 TB of storage


pCloud cloud storage service has around 7 million users from all over the world. It is a bit different than Dropbox because the desktop version does not use your computer storage space. You can move all your files with a single click with the automated system.

  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Pricing: it depends on the plan you choose

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Zoho Docs is one of the best cloud storage which can be used in place of Dropbox. It has some great features like Dropbox integration, bulk upload, email integration, tagging, access management, document editor, digital signature, and many more.

  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • Pricing: Free for a group of up to 25 users. There are different paid plans.

8. BOX

The box is a great cloud storage platform for most businesses. You can even use it for personal use. They provide you around 10GB at the beginning. But, they have an upload limit of around 250MB. You won’t be able to upload any file that is larger than this size.

  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Pricing: You can choose from 100 GB to Unlimited storage. Pricing depends on the plan.


Cloud makes the process of sharing files between the sender and the recipient easier. It lets you upload any file from videos to links. When you decide to share some files with other users, you only need to send them the link. The best part is that it provides a lot of free storage to its users. You can even upgrade your plan to the premium version. But, the repository will be the same.

  • Free Storage: 200GB
  • Pricing: free


If you are looking for the best Dropbox alternative, then SpiderOak would be the best for you. It is safe and secure cloud storage, and it also offers excellent cloud backup. It would help if you kept in mind that this cloud storage won’t provide you any free storage. For those looking for essential cloud storage and backup storage, this will be the best tool. It is straightforward to use.

  • Free Storage: Free for 21 days
  • Pricing: 150GB for around $5 per month, 400GB for about $9 per month, 1Tb for $12 per month


Google Drive is another Dropbox alternative that is quite popular. Google created both Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Drive was a more popular storage option for the documents and sheets earlier. If you already use Google Drive, you already know that you will be able to edit a document in Google Drive. So, this is what makes Google Drive different from the others.

It even allows you to comment on the documents and even collaborate with other users. Apart from that, there is another excellent feature which is called speech to text tool. You can use this feature to type text using your voice.

  • Free Storage: 15GB
  • Pricing: 100 GB for $1.99 per month and 1 TB for $9.99 per month.


Onedrive is cloud storage that Microsoft owns. It is the best solution for Microsoft users. If you are an Windows 10 PC or Laptop owner, then OneDrive will be pre-installed on your computer. When you upgrade OneDrive to a premium plan, you not only get more storage.

But, you also get a bigger uploading limit. With the premium plan, you can get some unique features which include PDF Scanner.

  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Pricing: 50 GB is for $1.99 per month, and 1 TB is for around $6.99 per month


In the beginning, MediaFire was only a file-sharing service, but later on, they made it cloud storage. It is pretty simple to share files and folders. It isn’t any different than the rest of the services. The interface is relatively easy to use, and you will easily be able to control the storage drive from any device.

  • Free Storage: 10GB
  • Pricing: 1 TB would cost $7.50 per month


Workzone is software for managing projects. It has some features that are very useful for file managing, storage as well as file sharing. You can use it for different purposes. It even lets you comment on images. Apart from that, it allows you to keep track of all the file changes.

  • Free Storage: No
  • Pricing: You need to request the prices


Nextcloud is a very different file-sharing website that allows its users to share links. Most of the small companies can use it. If you prefer open-source projects or have secured your priority, this tool is suitable for you.

  • Free Storage: Depends on which plan you choose
  • Pricing: Depends on which method you choose

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Dropbox is one of the first platforms which made cloud storage services a necessity for the people. The main issue is the security features. All people look for cloud storage that provides security and safety to their files. There are many alternatives that you can get on a cheaper budget as well.

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