7 Best Ways To Fix YouTube Video Not Processing ( 100 % working ways ) 2023

YouTube is the largest video platform on the Internet with 1.5 billion monthly visitors and an additional hour of video every minute. YouTube has become a very popular part of our lives due to great videos for consumption, entertainment, and educational content, but we have seen many reports of a YouTube video stuck in performance, usually, 0%, 95%, 99%. or 99%. … even a 100% short video, maybe a few minutes long, can take hours.

Many of the solutions we found on Google didn’t actually solve the problem. But don’t worry! We are here to help. This article explains the main reasons why YouTube rejects certain content. This happens when we upload the file to YouTube and create it ourselves. Where possible, we recommend editing or linking to the relevant YouTube support documentation. we provides a detailed guide on How To Download YouTube App For Windows & MacHow to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format check now.

What are the reasons why uploading a video to YouTube does not finish processing?

There are three main reasons why YouTube needs to process a video after it’s uploaded.

There is a problem with the YouTube server

When you post a video to YouTube, it is uploaded to YouTube’s servers for others to see. If there is a problem with the servers, we should face an error while uploading or processing YouTube.

A large increase in user traffic can also cause YouTube video processing to go from 99% to 0%.

There was a problem with the video file

problem with the video file

Before attempting to upload a video to YouTube, you should first ensure that the video is encoded and packaged in file formats supported by YouTube. Another thing is that some video formats take longer to load. To speed up uploading videos to YouTube, YouTube recommends using recommended formats. If you are using an unsupported or time-consuming format, please convert the video immediately.

Also, a large video will take some time to process. So, to improve recording and processing speed, you can compress the video and try reducing the resolution from 4K to 1080p. YT Shorts Downloader is a web app which helps you to download or convert Youtube shorts video to Mp4 video or Mp3 audio format. It’s easy, free and fast tool by which you can download and save shorts videos directly to your phone or computer.

Your Internet connection is slow or unstable

Your Internet connection is slow or unstable

Internet problems can cause slow video processing errors. Uploading videos to YouTube requires a lot of bandwidth and data. So, uploading videos to YouTube requires a fast and stable internet connection.

However, internet speed may be slow or unstable due to Wi-Fi performance, signal strength, and many other factors.

Quick Ways to fix the “Video not being processed on YouTube” error?

If the video you’re trying to upload to YouTube is taking too long, there are a few ways to fix it.

1. Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection

One of the most common reasons for your videos to stop processing and uploading is a slow or unstable internet connection. Also, if your video is large and high quality, a slow connection will take longer. If you upload your video during peak traffic times, processing and loading may be affected. So you should run a speed test on your system to make sure your connection is working properly. You can also remove the end of the file upload.

2. Clear cookies and cache

Clear cookies and cache

If none of the previous two methods solve the problem, there might be a problem with your browser.

Record YouTube videos with Chrome.

If you’re already using Chrome, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Note: Clearing your browser cache may log you out of sites you’re already logged into.

To clear your browser cache, press Ctrl+Shift+Del on a PC or Cmd+Shift+Del on a Mac.

You can select a term from the drop-down list. If you select “Always”, all stored caches will be deleted.

Don’t forget to check “Browsing History” so you don’t delete your browsing history.

Now click on “Clear Data” to clear the browser cache.

3. Change/update your browser and close the extension

Please change your browser to Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (using Silverlight) and make sure it is updated to the latest version, as the new version has been optimized to work better with this website. And has a fast download speed to handle downloads. YouTube to give away. Late question. Next, disable plugins and browser extensions that may be causing download problems.

Note: This browser supports downloading files up to 20 GB and can resume failed downloads for 24 hours.

4. Convert the video to another format

Convert the video to another format

As you can see, the first thing you should do when you encounter the mentioned error message is to change the video format. It’s also worth noting that you can’t upload an audio file as a YouTube file. The YouTube algorithm knows you can get into trouble. That said, go ahead and change the video format and try uploading the video again.

You actually have two options to choose from here. To convert a video, you can open your editor, send it to another device and wait for the conversion to complete. Alternatively, you can choose to convert the video format online. There are tons of converters on the web, so go ahead and search for the format you want to convert the images to and add the word convert. You will get more results.

5. Check the file type and size

YouTube supports many video formats and has no file size limits, but requires codecs for faster loading.

If you don’t want to wait a long time for YouTube to process your video, it’s better to follow the browser settings.

Visit the help page to learn more about the required code.

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6. Delete the video and send it back

This is the final decision. Do this if the video is longer than 8 hours.

Sign in to your YouTube account; Go to My Videos Find a video in action; Click the Delete button. Enter again.

7. Report a problem on YouTube

Report a problem on YouTube

We hope the above solutions will solve the YouTube video processing problem 99%, 95%, or 0%. However, if the YouTube video status is in progress. Better to report the problem on YouTube.

How long does it take to submit to YouTube?

Processing time varies greatly depending on the original video format, file size, and upload traffic. This can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Also, higher resolution formats are expected to display more slowly. For example, 720p and 1080p images may take longer than 480p.

Therefore, every minute of video requires at least one minute of processing time. Time will increase when uploading large files and high-quality videos.

If your video file is very small, for example, a video you upload from your phone may be faster per minute because YouTube doesn’t handle large files.

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There are several methods you can use to fix “offer to the left” problems on YouTube. Although there are many ways to solve the problem, depending on the cause of the problem, you should choose the appropriate method described here to solve the problem.


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