GBWhatsApp Best Themes Free Download (Latest Collection) 2023

Free Gb WhatsApp Themes

GB WhatsApp Themes are some of the coolest features of GB WhatsApp.

This app is one of the most used WhatsApp mods on the internet today. With over 10 million users, there is no doubt that GB WhatsApp users love it so much.

One thing that sets this WhatsApp mod apart is the ability to customize and change the colors of the WhatsApp theme.

In this article, I have decided to share some of the best UK topics. You can download these GB WhatsApp themes for free here.

GB WhatsApp is the official WhatsApp app used by our Android mobile. Try the functions of GBWhatsApp or take a look at our blog and download the latest version of GBWhatsApp. After confirming it with your mobile number, you can use it and change its themes which look amazing. So see below, we are created by GB WhatsApp Themes XML and Wallpaper in installation mode. Just download the zip format and use it on GBWhatsApp.

Every day you can change the new look of your WhatsApp with Themes GB WhatsApp. If you were interested in changing the subject, you can simply take a look below. Plus, we’re here to tell you all about how to use the articles. You can download the new GBWhatsApp themes below and work on your device and keep your chat apps fresh.

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What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp is an app with GBWhatsapp themes and other great features that you won’t find in your regular WhatsApp.

Whether you are a girl or a boy, GBWhatsApp offers you a wide variety of themes and features to suit your interests and interests.

That’s not all: I’ve been compiling a list of GBWhatsApp topics for days. Whether it’s a gamer, movie lover, producer, or someone interested in anime, we have all your arguments.

GBWhatsApp is the full official WhatsApp app, the most amazing app of any other WhatsApp clone. Comparison with other apps. Not all WhatsApp users will be able to download themed services that make apps unique for everyone. GBWhatsApp has some unique features, fast services that are not available in official WhatsApp messaging services. GBWhatsApp goes beyond these guidelines to access new-style apps.

What are GB WhatsApp Themes?

Its GbWhatsapp theme changes your new UI and changes your input styles. First of all, you can remove your old theme if you are using the old one, download this apk after changing the theme, it looks so funny.

GB WhatsApp Themes are of great help for GB WhatsApp users. The theme is a way to change the look and style of GB WhatsApp. So folks, if you are a WhatsApp GB user, this article will be very useful to you. In this guide, we share GB WhatsApp’s WhatsApp themes. You can download themes directly and use them in WhatsApp GB apps. 

GB WhatsApp Themes List For Download

One of the best things about Android is the customization with its apps. So we are interested in transforming WhatsApp. However, just seeing the green color of WhatsApp can be annoying, there are no options to change the theme in official WhatsApp. So I recommend you to use GB WhatsApp, the apps have taken on a lot of functions and are much better than official WhatsApp. Using it, you can change the themes.

The main reason why GB WhatsApp is so successful is due to its excellent features that cannot be found in any other app. While there are many great features available in this app, the most popular GB is WhatsApp Themes. Honestly, it’s a good feature that will make you feel comfortable on some amazing topics.

For girls, there are bespoke themes and eye-catching color combinations that easily melt the human heart. Also, there are some good themes for you if you are a game lover. So the truth is, you can offer so much in GB WhatsApp Themes.

Another great thing is that you can easily change your themes. So, if you have any doubts about how to use themes and other things, don’t worry.

How to Download GBWhatspp Themes

To download it, take a look here.

  • First, open the WhatsApp folder in the file manager
  • then subject
  • Click Upload and choose a topic
  • Saved, then upload a current design.
  • Now just apply the theme, now open GBWhatsapp
  • Go to settings
  • Moreover
  • Download and then click Apply Topic.
  • Restart GBWhatsApp

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How to Apply the GBWhatsApp Theme

Just follow 4 simple steps. Download and implement step by step:

1. Download the app first. After downloading the app, press the icon and open the app.

2. Now press the menu button and go to the GB settings.

3. Then go to the theme bar and click Download theme.

4. Now apply your favorite design by clicking the Apply button.

Collection of GB WhatsApp themes

Do you know what it means to collect? A collection is a collection of multiple lists that are in one place. Below is a list of this year’s themes.

Age Of Ultron Theme

This theme is a similar style to that of Avenger Age Of Ultron. This team is awesome and changes style like a hero. So use GB WhatsApp themes and create hero-style themes and icons.

Apple iPhone Theme

The Apple iPhone theme converts your GB WhatsApp to iPhone style. So people have to use Apple themes.

Cartoon Theme: A cartoon theme will turn your WhatsApp GB design into the coolest. I’m sure if you put it in a theme folder, the folder will create a new cartoon design.

Soccer Player Theme

You can change the theme from GB WhatsApp to a football match. He did a conversational performance as a soccer player.

Love Calculator Theme: Love is a word that is a must for all people. Why don’t you make sure you change the subject like a calculator.

Sweet Girl Theme 

Sweet Girl Theme is a very cute theme. You can turn your themes into a beautiful girl mode.

Pink Theme: This theme makes the makeup look like a rose. Just download the y Rose theme and use the themes folder.

Teddy Beer Theme 

The teddy Tear is a symbol of love and affection. So, people in moderation are downloading the topic.

Pokemon Mix Color GB WhatsApp Theme 

Pokemon Mix Color Theme is a great WhatsApp GB theme. View the download folder below and download it.

GB Theme in Orange

Do you want to convert themes to orange? If so, this article is for you. Download it from the link below and use a theme.

Dark Color Theme 

If you can chat at night, use dark themes as they protect the display rays, so cool themes.


True green arguments ensure that conversations only work in an ecological way. I recommend that you download and use this team.

Blue Theme

Simply change this team’s themes to the blue color. This design looks great because it can change the blue mode. Then download the GB WhatsApp design XML file below.

Yellow Color 

This yellow color takes advantage of childhood in creating color. So folks, if you change the subject in yellow mode, use this team.

Cys Blue Theme

Download the blue theme and change the theme. It is different from pure blue color and is better looking.

Agenda Color Theme 

Agenda Theme is a new theme and review for 2017. This theme is multi-colored and a nice-looking option. So you can use it and let GB WhatsApp design a new model.

Chelsea Theme

Chelsea Theme is GB WhatsApp’s modern theme as it changes the new design and changes the color mode.

Milan theme: the red theme. After use, the apps switch to red and black mode.

PSG Themes

The PSG theme is a beautiful theme and it looks great. I am sure if you use it you will never change.

Madrid Azul Theme

This theme is mixed with two colors. One is blue and the other is black. Sometimes white color indicates a conversation symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is this GB APK file safe?

Ans: Yes, this APK file is completely safe. You can use it with no problem or hassle.

Ques: How do I Download the Themes?

Ans: We talked about the full tutorial on how to download themes. You can learn more.

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So folks, honestly, using and changing themes is like a breeze. All you have to do is download the APK and start exploring cool stuff. Stay tuned for cool features like this one.

Hope you have installed and tried several GB WhatsApp themes on your Android device from one of the GBWhatsApp themes above.

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