What are Ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus? ( Explained Everything ) 2023

What are Ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus

Subscriptions help Snapchat “deliver new features to the most passionate members of our community, and we support them first.”

Some of the features of Snapchat+ include seeing who followed your story, tagging a friend at the top of your chat story as a “BFF” and customizing app icons. A new Snapchat+ subscription feature is Ghost Trails, which allows users to see their friends’ location history over the past 24 hours. Today we’re going to take a look at what Ghost Trail’s Snapchat Plus is all about, as the new subscription also adds some new features that users might not be aware of.

What are the features of Ghost Trail on Snapchat?

With Snapchat’s new Premium membership, you can access Ghost Trails, a unique feature that lets you see where your friends have been in the last 24 hours. If they share their location, you can track your friend’s movement from place to place on Snapchat Maps.

This means Snapchat+ users who have paid for a subscription can tap their friend’s Bitmoji to see where they’ve been recent. Not only does it tell you where they are going, but there is a yellow line to show them the way. I went and there I was.

How to use ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus?

Ghost trails appear on the map for friends if they have Snapchat+ enabled in their country and can see their location.

All Snap Chatters must sign up for Snap Maps to share their location. To see your friends’ ghost tracks, tap them on the Bitmoji card to see their ghost tracks.

You can remove your own ghost inputs by turning ghost mode on and off in the graphics card settings. If you want to explore the ghost trail with your friends:

  • They gave you GPS coordinates.
  • You live in a country where Snapchat+ is available.
  • You must have Snapchat version 11.85 or later.

How do I enable ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus?

Follow these steps to enable ghosting on Snapchat Plus:

  • Open Snapchat and go to your profile.
  • Click on the Snapchat+ membership card.

I enable ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus

  • Now click on Ghost Lane to enable it.

How to disable the location?

If you don’t want anyone to track your movements on Snapchat, you can turn on Ghost Mode.

This means that you will no longer be able to see Bitmoji on your Snapchat card and no one will be able to see your location.

To do this, go to the Snapchat card and click on the icon in the upper right corner to see the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is Ghost TrailsSnapchat Plus?

It’s a new Snapchat feature that lets you follow your friends wherever they are.

Ques: How to use Snapchat Plus Ghost Tracks?

Your friend needs to enable ghost mode on their mobile then you can track them.

Ques: Are there Snapchat Plus Ghost exclusive numbers worldwide?

Yes, you can use this feature in countries where Snapchat is available.


Ghost Trailsis a feature of the Snapchat+ subscription-based plan. You can test the feature with a seven-day free trial. However, if you wish to be charged after the trial period ends, please cancel your subscription.

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