How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos 2021 [Simple Guide]

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How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos 2021 [Simple Guide]
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In this guide, we have come up with several ways to Recover deleted Snapchat photos and show you how you can get your deleted Snapchat photos back. There are many ways to recover these photos, which are shown in this article. If one method doesn’t work for you, you can try another one below.

Snapchat is one of the best social media apps that allows you to share your daily moments, stories, and interesting content with your family, friends, and followers. Snapchat’s only problem is that it doesn’t allow those photos to be saved to the gallery on Android or iPhone. There is always a time limit on how long photos will stay on the platform. As soon as the recipient views the content, it will be automatically removed from the application.

However, you may need to recover deleted photos. It can be an unforgettable memory with a loved one. Snapchat is becoming more popular every day, so the chances of deleting important photos are increasing as well. There are several ways to Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos in 2021.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Snapchat 2021

Although the photos are no longer available on the Snapchat app, they can still be retrieved from your mobile device’s cache. In addition, photos and videos you share with other users will remain on the Snapchat server for a while.

As you all know, if you look at a generic Snapchat image for a few seconds, it will automatically disappear or be deleted and probably disappear forever. However, the reality is that these images are no longer visible, but they are still on your computer or your phone’s computer.

Here are some ways to save the photos you find on Snapchat:

Take Screenshot

An easy way to save a photo to Snapchat is to take a screenshot of the photo. Please note that the person will receive a notification as soon as they take a screenshot of their photos.


Stories on Snapchat are available all day long. However, you can save them for future use by choosing Live History.


All photos and videos saved in the memory section can be viewed at any time at a convenient time for the user. These photos will not be removed from your account.

Ask Snapchat to send data

Yes, you can recover deleted Snapchat photos and videos. To get them back, you need to request your account details using the Snapchat My Data feature. Go to my data page> select your deleted photos and hit the recover button.

  1. Open my Snapchat data page.
  2. Then log in to your Snapchat account.
  3. You will be redirected to the My Data page.
  4. Click Submit Request to upload your Snapchat data.
  5. Your information will be available for download within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take a while.
  6. Remember that there is a limit to the number of data downloads per day.
  7. Open your Snapchat email and click on the download link.
  8. You will go to the My Data page and touch

Follow the steps below to view and recover deleted Snapchat photos from the downloaded data file.

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Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the file to your Android device or iPhone.
  2. Once extracted, you will find a new folder.
  3. Open it, click on the index.html file.
  4. Tap an image option in the left panel.
  5. You will find deleted photos from Snapchat.
  6. Select photos and tap recover.

Different paths to Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos

There are many different alternative ways to recover deleted Snapchat photos given below.

Recover Deleted Snapchat on Android from Cache Files

One of the best things about Android phones is that they store the size of the zipped memory throughout the application and are useful in many ways. Keeps the extension of all existing files on your Android device. Although cache files exist in the vault, they do not appear in the parent folder to avoid duplicate files. So, if you’ve accidentally deleted your Snapchat photos, try searching your cache first.

  1. Open the file manager and click on the folder named “Android”.
  2. Continue by opening the Data folder and locate the folder.
  3. In the folder, you will find the Cache folder, which stores your videos and photos.
  4. Then open the foldehibited_image_snaps. Open it and you will get your photos back to your Android phone.

For iPhone User:

For those who have iCloud sync with their device, it will be much easier to find Snapchat photos. Here’s how to recover Snapchat from iCloud backup.

  1. Visit Settings, General, and Reset. Tap “Erase all content and settings”.
  2. Restart your device and select “Restore from iCloud backup”
  3. There you go! Restore all the backup files available on the iCloud

Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos on Android from Cloud

If the photos are missing in your Android storage folder, try finding them in your backup cloud storage. Most Android devices have automatic syncing on their phones. Once you turn on auto-sync, your Android phone will be able to back up all your photos to the cloud. You will also be able to access them even if they have been removed from the Snapchat app. Google Drive is the best cloud storage for Android devices.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos from Google Drive:

  1. Sign in to your Google account with valid information.
  2. Tap the last backup folder or open the photos from the disc. It will show all of your photos that were there the last time and the photos that you added to your Snapchat.
  3. Select the photos you want to recover.
  4. Select the recovery option to recover photos from your Android device.

Use Google Photos app to recover Snapchat photos –

The Google Photos app is preinstalled on Android phones. When you set up your phone with a Google account, all snapshots are automatically saved to the cloud.

Google Photos is the kind of app where you can find your Snapchat memories on Android.

For those users who want to know of how to recover Snapchat photos Android without a computer, Google Photos is the best option.

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Here are the steps to recover deleted photos from Google Photos on Android:

  1. Open Google Photos on your Android phone.
  2. Now click on the top left corner and you will see the “Trash” option.
  3. Just click on it and you will see the deleted photos or snapshots here.
  4. For the snapshots, you want to recover, click on them and then click on the “Restore” option.
  5. Now all your images will be restored to your phone and you can easily access them.

NOTE- Photos or videos in your Google Photos Trash folder are retained for 60 days. After that, the files are automatically deleted from the application permanently.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos on Android with Photo Recovery Tool

If nothing works, try a photo recovery tool. There are so many photo recovery apps and tools out there. You can download one from Google PlayStore or AppStore and recover all deleted images by following the instructions provided in the application.

To recover Snapchat photos on Android using PhoneRescue for Android-

  1. Download PhoneRescue for Android for free on your computer.
  2. Open it
  3. Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  4. Uncheck other file categories and check the Photos category only. 
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. Find and select the deleted Snapchat photos you want to recover.
  7. Click the Recover button to get them back now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can you recover Snapchat photos?

Ans: Yes, deleted Snapchat photos can be recovered if you’ve backed up previously. If no backup is available, you need to use professional recovery software like the Snapchat photo recovery tool.

Ques: How can I recover permanently deleted Snapchat photos on Android?

Ans: You can recover Snapchat images on Android using Google Photos. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, open Google Photos on your Android phone.
  • Then click the folder with the latest backups.
  • Here you have to check the photos from Snapchat and select the images you want to recover.
  • Finally, select the “Recover” option to recover Snapchat photos from Android.

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I believe that the above information and methods will help you recover your precious memories. It is important to keep a second copy of all digital files, or in other words, back up your data so that in the event of a loss of primary media, you always have additional space for the data source. 

Hope it helps!


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