How to Get Tidal Student Discount?[Full Guide] 2023

Tidal Student Discount

In this article, You will find out how to Get Tidal Student Discount. There’s excellent news for the students who love to stream music on the Tidal app. Now they don’t need to pay the whole month subscription to play their favorite music and listen to their music. Because now, students are eligible to stream the Tidal app with a 50% percent discount.

College students can choose the Tidal premium app at discounted rates. So, if you’re a student, then congrats, you need to pay only $4.99 per month, and for the TidalHiFi, you need to pay $9.99 per month.

You can access more than 57 million songs and more than 2,30,000 videos online at these discounted prices.

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What is Tidal?

Tidal is subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service that combines lost music audio and high-quality music videos with unique content and special features in music. It was founded in 2014 by the Norwegian public company Aspiro, currently owned by Jay-Z.

Tidal is different. Students are not required to pay the total amount of Tidal streaming music subscriptions. Here’s what you need to know about student water discounts.

Like many streaming services, it is accessible to various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and platforms such as Apple TV and Android TV.

However, most other streaming music services offer student discounts, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Still, Tidal offers something others may not do: HiFi and Master quality audio from an online streaming service.

Who Is Eligible For Tidal Student Discount?

Many students are looking for Tidal Student Discount and attend Title IV to check the universities that are eligible for the Tidal discounts. Similar to the other music streaming sites, Tidal also uses SheerID to verify the students.

The accredited universities and colleges are eligible for Tidal Students Discounts. Besides that, students need to be 18 years old.

How much does Tidal Student Plan cost?

Tidal has two categories: Premium and HiFi. The price of each type depends on whether you qualify for one of Tidal’s discounts.

There is no free subscription rate, but Tidal offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, after which a reduced rate will apply.

TIDAL offers a 50% discount on tiers enrollment for eligible college students and High School students 16 years of age or older.

Student Premium

The Premium app gives you unlimited ad music on multiple devices and access to special Tidal X live events. You can create new playlists, import your playlists, and download songs/videos for offline listening.

USD 4.99 per month for standard audio quality, high-definition music videos, and professionally organized programming.

Student HiFi

HiFi Registration gives you all the same features as the Premium, but with the unmistakable CD quality of all the tracks streamed using FLAC 16bit / 44.1kHz, and access to hi-res, Tidal Masters recording.

It costs USD 9.99 per month with high-quality non-lost audio, well-defined music videos, and professionally organized programming.

How To Sign Up For The Tidal Student Discount?

If you are eligible for the Tidal student discount, you can go ahead with the sign-up process and get the music streaming services. To sign-up, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First, visit and log in by entering the email id, Facebook account, and Twitter account.
  • Once you sign into the account, you can select the account you like to have to live the services—for example, family plan, standard plan, and other plan based on your preference.
  • Once you have signed up, select the student option, and complete the sign-up process. Enter the payment information and select the student discount premium plan or the Tidal HIFI plan to have higher audio quality.

Steps To Verify As Student To Avail Student Discount:

Once you’re done with the signing process as a student, after that, you’ll have to provide the essential details and prove that you’re a student. Tidal uses SheerID to verify the student. The form has two pages that include some details for the verification process.

  • Fill in the required information on the Tidal student discount page and press continue.
  • After that, you need to provide some university documents, including first Name, Last Name, class schedule, transcript, ID card. You may need to provide some other documents, if necessary.
  • Next, select the Upload option and then navigate the document that you need to verify the student’s status.
  • Once you have uploaded all the documents and press the next option, after that, a confirmation status will be sent to your email. It may require a few hours to two days for verification and avail of the Tidal Student Discount.

Once you get the Tidal Student Discount, you’ll also get the 30 day free trial with the subscription to stream your favorite music and shows. Unlike other streaming sites where you need to re-verify the account annually for four years, here you don’t need to re-verify and enjoy free music streaming at discounted rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tidal?

Tidal is subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service that combines lost music audio and high-quality music videos with unique content and special features in music.

Who Is Eligible for a Tense Student Discount?

To get a student discount through Tidal, you must go to a college/university graduate in the United States.

Can I Buy Music With Tidal?

You do not have to sign up for Tidal to purchase music through the Tidal Store, but you must create a free account to track your purchases.

How Much Does a Student Student Planning Cost?

Student Premium: Costs USD 4.99 per month for standard audio quality, high-definition music videos, and professionally selected editing.
Student Hifi: Costs USD 9.99 per month with high-quality non-loss audio, well-defined music videos, and a professionally selected editor.

How to Apply for a Tidal Student Discount?

1. Visit and enter an email, Twitter account, or Facebook account to start creating an account.
2. Once you have signed in with a new account, you can choose which type of account you would like, including Standard, Family, Student, or Military.
3. Select Student, and complete the registration process by entering your payment details.


When it comes to music streaming services, Tidal is one of the best. It is mostly known for its high-quality audio. If you are a student and are willing to get the Tidal Student discount then follow all the above-mentioned steps and start bumping your favorite music on the go.

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