How to Become a Singer in Bitlife (Pop Star Tips & Tricks) 2023

How to Become a Singer in Bitlife

Thanks to the latest BitLife update, you can now live your dream of becoming a famous artist and pop star. Well, not in real life, but in your BitLife.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the entire process from starting your BitLife to the pinnacle of your reputation as a successful pop star. We will help you get the most out of his new job.

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What is BitLife?

BitLife is a simulation game that works with players controlling a stranger’s life from start to finish. Developed by CandryWriter LLC, the free app has reached the top of the Apple App Store. Using a list of instructions, random events and jokes, BitLife allows users to experience, for example, what would have happened if they passed biological studies or ended up in jail for assault. The game is simple, just one step beyond the classic MUD (or Multi User Domain) games popular in the early days of computers. Select options from a variety of menus, such as buying a car or getting a job, and see how many years you can win before you scream.

You start BitLife in a random world with two parents assigned to raise you. When you are a child, you cannot interact with the world and your only option is to go to the doctor. As it grows, the earth begins to open up. At the age of four, you can start spending time with your parents or asking for money. At the age of six he attended elementary school. Eventually you can start studying in the gym, get your driver’s license even for just one day.

During the game, you have to manage various aspects of your life. When your happiness decreases, you will be depressed. Choose bad foods and medicines and your health can reach dangerous levels. It’s like real life, but with very little risk – good decisions allow you to thrive, while attacking strangers can land you in jail.

How to Become a Singer on BitLife

Read on to find a series of steps to not only be an artist on BitLife, but also to achieve success as a famous pop star.


So do you want to be a famous artist? Well, there is a long road ahead, so let’s go. There is very little you can do in your early years, so believe in that until you start hitting the gym.

At this point, visit once a year to improve your appearance. You’ll want to get as close to the eye as possible, which is more difficult among some BitLives. Therefore, we recommend that you save it to BitLife when you have a natural opportunity in the visual department.

The second thing to do as soon as possible on your BitLife is to start posting on social media. You won’t have enough fans to make a name for yourself, but it will put you in a better position later in life.

Having a small but strong social network over time helps you grow faster as you start to gain fame. This will help you earn fame and fortune as a pop star very quickly.

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Find a Job

You can’t go to college or school to become an artist, and there are no related courses you can take to give yourself a chance.

So don’t worry about studying, it won’t help you unless you want to earn a lot of money up front to pay for plastic surgery. Considering the high cost of this and how prone it is to failure, we suggest that you wait for BitLife when you have a natural profit.

Another reason reading will put you in a bad position is that working to become a pop star is a time-consuming process, and even dropping out of school can put you in your 30s before you become famous. You need all the time you can.

However, as soon as school is over (you can safely leave to have more time if you wish), you should start looking for work. Ideally, you want something like a supporting voice, but some of these features may take some time to become available.

So for now, you could start working on the popular side. Find a job as an actor, sex star, or voice actor and review a job listing each year until you see the option to become a supporting artist. As soon as it shows up, take that job.

In the meantime, hit the gym once a year to maintain your appearance and post on social media as often as possible to maintain a high following.

Become a Star

At this point, you should have a high profile rating and a modest number of followers on social media. Now, click “Work hard” every year and you should be promoted to Pop Star immediately.

If you need the money, you can request a raise, but this could delay your Pop Star tour. We recommend that you ask your parents for money or wait until you get the things you want later in life when you are rich and successful.

And that’s all! You are now a successful pop star. In the meantime, enjoy your life, hit the gym once a year and keep posting on social media to increase your number of followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why Is It So Difficult to Be an Artist at Bitlife?

Ans: If a record company likes your job, it will probably be difficult for you to take care of it. It should be noted that most record companies will not like you if you don’t have at least 90% of the voice, making it difficult to become a popular artist on BitLife.

Ques: What Do I Have to Do to Become an Artist?

Ans: There is no way to be an artist. However, classical and opera artists have at least a degree in music theory or diplomas based on performance. Also, those who want to work on Broadway must have a formal education, such as a bachelor’s degree or attend a music program.

Ques: How to Improve Your Vocal Cords

Ans: Increasing vocal skills is especially important if you really want to be a known artist on BitLife. To do this, you need to go to the Activities tab and access the mind and body options. When you scroll down, you will find an option that allows you to take singing lessons and improve your vocal skills. To improve your vocal cords, be sure to read as much as possible.

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So with that, we finished a guide on how to become an artist on BitLife. The steps are very easy to get started. Start preparing to develop your vocal skills. After graduating, you start looking for an artist-related job. That is all.


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