Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event ( Get Brand New Bundles and Emotes ) 2023

Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event

Free Fire does not disappoint its staff when it comes to developing new types of programs. Developers are adding new programming nights to their special programs. With Free Fire, Garena has launched a new Valentine’s Day program where players can receive special gifts. However, the developers didn’t stop there. As we approach Valentine’s Day, they’ve decided to host Valentine’s Day wish list for the next few days. The event will start on February 7, 2022. They will receive prizes through the event in the form of Prince Pink Bundle, Prince Pink Bundle, and Flowers of Love. So let’s see more information about this program. you can get also Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds & 100 % working Free Fire Redeem Codes.

The Valentine Vish event offers two different packs (for men and women), Pink Prince Bundle and Pink Princess Bundle, as well as a fun and exciting game series. There are many other perks such as emotions, avatars, Gloo wallcoverings, and more. While the pack is already here, the effect on the skin of the Gloo Wall has been on the occasional Valentine Day Star 2020 events for years. How to get all the Valentine’s Day events before they end! 

What is Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event?

In the Valentine’s Wish event, players must fulfill their “wishes” by spending diamonds and game fire. Gifts will be provided from the resource source for each need.

All of the items have yet to be announced, but hopefully, we’ll find some game decorations in return. One thing that won’t happen again at a Valentine’s Wish event is that it will be easy for you to get the highest price you want. If they want a Valentine’s Wish event, players need 20 diamonds and pay for finding 10 + 1 200 diamonds.

The event that seeks the free Valentine spirit of 2022 is one of the much-anticipated sports events in Fantastic Fire. Old-fashioned coins, such as unusual old bouquets, leather guns, leather walls, emote, etc. return to Free Fire Valentine’s Wish 2022 for a special request. This year’s awards may include:

  • Good Cupid package
  • Cupid’s broken heart
  • Heartbreaking data
  • Flowers of love
  • I love you Emote
  • SCAR Cupid Gunskin
  • AK47 Valentine Gunskin
  • GROZA Evo Valentine Gunskin

Free Fire Valentine Event Reward List

1. The Gloo Wall of the Power of Love

Power of Love is a dark Valentine-themed wall covering in a combination of pink and black. Gloo Wall Power of Love will make the whole Valentine Fire Free 2022 event extra special.

2. Love Time Wave Chart

Season of Love is a skateboard skin that is a unique skin-related valentine’s day theme and is designed for a fireless valentine’s day. It is a great gift for the Free Fire Valentine Star 2022 event.

3. Valentine’s Day

The valentine fox has a unique skin that shows the power of the fox pet spirit in pure fire, blue and red color combination. It is a great gift for the Free Fire Valentine Star 2022 event.

4. Golden Rose Fund

The Golden Rose bag is a unique heart-shaped leather backpack designed for the Free Fire Valentine Star 2022 event. It is a great gift for the Free Fire Valentine Star 2022 event.

5. Pink Bandana

Rose Bandana is a very special scarf in the style of Valentine’s Day (decoration) which shows the beautiful style of love flowers. It is a great gift for the Free Fire Valentine Star 2022 event.

6. Groza Evo Valentine Film Subject

The Valentine’s Day-themed Groza Evo Skin comes in a free flame designed with a heart theme. This weapon skin is perfect for the 2022 free-fire valentine event.

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Unique Prizes in Free Fire Valentine’s Event

  • Flowers of Love
  • Prince Pink Bundle
  • Princess Pink Bundle
  • Gloo Wall – Power of Love
  • Katana Season of Pink
  • Heart Angel
  • Golden Rose backpack
  • Season of Love
  • Pet Skin: Valentine’s Fox
  • Cupid’s Arrow
  • Love Kiss (Boy)
  • Love Hear (Girl)
  • Lovers
  • Love at First Sight
  • Be my Valentine
  • Blue Cupid
  • Strawberry Love
  • Be my Valentine!
  • Cupid SCAR Weapon Loot Crate
  • Valentines’s (AK+AWM) Weapon Loot Crate
  • Water Balloon (AK) Weapon Loot Crate
  • Pet Food
  • Resupply Map
  • Scan
  • Bonfire
  • Summon Airdrop
  • 50x Universal Fragment
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Jota)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Luqueta)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (D-Bee)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Xayne)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Maro)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Leon)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Otho)

How To Get Prince Pink Bundle In Free Fire?

Players can follow the steps below to get the Prince Pink Package and the free Valentine Fire Quest Package:

Step 1: Players must apply for Valentine’s Day by clicking the Go button below the tab.

step 2: Players must repeat the spin until the players have received the required prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: When Free Fire Valentine Event Will Start?

Ans: Free Fire Valentine Event 2022 will be starting from the 5th of February in the game.

Ques: What is Free Fire Valentine event?

Ans: Free Fire Valentine Event is an event that is held in a free fire on the occasion of the valentine’s day all over the world and players receives some special themed rewards during this period in the game.

Ques: Will You get free magic cube in free fire?

Ans: There is no official confirmation regarding the free magic cube event in the free fire.

Ques: Will Rose Emote come back in Free Fire Valentine Event 2022?

Ans: Rose emote will surely come in the free fire valentine event 2022 according to some reports and due to the high demand of the players, it may become possible that rose emote will be back soon in the free fire valentine event.

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It’s not easy to consider a 2022 Free Fire Valentine’s Day event until it’s confirmed as a Free Fire Valentine’s Day event. But don’t worry, from the date of the event we will also update this article. For the 2022 Valentine’s Day Free Fire, there are plenty of rewards to collect, so be sure to stay updated from time to time as we have everything covered. We hope this article helps you learn more about the Free Fire 2022 Valentine’s Day event. But if you have any questions about the free 2022 Valentine’s Day events, let us know in the comments below.


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