How To Install Third-Party Apps On Samsung Smart TV ( 100 % Working Ways ) 2023

How To Install Third-Party Apps On Samsung Smart TV

Your Samsung Smart TV comes pre-installed with amazing entertainment apps. However, if you find third-party apps that you want to download and install on your Samsung Smart TV, you can do so. Third-party applications are applications made by developers other than Samsung. Third-party applications are applications that are not available in the app store on your device. These are apps made by other developers that are not officially listed in the device store through the company.

So, in addition to the apps you have installed for your Samsung TV, you can also install third-party apps. These are apps developed by a third party, not Samsung.

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About Samsung Smart TV

With the development of technology, more and more smart TVs are emerging. Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular items among these Smart TVs. Compared to traditional TVs, these new modern TVs use internet technology, which helps achieve the function of two-way human-computer interaction. The Samsung Smart TV has an independent operating system and application platform. It combines entertainment, audio – visual, data and other practical features to meet the individual needs and diversity of users. This allows adding apps to Samsung Smart TVs.

When you connect to the Internet, you can enjoy a variety of different TV content including Internet TV, videos, digital music, online news, online games and so on. However, sometimes, you may need to install some third -party applications such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to access various application services.

Here’s the question: how to install some 3 apps on a Samsung Smart TV? Let’s continue reading.

What is a third party app?

All apps on Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. Samsung developed and approved the first app. Third party apps are apps that you can install on your Samsung TV, but are not developed or approved by Samsung TV, but can still be installed on Tizen OS TVs.

What You Must Do to Prepare

Other applications may not be compatible with your operating system or your device manufacturer.

Because the Samsung Smart TV uses the Tizen operating system, there is a clear error that you can not install other applications completely.

However, the applications can be installed on external storage devices such as a USB drive, SD card or pen drive.

How to Install Third-Party Apps on Samsung TV

see the main options that should be provided before you download any other app.

You need to set the “manufacturer status” as well as the “install from unknown source” option.

The steps that must be taken to create developer status are as follows:

  • From your settings menu, open Samsung Smart Hub. You have to click on the “Applications” option in this Hub.
  • To access this section, the TV will ask for a pin. Enter the default pin for all Samsung smart TVs. This default pin is 12345.
  • The developer status window will open. You will need to enable this option and enter the IP address of the computer you are using to download other applications.
  • The final step is to restart your TV (turn it off again).

The procedure for getting “installation from unknown sources” is as follows:

  • From your settings (on TV), go to the Personal tab.
  • Go to the “safe” option in this tab.
  • In the Options menu, you will find the option to enable “unknown sources”.
  • Installing it will allow you to download the apps you need.

Install the application on the Samsung smart TV with the command line

Now that the requirements are not in the way, you can finally explore the different ways available for you to download other applications.

The first way is to download it directly from your computer.

The process of doing this is described below:

  • Get the IP address from your smart TV through the network options and settings. Write it down the way you want to write it in a legal application.
  • There are many websites that give you good APK applications. Choose a website that suits you and download your application from any online source.
  • On your Windows computer, enter the command immediately in the search bar. Run it as an administrator by right-clicking on the title.
  • Run the adb command to connect to ABC.XYZ.w.mno. These characters represent your IP TV. Enter the person you copied in the online settings. After this command, your computer will be connected to your TV via Wi-Fi. Run the command to install C \ app.apk. In this case, the “C” drive for which we first used the APK is. You must install the drive where you downloaded your APK. Give yourself time, your app will be downloaded to your TV.
  • You can come to the ADB terminal (enter IP address here).
  • Find your new app on Smart Hub.

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How to install Apps on Samsung Smart TV via USB

Another way to install applications is to use a USB cable.

Take a look at the steps below to find out how to proceed with this process:

  • Download the APK version of the webpage of your choice. Download the file to your computer. Make sure this is the “.apk” file.
  • Transfer this file to a USB drive that you will use. Insert this USB drive into your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Get a USB drive as usual. Add the file to the folder and you will see that your APK file is there.
  • Click it to install the file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of this program.
  • You will see the application in the Smart Hub after the installation process.

Install the APK on your Samsung Smart TV

You can also download the APK app directly to your TV if you have a browser option. This process will not require a computer.

The steps to download the APK file directly are as follows:

  • Find a website that allows you to download the APK file and then open it in your browser
  • Find the application you want to download and select it.
  • Download the application after selecting it from your browser. Allow it to download and when done, you can click it again to install the app.
  • Follow the instructions on the TV to complete the installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How do I put Philo on my Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Once on the Google Play Store page, look for the search icon in the top-left corner. It looks like a magnifying glass. Type the word Philo in the search bar and select the app from the results. Click Install.

Ques: Can I add apps to my Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: From the TV’s Home screen, navigate to and select Apps and then select the Search icon in the top-right corner. Enter the app you want to download, select it, and then select Install. Once you’ve downloaded the apps you want, it’s time to enjoy them.

Ques: Can you install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Cool apps for your entertainment are pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV. You can, however, download and install third-party applications on your Samsung smart TV if you find them. Third-party apps are those created by third-party developers rather than Samsung.

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A great choice for viewers around the world, the Samsung Smart TV is a great option. However, the weakness of the Samsung Smart TV app store prevents viewers from buying Samsung Smart TV. But there is a solution and you can download other applications to fill the lack of applications available in the Samsung store, which you can find here.



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