How to Hack Wifi Password on Android ( 100 % Working Ways ) 2023

How to Hack Wifi Password on Android

If you have a strong wifi signal near your home, college, cafe or other location, and its speed is great, you may not remember its password. So don’t stress, in today’s post we will learn from this article how to hack wifi passwords from your PC and Android phone. WiFi hacking is now common around us, we are talking about hacking applications that can easily hack any wifi password without any restrictions or risks, then you are looking for one click method of wifi hacking.

WiFi security can be different, as are WPS and WPA2PSK. Many of us are tired of trying out these fake wifi hacking techniques on the internet, but we share with you tried and tested methods to hack wifi passwords without rooting Android. We have 100 % working detailes Guide on Get Audible Student Discount & Get Spotify Student Discount, ckeck now linked articles.

Type of Wi-Fi password protection

There are three types of Wi-Fi password protection. These Wi-Fi security features are as follows:

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Wi-Fi security is one of the most popular and widely used Wi-Fi security in the world. However, this protection is weekly and not guaranteed. Anyone can easily breach such Wi-Fi security with Airmon devices from Kali Linux and Aircrack.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

Wi-Fi Protected Access Wi-Fi (WPA) is an improved and updated version of the WEP Wi-Fi security system. This Wi-Fi security system was introduced in 2003. But some American hackers found a major flaw in the WPA security key. Because this Wi-Fi security is easy to hack. You can crack your Wi-Fi password with WPA protection from your Android phone.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Finally, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is just a Wi-Fi security system that is not easy to hack and mess with. However, in some cases it has also been found that this Wi-Fi security will also be compromised but requires a lot of harvesting. If someone is using WPS security, it can be difficult to maintain that security.

Hack Wifi Password On Android 

Method 1. WPS WPA TESTER (Crack Wifi from Android mobile without Rooting)

WPS Connect only hacks WPS routers with limited functionality. But it’s an advanced app for hacking Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones without hacking. With this Android application, you can check the network security of your route.

If your router isn’t secure, this Android Wi-Fi hacking app will easily bypass your Android phone’s Wi-Fi password and connect directly to your Android phone’s router without the need for a password.

This Android wireless network application works on both rooted and rooted Android phones. This way, you can easily crack the Wi-Fi password on your Android phone without having to deploy your Android phone with this app.

Method 2. WPA2 Hacking WPS Direct

  1. First, if your Android phone is not rooted, try distributing it and make sure that unlike the Nexus 7, Galaxy S1 / S2, Nexus 1, HTC Desire HD, this Android phone has a Broadcom bcm4329 chip or bcm 4330, etc. Having Cyanogen ROM on your device can be useful for running the bcmon application.
  2. Then download and install Bcmon, this is important because it helps you track the configuration of your Broadcom chipset, which helps to break down your PIN.
  3. After installation, launch the application and tap “monitor mode”.
  4. Download and install Reaver, which helps to crack WPS Pinto to recover your WPA2 password.
  5. Once you have installed the reaver application, launch it and confirm on the screen that you are not using it for illegal purposes, then tap on the APN or access point you want to hack and continue. In most cases, you may need to check the display mode to continue and this may cause the bcmon to reopen.
  6. Check your settings and make sure the Auto Advanced Settings box is checked. WiFi hack
  7. Finally, start the shooting process by clicking on the shotgun. In this last step, it might take 2-10 hours to break WPS.

Method 3: Hack Wifi On Android Using AndroDumper App Apk

Well, another WiFi hacking app without rooting on Android is here. AndroDumper app is the best Android app which helps you to hack WiFi password on rooted Android devices. For usage, Andro Dumper Android app is included below. Just follow the steps below to complete this process:

Step 1: First, you need to download and install the AndroDumper app.

Step 2: After successful installation, open the app on your Android device.

Step 3: Now hit the refresh button at the top of the app screen.

Step 4: Select the option to try to connect from the popup window and this app will find the WiFi password in seconds.

Well, you can also try this program if the above program doesn’t work well. The main thing to remember is to continue this hack when WiFi security is low. if you are a regular user of the internet, you will probably know the website YouTube and if you want to know How to Get YouTube Premium Student Discount & How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format check linked articles.

Method 4: Hack WiFi on unrooted Android using the Bcmon Android app

Bcmon is another Android Wi-Fi hacking application used to monitor your Android device. The Bcmon app requires a rooted Android device. This Android app requires the Rever Android app which is used to attack WPS to enable it to sit and test WPA keys. The Bcmon app takes about 2-3 hours to resolve the Wi-Fi enabled WPS connection. This is the working method, you should follow

Step 1: First you need to download and install the Bcmon application on your Android device

Step 2: And install the firmware tool and click Enable Monitor Mode, then download Rever and install it on your Android device.

Step 3: Then check the box for automatic specifications. Rever is used to check the availability of Wi-Fi and WPS connections.

Step 4: After the test, select WPS to enable connection and click the launch button.

Method 5: Disable WPS Security Using WPS Connect Apk Works

(Updated) Yes! Following the four methods above, we received a lot of messages about the WPS WiFi Access Router. So! we are here with you. I know you may have all heard of this Android app, but believe me no one taught you how to use this app? Wait! We’ll be adding a short video tutorial to that soon!

Above all about hacking Wi-Fi using Android, feel free to try any of them. This Wifi hacking (WPS / WPS2 / WPA) always works as I tested before and will help you easily find your victim’s password in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Which app is best for hack Wi-Fi password without root?

Ans: Wifi Master Key is one of the best wifi hacking apps out there, which is freely available for its Android users. With millions of users worldwide, it is one of the most reliable and secure Wifi hackers without root tools.

Ques: Can we hack WiFi without password list?

Ans: Absolutely yes but it depends on many factors. If it’s wep it’s done. If it’s wpa you could: capture the handshake and try to brute force offline the password. If there is wps enabled you can get the wpa pass in a matter of hours

Ques: Is it possible to hack WiFi password?

Ans: For very little money, a hacker can rent a cloud computer and most often guess your network’s password in minutes by brute force or using the powerful computer to try many combinations of your password. Your home Wi‑Fi network can easily be broken into if you have a weak password.

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With this method, you can easily hack any Wi-Fi-enabled WPS password on your mobile phone. If this method doesn’t work, please contact us, we’ll give you a new trick to turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile phone.

So I think we’ve covered everything about breaking the WiFi password. If I missed something or have any questions, please contact me or leave a comment in the comments section.


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