How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen ( Best & Working Ways ) 2023

How to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen

Do you strive to read instant messages on Instagram without others noticing or informing others? Or have you looked at human IG information? But you want to delete or cancel the test or read the receipt? if so This is a step-by-step guide on how to read Instagram messages unobtrusively on Android smartphones and iPhones, every time the message is scanned on Instagram, it is displayed as ‘seen’ but WhatsApp. It comes with an intuitive interface. Read receipt to turn off, however, there are currently two options – temporary and permanent solution that allows you to view the DM without “visible”. 

Want to read Instagram messages without seeing them? Have you ever seen a human IG message suddenly? Now you want to delete or resize what you see? Check out our post to see how to do it! you can get also free ways to Delete Instagram Messages from Both Sides & See Old Deleted Instagram Photos.

5 Ways To Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen

There are several ways to verify Instagram DM without sending a receipt. You can use the Instagram restriction feature to turn off the internet. or even use other services Read these steps in full below.

1. Turn Off Wifi/ Data to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

One of the easiest ways to read Instagram messages without marking them is to turn off the Internet. However, it does not work with photos or videos. Also, messages will be marked as read when you are back online.

  • Disable your phone’s mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to go offline.
  • Now go to Instagram’s Private Messages tab to read incoming messages.
  • Android users can prevent their phone from running in the background by going to Settings> Apps> Instagram> Force Stop.
  • You can now go online again and messages will not be marked until you open the Instagram app.
  • For iPhone users, I would advise you to go offline unless you are ready to deal with messages as messages will be marked read as soon as you are online.

2. Disable Internet and log out.

This is very similar to the above trick. However, if you are online or have Instagram connected to the internet in the background. There will be no risk of marking the viewed messages. Here’s how it works:

  • Disable your phone’s mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to go offline.
  • Now go to Instagram’s Private Messages tab to read incoming messages.
  • When you say you are offline. Go to your Instagram settings, scroll down and tap Sign Out.
  • Alternatively, you can clear the Instagram app’s data directly from your phone’s settings.
  • You will now be logged out of the Instagram app.
  • You can now reconnect to the Internet. Messages will not be marked as read.

3. Restrict Instagram messages to the unseen

Another way to help you read Instagram messages is to see who you want to read your messages to without looking at them. When you restrict someone to Instagram, you won’t see their posts or stories. And you can control their comments so that people don’t see them below your posts.

It also marks the conversation with that person as a message request. And you will notice that no message appears in the application. Their messages will be sent on request and you can read them without anyone noticing. But the question is how to restrict someone to Instagram?

  • Open the desired account profile in your Instagram app.
  • Tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then press the limit button.
  • Now, make sure you want to limit them.
  • Finally, you will see that the message is in the application and it looks like this. You have to limit them

Note: You will not be able to see the photos and videos they have posted. Here, in this guide to view all your Instagram old stories that you have posted earlier. This is a great way to relive your old memories with just a few clicks & Free Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages.

4. Secretly read Instagram’s DMs using a third party service.

Another way to read Instagram messages without anyone noticing is to use a third party app like AiGrow. This is a complete professional Instagram toolkit. Using these package tools, you can:

  • Get real Instagram followers.
  • Follow and check out their Instagram account.
  • Share trending posts using social calendars.
  • Schedule posts and stories.
  • Automatically host Instagram swap stacks contests.
  • Also manage your Instagram direct messages, use this tool to connect to your Instagram account, manage your inbox. Read hidden messages and connect to your email but how? Follow the steps below:
  • Create a free account here.
  • Open your dashboard and add your Instagram account.
  • Now click on the Manage Account button.
  • Search and click the Inbox tab.
  • You can view all messages and filter your DMs to view unread, unread, or sent messages to make it easier to find the conversation you’re looking for.
  • Finally, click on the chat you want, read the message, and reply without even seeing anyone. It’s done.
  • That way, messages won’t be flagged until you open the conversation on the official Instagram app.

However, we generally do not like this method because others are relatively simple. It also threatens privacy – use it only if you can rely on these third party services for your data.

5. Read Instagram messages live without looking in your email.

  • Instagram DM stainless steel is now attached to your email address.
  • Whenever you receive a message on Instagram, you will be notified by email.
  • You can also read, send, reply to, and receive emails. and since it is an email the email will not be marked as seen!

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This is a quick way to view or read unmarked Instagram live messages like those found on Android and iPhone. I hope this will help you read conversations without informing other people. And give yourself enough time to respond if you’re in trouble. Let me know if you have any other options in mind.


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