How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing ( 100 % Working Ways ) 2023

How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV and other Insta content have now become an integral part of our lives. It’s always gram time to write about our lives. This includes being curious about what others are doing.

When someone posts a story on Instagram, Instagram tells them who saw it and who added it. But sometimes you might want to show a story without telling the user. There are many ways to follow people’s Instagram conversations without your name appearing on their following list.

There are several ways to see history without the board knowing you, although each method will have varying degrees of success. Read these linked articles  to get brief guide on How to See Old Deleted Instagram Photos & How to View Someone’s Old Instagram Stories.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Story is a feature within the app that allows users to upload photos or videos that will disappear within 24 hours. They are vertical, direct, memorable and fun.

Photos and videos you share in your chat will disappear from your feed, profile and direct after 24 hours unless you add them as a priority. Note that you can also save photos and videos from your story or share your story on stream. To see who viewed your story, open your story and tap at the top of the screen.

You’ll see the Instagram numbers and names of the people who viewed each photo or video in your story. If you shared your story on Facebook, scroll down to see who viewed your story on Facebook. the Instagram Stories DownloaderInstagram Video Downloader website you can download to your personal Instagram account without any restrictions, you can save videos, reels and photos online.

Quick Ways to View Instagram Stories secretly

1. Use Airplane mode

Use Airplane mode

It is possible to view someone’s Instagram chats anonymously by making sure your phone is on airplane mode before clicking on them. Since Instagram preloads some Stories so they can be viewed immediately even if you don’t have WiFi or reliable data, you could theoretically watch one without being seen.

To test, remove the account from the Instagram app, then enable Airplane mode on your device before returning to the app and tapping on the user’s chats.

However, if that user has posted multiple conversations in a row, the app may not have loaded them all yet, so Airplane mode cannot show them all.

2. Use a separate account

Use a separate account

If you have a registration account without tracking your identity, you can use it to monitor people’s IG chats and they won’t be able to tell it was you. If their account is public, using your Burn account is easy and you can see their chats at any time. However, if their account is private, you should follow them and get permission to view their IG chats anonymously.

The key is that nothing can link your personal account to this one unless they suspect you are behind the account.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if they don’t have that many followers and they notice an unknown registered account following their unfollowed stories, it may result in a ban because they know someone is whining.

3. Third Party tools

The last method on our list that you can use to monitor IG chats anonymously is by using a number of third-party apps. These apps, commonly known as IG story viewer apps, have grown in popularity in recent years. And as its popularity has increased, more and more apps have appeared that promise the same results. also which ones to use? Well, we recommend using the following app and websites.

  • Blind Story (available for both iOS and Android)

Blind Story

  • Anon IG viewer

Anon IG viewer

  • Stories Down

Stories Down

However, the above app and website will not work if the account is private. This allows you to easily view someone’s IG history anonymously if the account is public.

4.  Blocking Them

If you know what they mean but don’t want your name on the list, you can block them. After 24 hours you can delete them and add them as friends. But this is a problem. When your comment is blocked, it will be removed from the list of people whose comments have been seen.

5. Swipe method

Swipe method

The easiest way to follow Instagram stories without knowing it is to use the “swipe” method.

It’s like starting to follow Instagram stories about something you don’t want to, then holding your finger on your phone screen and waiting, then scrolling left or right to see more information.

Follow Instagram accounts without swiping

In this mode, comments aren’t recorded as stories, meaning your swipes left and right remain anonymous. But this comes with limitations.

First, you can anonymously view content to the left and right of the actual story you’re viewing. So it is important for the plan to know what you want.

Second, you have a “display” of information on the left and right – if there is a video or many images, it will not play. Better than nothing, right?

If you don’t agree that this isn’t enough for you, it’s time to subconsciously pull out the big guns and other Instagram Stories options.

We use external websites to monitor Instagram content on our behalf so that it remains anonymous. Let’s see how it works! These linked articles  will teach you several effective ways to  Read Unsend Messages on Instagram & Find Instagram Accounts Near Me.

I happened to see someone’s story on Instagram! How not to see?

  • Temporarily deactivate your account

As you can see, the Instagram story is only available for 24 hours, after which they cannot check who has seen their story. If the conversation is saved, the listening queue will last 48 hours. If they try to view the form later, they will encounter the following message:

“Website details and contact numbers will be unavailable for 48 hours.”

So if you are wondering how to delete Instagram accounts, deactivate your Instagram account for 48 hours.

  • block them

I know fighting with your best friend can hurt you for a while. When you block someone on their Instagram that you don’t want to see, your Instagram account won’t see you.

  • Delete account

If you do not take care of your account, you can cancel your account after learning what others think. If you choose to do so, you have 30 days to recover your account. Even if there is such an option, it is the last thing you want to choose. The best solution is to temporarily disable your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does anyone know how many times you watch their Instagram stories?

Instagram does not allow users to see who is viewing their posts. So if you look at someone’s profile and don’t want to talk about ads, you won’t be able to find out who is looking at their photos.

Can you view their Instagram highlights anonymously?

Can you watch Instagram stories without seeing ads? No, you cannot see the hidden information. However, there are ways to see what someone is saying without signing up.

Can I see someone’s Instagram profile without them knowing?

You can view Instagram stories using an unknown account or in some cases with airplane mode enabled. Third-party websites and apps that promise to view Instagram stories anonymously are not reliable or secure, even if they do. For more information, refer to the Insider Technical Reference Library.

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